Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Forty-Seven

Kai’s POV:

It’s beating so heavily and I can’t stop it, Rose...you’ve completely ruined me. Even kissing her wasn’t enough to satisfy my inner being, despite my fears that still linger in the back of my mind. I want to try and forget everything right now, Jin...I’m sorry. I know at this moment... you’re drowning in despair. And I’ve only made thing’s worse...I hope you can forgive me one day. But I’m sorry... because right now...the only thing I care about is the woman who I see in front of me...


Pulling my lips away from her, I desperately called out her name before pressing my face against her collar bone. Her skin was soft and smelled liked soap, the shirt that I let her borrow was far too big for her to wear. But as I’m observing her figure through the thin fabric, I noticed that her breasts felt softer than usual as I leaned my chest against her’s- wait! Is she not wearing a bra?!


She questioned me when I tensed my shoulders a bit, I’m not entirely sure what to do. I’ve never been this close to someone before, but hearing Rose speak so delicately to me with tears in her eyes made me want to hold her close. Because every word that I heard her say earlier, reminded me so much of myself. I’ve completely changed...but I wonder, will she accept all of me?

“I didn’t plan for anything to happen tonight...Rose, I’ll leave right now if you tell me to-”

I wasn’t even able to finish what I wanted to say once I lifted my head to look back at her. Because Rose was so quick in placing her lips against mine! My eyes widened in surprise as I stood still, unable to move I felt her arms being wrapped around me as she brought me back down towards the bed. Instantly running my fingers through her long damp hair I paid attention to her flush cheeks. I knew that she was feeling shy by how tight she kept her eyes shut...

“Please...stay with me tonight...” I heard her speak softly against my ear.

However, I was unable to see what type of face she was making since she buried herself deep within my neck soon afterward. The shakiness of her hands and the trembling body were enough to make me nervous. How can Rose get any more adorable than she is now? I couldn’t help but smile at the thought when I first met her, my old self was so defensive...like I had a wall up to block anyone who tried to get close to me. But I think...it was meant to be...the person who’ve I’ve been waiting for, to save me from my sadness...was you, Rose.

“It was always you...”

I said in a light whisper before grabbing both of her hands away from me. Pinning them down against the bedsheets, I gradually began to unbutton my shirt as I looked down at Rose’s precious expression.

“Your first kiss...your first boyfriend...your first love...will you continue to let me be your first in everything...Rose?” I asked her calmly as I began to strip my shirt off.


She voiced out in embarrassment as her eyes wandered throughout my body. The sounds of her unsteady breathing could be heard and the image of her innocent eyes took a toll on me once I dropped my shirt to the floor. My own heart was beginning to beat quickly the moment I let her hands go. My body grew hot and I wasn’t sure if I could handle it anymore, not with how she was looking at me. So I instantly began to leave light kisses across her neck as she arched her head back to give me easier access...

Though my ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing once I heard Rose trying to hold back her cute moans. I’m surprised her body could get this easily excited by a simple flick of my tongue tasting her flesh. I wanted to hear more, feel more...touch more. Moving my hand down to her body, I gripped her lower waist a little before inching my fingers towards her inner thighs. Though she suddenly clamped her legs together and quickly grabbed my hand to stop me from going any further!

“Rose? What’s wrong-”

“I don’t...” Her voice sounded worried that it made me instantly panicked!

“You don’t what?” I asked her feeling concerned.

At first, I thought that maybe Rose didn’t want to do anything. That perhaps she would like to leave things how they are, I’m more than willing to put an end to this. Because I don’t ever want to hurt her or make her cry-

“I don’t...know if I’ll be good at this...I’ve never done this before.” She cried out in embarrassment as she tried to cover her face with the back of her hand.

I couldn’t help but giggle at what she said, here I thought I was making her uncomfortable. But I guess, she’s more nervous than anything. But I want nothing more but to have Rose love me more, grabbing her hand I made her looked directly at me as I had her watch me place a tender kiss on her wrist.

“I don’t know if I’ll be good either... because you will be my first.” I truthfully told her before planting another kiss on her lips.

Her eyes couldn’t be any more shocked by the words I had said, but she gradually closed them before running her fingers through my hair. Our kiss soon grew more dominating as I continued to devour her. It was addicting along with her scent that made me more anxious. The taste of her tongue was warm and sweet that the moans that we both kept hidden from each other were finally released. I didn’t even realize how attached our bodies were that I was able to feel the heavy beating of her heart.

I wanted more- no. I needed more of her, this burning passion that swells my insides with burning flames. My thoughts could only think of us, at this very moment...Rose is the only one that can control my emotions. The feeling of her sensual hands running throughout my bare back sends a rush of goosebumps throughout my spine that I moved my lips down to her chest. It wasn’t long before both my hands held the ends of the shirt she was wearing. Slowly raising it upwards, I memorized her curves, beauty marks, and her soft pale skin. The only piece of fabric she had on was her underwear. Looks like I was right about her not wearing a bra-

“Don’t look so much...” Rose spoke out feeling shy as she tried to hide within the sheets.

“You know I can’t do that...”

I said to her as I yanked the blankets away! I don’t want anything getting between us, her body...is beautiful. And all I could think about right now is how to ruin it...

“Besides...this isn’t the first time I’ve seen your breasts-”

“Shutup! Now isn’t the time to be teasing me-” Shutting her words up, I quickly placed a kiss on her lips once again as I got rid of the shirt she was wearing.

“You’re the worse...” She responded breathlessly before pressing her body against mine as she continued to kiss me.

The feeling of her nipples brushing against my pecks made me realize how far we’ve come. There was no way Rose and I could ever be strangers after this, I’ve passed the point of ever doubting her. Whatever relationship she had with Jin is nothing compared to what we have. Rose belongs to me and I belong to her...

I paced myself as I tried to hold back as much as I can, I can’t be rough with her. So I made sure I was very careful once I covered one of her nipples with my heated mouth. She automatically let out a lustful moan as her body arched instinctively. I know I told myself to be gentle, but it’s almost impossible to do so when you’re given a body to make love to. My kisses only intensive the sucking I did on her breasts, I was becoming more forceful as I refused to let her go. I even went so far as nibbling on her hardened tits...

“Kai...I...I...can’t...” She cried out to me in a lewd voice while wrapping her legs around my waist.

The sensual pleasure of her lower core rubbing against my shaft made my body tense up. The erotic aroma she gave off was overpowering and it made me want to taste every inch of her body. Removing my mouth from her breast, I leaned my forehead against her’s as we both stared at our heated gaze towards one another. Hooking my fingers around her underwear, I slowly began to pull them off as I felt Rose’s hands gripping the skin of my back.

“I’ll be gentle...Rose...let me keep tasting you...” I said to her as I began to unbuckle my pants.

“Kai...I...feel... really warm... ” She said to me before wrapping her hands around my neck.

Pulling me into a tight embrace, I wrapped one of my arms around her body. As I moved my other arm towards her inner thighs. The trembling of her legs was already shaking as I slowly moved my fingers closed towards her slit. She immediately jolted her body once I began to rub her aching clit within my fingers. I don’t think she even realized how much she was moving her waist with every motion I was giving her...

“Oh my god...Kai...”

“Does it feel good? I had no idea how wet you were already...” I spoke to her in a teasing tone as I began to nibble on her earlobe.

Soon her moans grew louder as I felt the gushing moisture of her inner walls tightening around my finger I had inserted inside her. I wasn’t entirely sure If I was doing this correctly, but it felt right to me...and judging by the reaction she was giving. I think Rose was falling deeper into pleasure with every push I gave into her. The sensitivity of her womb grew more excited...

She went so far into biting my neck as I felt my blood rushing in the adrenaline I was in. I could no longer bear my addiction as I hurried towards her pussy! With my mouth salivating in the taste I’ve been longing for, the seduction of her voice was like music to my ears once I placed my long tongue into her inner walls!

It was a flavor I’ve never tasted before, delectable and savory. It was driving me insane with how much of her juices kept flowing out of her! The sounds of her addiction and ecstasy made me unable to contain myself. I wanted nothing more but to be inside her, but I can’t... not yet...not until she tells me.

Sucking her clit, the shakiness of her thighs was uncontrollable once I had her place her legs over my shoulders. Stealing a glance at her expression, my dick was beginning to feel the uncomfortable pain of how hard I was becoming. The way she bit her lower lip sent me into overdrive that I only grew aggressive with how I was tasting her. Her beautiful cries of lust and envy echoed throughout my room that I didn’t care who heard us...

“Kai...I’m...I’m cumming...” She cried out to me as I watched her clutch onto the mattress.

Not too long after her saying that I felt a heavy rush of her sweet juices coming out of her. With every drop being consumed I gave her lower lips one last lick, the sexual tension between us escalated when she eagerly pulled me into her arms

“Rose? Are you okay? You’re shaking-”

“It’s your fault...why I’m like this...” She said in her excessive breathing.

“The one who I blame for making me like this...is you,” I explained to her as I brought one of her hands against my painful shaft that needed her touch.

Rose gasp at my reaction as I placed my other hand against her blushed cheek. Leaning her face onto my palm, she eagerly glided herself onto my chest as she placed one of her hands against my lower abs. I never knew how frustrated this body of mine could be, for so many years...I’ve kept everything chained away. But now...I feel like I’ll break Rose if she lets me go any further. Everything felt so surreal to me because this wasn’t a dream that I was having...this time, I’m really holding her.

“If it’s really my fault that you’re like this...then do whatever you want with me...”

She spoke so seductively that it sent me in frenzy. The feeling of her tongue glazing on my neck was my final breaking point that I lightly took a chunk of her hair and made her head arch back. Bringing my face towards her, I saw the many kiss marks that I had left on her neck from earlier. Instantly giving her a dangerous grin, I saw the alluring gaze she kept giving me...

“Remember those words.... because I don’t intend to stop no matter what you say...Rose, hold me...and never let me go.” I said to her as I began to take off my pants...

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