Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Three

MelRose POV:

It was the day of the concert finally and I was honestly dreading this day since I was the one that had to drive to LA. Dad was nice enough to let me borrow his truck since he didn’t trust taxi drivers. But it was also because cabs just charge way too much, but I actually wouldn’t mind paying the expenses. I think it’s better than having to drive for 2 hours, especially with how horrible LA traffic can be!

“Oh my God! I’m so excited! I can’t believe we’re going! I’ma get to see my Jin in person!”

I overheard Sam’s friend squeal with excitement, I guess she’s a huge fangirl as well?

“I know right! I’ma get to see my husband, Kai! I hope I can take amazing pictures of him when he’s singing! Oh my God, Liz! If he looks at me I might die-”

“You both sound so cringy to hear right now, is meeting these guys that important?”

I asked the both of them in a chuckle as I looked over at the GPA, we were only a few minutes away from the hotel where Liz had booked a room. Fortunate for me she was able to get a two-bedroom, so at least I get my own bed.

“Uhh, duh! It’s not every day we get to meet our Idols! Mel, isn’t there anyone famous you would like to meet?”

Liz asked me as she pulled out her backpack from the backseat, opening it she went through her bag and pulled out a CD, and quickly popped it in the radio. And within seconds a song began to play...

“Hmm...no, not really,” I responded as I paid close attention to the road.

“Save your breath, Liz. My sister has no interest in K-pop or anything fun for that matter. Her mindset is just like Dad’s, work, eat, and sleep.” Samantha quickly worded in with a burst of sarcastic laughter.

“Shut up Sam, don’t forget I’m still driving. I could easily turn this truck around and go back home-”

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry, your not boring!”

Sam immediately apologized as I felt her arms wrapping around my shoulder. Since she was sitting in the back seat, her eyes were glued to the GPA, and was looking at how close we were getting to our destination.

“Hey, Liz. This song that’s playing, is it from ExEx Idol?”

I asked her, hearing their voices were very intense and I couldn’t help but be impressed by how beautiful the instruments were playing so well with their singing.

“Yes! This is their new album that came out last month! Gosh, you and Sam are so lucky to understand Korean! I wish I did!” She said in a pout as she looked out the window.

“Yeah, but only my sister Mel knows how to speak it. I kinda got lazy and gave up on learning how to speak the language. I don’t see a point in speaking it since we live America-”

“It’s still good to just learn the language, you and I are half Korean. So its best to pick up some of our traits and learn our culture-”

“Yeah, yeah I know... again you sound like Dad. Look, at least I understand the language, isn’t that good enough?” Sam said in annoyance as she removed her arms away from me...

“We’re here!”

Lizzy quickly shouted as I pulled in front of the building. I was shocked to see that it was a 5-star hotel! Aren’t these hotels usually really expensive to book? I didn’t look up how it would appear on my phone so I wasn’t expecting this! But they actually have a valet and people to carry your luggage here!

“Uhh, Liz...how were you able to afford-”

“Believe me, I can’t afford even purchasing a water bottle here. But luckily for me, I have an uncle who works as the manager. So I asked if he can save a room for me in advance, he was a bit hesitant at first. But he decided this could be my early birthday gift!” She explained as she got out of the car, Samantha then got off as well, and immediately they were both helped with their luggage.

“We’re so lucky! You know how fast these hotels get booked in advance! I heard there’s like a year waiting list! And...”

Overhearing Lizzy’s talk to Sam, I gave the valet the car keys as I grabbed my backpack from the back seat. Pulling out my lanyard from my pocket, I put it over my neck where I kept my ID and the keys to the house. I’ve gotten used to wearing lanyards since it was required for college students to wear them. It’s also very convenient since I don’t have to dig through my backpack to find it. Following the girls from behind, Lizzy began to check us in. She was given 2 card keys for our room, so once she pulled away from the front desk we made our way into the elevator. She then handed me a card key as she kept the other, so as I looked at the back of the card I realized we were staying on the 45th floor! That’s only 5 floors away from the V.I.P room! I didn’t know we were staying so high up! I’m not used to this lavish style, the hotel in itself looks too fancy for me.

“Liz, what should we wear? I brought like 5 options of outfits to try on!”

Samantha asked in excitement as the doors of the elevator finally opened, with Liz and Sam still talking to each other. I placed the key card into my lanyard as I walked behind them. However, I didn’t realize they stopped walking as I bumped into Samantha!

“Huh?! Hey, why’d you stop walking-”

Cutting myself off I looked at where Sam and Liz were staring at. Noticing a group of girls holding signs that were walking past us they were all wearing the same kind of clothes, some had even painted the side of their cheeks that read ExEx Idol. Others wore the singer’s face plastered on their shirts and they looked like the ultimate fangirl. I can’t believe people actually dress like that, I could never. It looks so childish-

“They look so cool! They’ll definitely stand out from the crowd! I wish we could’ve thought of doing something like that!”

Samantha spoke out to Lizzy in envy as they started to walk down the hall. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, is dressing up like that considered cool? Well maybe for them, but I know I could never dress up like that. It’s too embarrassing...

“Here’s our room, we should hurry and get ready before the line gets long...” Said Sam as she impatiently hurried Lizzy to open the door.

Entering the room, I shut the door behind me. Dropping my backpack on the floor, I admired how beautiful the room was. Everything looked so expensive, from the TV to the couch next to the window. Even the beds had very soft silk sheets, I don’t even wanna imagine how expensive this room must cost. So as the girls began to hurry up and change into a different set of clothes, my eyes caught notice of some lights flashing through the window! We’re so high up, so what could be shining so brightly? The sun had already gone down by the time I entered the city. So as I made my way approaching the window, I pulled back the curtains to see a stadium completely lit up with so many lights!

“Uhh, Sam...is the concert gonna be held down there?”

I pointed out while turning around to see her putting on makeup already. I know she has her own style, but I can’t help but want to fix her eyeliner and switch up her lipstick color. After doing so many people’s makeup at beauty school, I’ve come to be a perfectionist when it comes to doing that. I hate that I’ve picked up that habit, but I need to try and ignore it...

“Huh? Oh, yeah! Conveniently, the hotel is so close to the concert. And since it’s within walking distance, you don’t have to worry about driving us to the place!”

She explained as she walked up right next to me to look at the stadium. I was a bit relieved that I didn’t have to drive through the streets again, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure if Samantha will be responsible enough to go with Lizzy. I know I can’t enter the concert without a ticket, and since they’ve been sold out for a while. I can’t buy one, so all I could do is just wait here until they come back...

“Okay, I’m ready!” We both heard Lizzy say with excitement as Samantha quickly hurried towards her. But before they were about to leave the room, I had to set some rules for them.

“Wait! Before you guys go, I want you two to be safe. Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know and if you need anything make sure to call me and don’t forget-”

“Okay, Mom! I already know all this, don’t worry so much. We will be back once the concert is over, it shouldn’t last more than 2 hours. Will be back soon okay, bye!” Samantha bluntly explained to me as she pulled Lizzy’s arm in a hurry to leave the room.

And just like that, they both left me alone in the hotel room, letting out a tiring sigh I sat myself down on the bed. Rubbing the back of my neck, I pulled out my phone and looked up the concert of ExEx Idol. I wanted to make sure what time the concert would be over, I know Sam said around 2 hours. But I have no clue how these concerts could be like. So as I looked at the website, it said the show would be over at 11:30, close to midnight practically. It’s 9:30 pm, so it really is for 2 hours.

“I didn’t think I would have to stay up so late...”

I said to myself as I laid myself back on the bed, I decided to set an alarm on my phone to wake me up at 11:20. There’s no way I’ll be able to stay awake for two hours, the 2-hour drive here really exhausted my eyes. So I wanna at least rest them, closing my eyes I placed my hand against the necklaces my parents gave me from graduation and instantly relaxed a bit. And before I knew it, I dozed off to sleep. However, I don’t think I was able to nap much since I was suddenly awakened by my phone ringing! At first, I thought it was my alarm, so I went to check it. But when I saw that it was Samantha who was calling me! I quickly answered the phone but was surprised to hear Lizzy’s voice answering instead!?

“Lizzy? Why are you calling from Samantha’s phone-”

“Hey, sorry but do you think you could come down where the lobby is at. I’m down here with Sam, but umm- HEY LIZ WHO YOU TALKING TO?! IS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND?! TELL...TELL HIM I SAID HI...OH! LOOK THEY HAVE SNACKS OVER...THERE...” Hearing Sam’s obnoxious voice speak over Lizzy, I already had a bad feeling of what might’ve happened.

“Lizzy, is Sam drunk?”

“Ye...yeah, I’m sorry. But during the middle of the concert, she started talking to some people in the crowd and- Huh? Sam! Stop eating the mints!”

It was quite clear that Lizzy wasn’t going to be able to talk on the phone with my sister being drunkenly stupid. So I quickly let Liz know I was coming down, the moment I ended the call I rubbed both my eyes in frustration as I started to make my way out of the room. I can’t believe this is happening right now! This isn’t the first time Sam has gotten drunk, I swear I’ve covered up her ass so many times already!

Making my way down the hallway, I saw many girls exiting the elevator while holding boxes of what seemed to be merch. Some girls were even crying as they held their posters of the group members close to them. As weird as it was seeing them act that way, I was a bit confused seeing so many girls going back to their rooms, I thought the concert ended at 11:30? So why are they already back at the hotel?

Once I approached the elevator, it immediately opened and I pressed the lobby button right away. And as the doors slid closed, my mind went back to Sam. How can she be so irresponsible!? How the hell was she able to get alcohol?! She has a lot of explaining to do, seriously...I wish Sam could grow up already or at least act mature. She’s done so many childish and ridiculous things since she started high school. Whenever I would come home for summer break, I knew it would be a dread for me when it came to helping Sam. From her either sneaking out of the house to sleepover at Lizzy’s place or staying late after summer school to ‘study’. When in reality she would be hanging out with one of her guy friends. And who’s the one that has to cover up her lies, me! I think the last time she got drunk was when she went to a football game when in actuality she was at her friend’s birthday party, drinking!

Rubbing my temples, I heard the doors finally open as I took a step out. I then began to search for Sam and Liz, I really shouldn’t be mad at Sam for this since I was the one that asked Dad to let her come today. But I only did that because I wanted Sam to be happy, but it was also because I wanted Dad to trust Sam. But clearly, she can’t be trusted, she can’t even listen to the simple rules I gave her. You know what...I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. If Sam isn’t going to listen to me, then I’m done helping her! This will be the last time I do her any favors, she’s going to be 18 soon and she’s still acting like a brat!


Quickly following the noise of my name being called, I saw Liz holding a big box as she tried waving at me. So I hurried up and approach her, but as I reached where she was, I saw that Samantha was laying on the floor! Is she fucking passed out right now!?

“I’m so sorry! I tried keeping an eye on her, but we ended up getting separated in the crowd. I tried calling her but with the concert being so loud I’m sure she wasn’t able to hear her phone. And when I did manage to find her she was with a group of people by the food stalls. They were drinking and I’m pretty sure they offered her some-”

“It’s okay Liz, it’s not your responsibility to watch over her. It was mine, here let me carry that. I’m sure it’s a lot heavier than carrying Sam.”

I quickly said to her as I held the box, it was the same box style as those girls I saw earlier in the hallway. Oh, God! Don’t tell me Sam bought all of this!? I didn’t think she had any money left over! Just how much did she pay for all of this merch!?

“I am a bit surprise to see everyone coming to the hotel so early, I thought the concert ended at 11:30?”

I asked Liz as she helped Sam get up on her feet, Samantha was a little coherent to know where she was at. But she still needed help in walking, so once we entered the elevator. I pressed the button to our floor and listened to Lizzy’s explanation.

The concert ended earlier than expected. And the lines for buying ExEx Idol merch took a whole 30 minutes in the waiting line. I’m surprised Samantha was able to wait that long while still being drunk, she’s probably not even gonna remember buying any of this when she sobers up. And from what Liz told me, I guess she wanted to buy some merch for herself. But it was impossible for her since she had to keep an eye on my sister. I felt bad that she wasn’t able to fully enjoy herself because of Sam’s drunk ass.

“Lizzy, I’m so sorry for Sam’s action-”


Samantha suddenly voiced out stupidly as she cut me off. She then pushed herself off of Liz, making her way to the buttons of the elevator wall, she began to push them randomly! Luckily I was able to push our floor button first, with the elevator doors finally opening. Liz and I tried to pull Sam away from the elevator but her stubbornness was starting to piss me off!

“Samantha! Stop! Your acting like a fucking child! We’re going back to the room already! I can’t believe you got drunk after I told you-”


Samantha shouted at me in retaliation as she suddenly pushed me! I wasn’t expecting her to do that and with me still holding the heavy box of merch. I lost my balance and fell back against the elevator wall! Looking back up, I saw that Sam stumbled back into Lizzy’s arms as they were both out of the elevator already!

So I quickly hurried in getting back up to beat the doors from closing, but I was too late! I then looked at all the buttons that Sam had pressed earlier and saw that she pushed almost every button! Fuck me, am I really going to have to wait until the elevator goes through every damn floor?! Looking closely at the numbers she pressed, I realized that Sam had pushed the V.I.P room as well! This is so annoying! Why do I even bother arguing with a drunk person, Samantha isn’t going to remember any of this, I’m sure of it. However, she did push really me hard, my butt hurts a little now. At least I don’t have to worry about Liz taking Sam to the room since she has the other card key.

As I was deep in thought, the floors passed by quickly. However, I failed to realize that the next floor that I was going towards was the V.I.P, and once those doors opened. I raised my head to see two men standing in front of the entry of the elevator! Growing stiff, I notice that one of them looked a lot older than the other. He was a bit tall and very well built, he looked like some sort of bodyguard. But despite how intimidating he was looking at me, my eyes couldn’t help but look at the other man standing next to him!

At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it didn’t seem real! But those eyes of his that I’ve seen once before, they were looking right back at me. His luminous bright green eyes, it was him...

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