Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Forty-Eight

Melrose POV:

My body grew hot within every minute that passed, I found myself in shock at the actions I was doing. It’s like my mind and body are clashing against one another, trying so hard to understand what my heart wanted. And what it kept beating for was Kai, but I keep asking myself...is this really okay?

“Rose...what can I do...to make you smile only at me?” He suddenly asked, catching me off guard by his question he landed a forceful kiss on me.

Our kiss soon grew deeper and it was almost impossible to breathe. It was as if Kai was trying so hard to prove his love to me, is he that paranoid? If so, then it’s all my fault why he’s like this. Kai, I love you...so much. I won’t run away from you anymore, tonight...I want you to erase all the pain you have within me. His dominating kisses traveled along my neck as he continued to suck on my flesh. The burning sensation set my insides on fire as I felt how warm his body was pressings against mine. With his arms wrapping around my waist, he pulled me closer towards his muscular chest...

My own breasts were pushed so harshly against them it made my heart beat at a rapid pace. I was aching more for his touch, despite how nervous I was earlier from climaxing. I never would have expected Kai to eat me out the way that he did...I was honestly afraid that he would find my body unattractive. But now I felt so stupid for thinking such a foolish thought, Kai truly finds me beautiful...

With his hands putting pressure on my lower waist, I got a glimpse of Kai’s manhood that stood out from his body. The pulsing of his cock was so visible to me that I knew that it ached him. The rippling sensation of what was to come sent shivers down my aching core. Am I scared? I probably am... because he will be my first. And I hope and pray...that it will continue to be Kai who keeps holding me.

Resting my hands on his shoulders, he paused at what he was doing and looked at me. The desires in both our eyes that have been longing for each other were almost like a drug. We both can’t ignore what our bodies wanted, what our inner love craved. It will always run deep insides us no matter what...

“Let me know...if it hurts...” He said to me as I nodded anxiously.

With my legs being parted open for him, I nervously had them wrapped around his waist as I felt completely hallowed not feeling him inside me yet. This empty void that lingers, can only be filled by him. The heavy breathing he gave off was shaky and we both instantly led out a loud gasped the very moment I felt his shaft teasing my lower entrance!

“You’re...so wet.” He grunted heavily as he kept rubbing himself against me.

“It’s...it’s... because of you...Kai, please...don’t make me wait anymore...”

I cried out to him as I rushed my arms into pulling him close to me. I could no longer stand it, everything is aching and I hate it...I hate what he’s done to me. I’m becoming so spoiled, even my body...is craving attention for him.

Suddenly, the lustful moans of Kai’s voice grew and all I could do was bite down harshly against his neck once I felt his long cock entering inside me! I knew that at first, it was going to feel a bit unpleasant, but this is just ridiculous! It felt like a never-ending pain of needles stabbing away at my lower region! But I need to withstand it, just for a little bit...I didn’t even realize how hard I was biting on Kai’s skin! Though he didn’t seem to react to it as he slowly kept entering himself within me...

“Kai...you’re...it’s too big...” I moaned out to him as I felt my nails digging deep into his back.

“I’m almost there...Rose... I’m sorry, but just a little bit more...you’re so tight...so warm...” He voiced out in addiction as he tried to comfort me by placing his forehead against mine.

As I stared into his beautiful green eyes, I lost myself in his gaze. The pain that I was unable to comprehend soon began to change into a heated flow of pleasure. This arousment that slipped deep into my core was the very limit of what my body clamped onto! His massive shaft was starting to reach deep within my womb and the throbbing pulse was beginning to make Kai already shake.

I instantly cried once I felt how close we finally were. Is this what it feels like? To make love with the person you care for. If so, I wish to always have this feeling when I’m with him. This sensation was nothing I could have ever imagine being, he fits so perfectly inside my pussy that I found myself unable to speak with how happy I was. I just want to savor this moment forever...

“I love you...” I whispered my honest words to him as I snuggled myself along his neck.

I thought that maybe Kai didn’t hear what I had said since he didn’t respond, though his quick sudden movements were his way of showing me his love. Because he had pressed himself further into my hips as he took one of my breasts into his mouth! The harsh sucking he did on my rosebud burned in ecstasy! It’s as if somthing took control over him with how possessive he was latched on to me!

The thrusting of his lower waist kept going back and forth in a frantic rhythm! His cock was slamming so aggressively against my cunt that it kept pulling him deeper as our moans filled the air around us. I felt so compacted that the juices we were creating could be felt leaking out of my core. The strength he had on me was unbelievable as he kept my waist in equal height with every push he delivered inside me.

Running my fingers through his long soft hair, I drowned myself further into him. The sweet sweat of our hot bodies mixed just like the wetness of my trembling core that painted over his cock. My nipples harden with every flick of his tongue and the way he would ravage me so eagerly made me want to melt in his love. My inner womb was already beginning to vibrate and the inner walls of my core were starting to tighten more with every slam he did to me. It’s like he wants to break me...and I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. I’m already trembling in high delight and my cunt felt ready to collapse!


“Cum...Rose, I wanna feel how tight this cunt of your’s cums. I want it inside you...let me feel everything...my love...my Rose...” He grunted in a lustful moan.

His words were dirty as he felt the pleasures of my pussy wetting him more. Feeling my fluids running down my ass, I felt the climax of my core ready to release! Kai only picked up the pace as I heard the loud slaps of our pre-wet cum covering my clit! The overdriven friction sent me onto overdrive when I suddenly felt something warm pouring inside me! And all my cunt wanted was to suck every drop that Kai was filling me in.

His massive body twitched as he jolted his body forward against mine. He was cumming and my body instantly responded in a wave of excitement. The cycle of addiction shattered me as I too let out a gasp of amazing pleasure. The spark in Kai’s eyes grew once he stopped himself from moving. The pulse of our juices mixing into one felt so hot inside my womb that I didn’t want him to pull out just yet.

“It still hurts...” He muttered out his words.

Confused at what he was saying, I looked over at him but quickly felt my body shake once Kai brought his body down and had me straddling over him! His dick only punctured my insides causing it to vibrate! However, Kai immediately took my hand and had me place it over his heated chest. And that’s when I was able to understand what he meant...his heart, it still yearns for more...

“If your heart...still aches...then keep holding me...as long as you want. Please, keep making love to me...” I moaned out to him in a flirtatious tone as I adjusted my legs around him more.

The very depts of his cock drilling into me had my back arched forward where Kai was able to see my entire body more clearly. I felt completely vulnerable, the way he looks at me with his sharp gaze. It ruins me, breaking me into a million pieces. With the way he connects to me, it’s hard to believe that we were both virgins a while ago. Because the way we’re acting is like two wild animals in heat!

“Then give me more of you...Rose, look only at me...let me be the only one...to touch your heart...to hear the beautiful melodies of your body...” He grunted out in envy the second he went back into pounding my insides!

I felt completely out of air as the screams of intoxication consumed me. But Kai was quick in grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me towards him where he would shove his hot tongue inside my mouth. The muffled moans we gave off each other made me lose my mind. Nothing around me mattered as all I wanted was to feel good. The intensity between us grew dangerous that I feared that I wouldn’t want to stop. Though my legs began to twitch with how long I’ve been holding my body upward. The way Kai held onto my neck so forcefully made my body so submissive. I was losing control of myself and my mobility as I ran my hands down his abs...

My inner walls felt like breaking once again as I no longer knew if I was cumming or if I was just soaking wet from the satisfaction that Kai couldn’t stop pouring into me. I never seem to get enough of it as my cunt kept swallowing every drop until I would orgasm over and over again! My mind was going blank as the moisture of my pussy throbs in perfect union with Kai’s shaft!

“Kai...I...I don’t think my body can handle anymore...”

I cried out to him as my body was starting to feel numb. My body was unable to stop shaking as I felt Kai’s hand grabbing one of my ass cheeks. His grip was strong and didn’t feel like he was ready to let go anytime soon. Just how long has time pass? I knew it was still night outside...but how long...have I let Kai take my body? How many kiss marks did he leave on me? Will I even be able to walk after this?

“Really? Then tell me why you keep squirting on me...” He grunted in a sexual sigh before shutting my words up with a powerful kiss!

Our lower parts dripped wet from the amount of climax we both inflicted on each other. My arms were about to give weight by how hard I was holding on to him, my body had grown tired yet my heart was still beating uncontrollably for him. Even with how much he was injecting me with his love, the rapture of our voices sounded so memorizing with how much we kept touching each other. His hands kept imprinting each part of my body, the many kiss marks I would implant all over him. It was as if we were both marking our territory on one another, I’ve completely surrendered my whole life to him at this very moment. I allowed him to take me as much as he needed until we both came to the very end and our bodies collapsed against our heat...

The cool sheets that rested along my skin made my body feel heavy and the hot breathing soon calmed down until all I felt was someone running their fingers through my hair. It was a warm and comforting feeling and I couldn’t help but smile slightly as I began to doze off. Though I was unable to make out the faint words that Kai was saying before I drifted off to sleep. I wonder what he was telling me...

"Marry me...”


I wasn’t sure how long I’ve been out for, but the faint ringing of something going off kept annoying me! It was to the point where I could no longer sleep until I shut whatever was making that obnoxious noise! Though the sudden realization hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw that it was my phone that was ringing non-stop! Seeing it on the floor, I tried to pick it up but I immediately crouched myself down in pain once I got up from the bed!

Wrapping my lower abdomen, I felt the tense soreness around my lower core. And the discomfort pain that my body was now in, I guess I should’ve been more careful. But it was my first time, so I have no idea what I’m supposed to feel afterward? Letting out a tiring sigh, I managed to grab my phone and looked at the caller I.D. Rolling my eyes in annoyance, I saw that it was my sister who was calling. To be honest, I wanted nothing more but to just reject her call. But at the same time, I don’t know if it’s a family emergency?

But before I was ready to answer her, I looked at the other side of the bed to make sure if Kai was still sleeping. But to my surprise, he wasn’t anywhere in the room! Where could he have gone? It’s still early in the morning and the sun won’t be out for another few hours. Running my hand through my hair, I took a seat on the mattress before pulling the bed sheets against my naked body.

Finally pressing the call button, I placed the phone against my ear and instantly blushed when I saw Kai’s clothes on the floor. I still can’t believe what we did, it almost feels like was a dream or something...but the reality hits me once I feel how wet I still am down there. Feeling my cheeks go red, I smiled shyly. Though I was immediately brought back to my sense once I heard Sam’s voice!

“Hello, Mel? Are you there?”

“Oh, hey...Sam what are you-”

“Finally you answer your stupid phone! Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been calling you-”

“Uhh, you do realize we will live in different time zones, don’t you? I’m sleeping right now and you shouldn’t be calling me at this hour unless it’s an emergency-”

“But it is! Well for me it is...” She quickly stated.

“Oh really? Then tell me what’s so important that you had to wake me up at 3 in the morning.”

At first, I was worried that maybe something had happened to Mom and Dad. But knowing how dramatic my sister can be, I shouldn’t be surprised that’s she’s calling me for something ridiculous-

“You know that necklace Mom and Dad gave you for graduation...”

“Yeah? What about it?” I asked in confusion while rubbing my tired eyes.

“Well, I’m probably overreacting...and correct me if I’m wrong. But...this is gonna sound really stupid-”

“Oh my god, Sam. Just spit it out, I’m trying to go back to bed-”

“Did you give Kai the heart locket necklace?”

She bluntly asked, her words were cold as ice and my heart felt like it stopped beating in that very instant! I don’t understand what would make her ask such a thing?! Why would she-

“I know, it sounds dumb. But...I recently bought one of ExEx Idols posters a few days ago...and I looked more carefully at what Kai was wearing and saw that he was wearing a necklace that looked very similar to the one Mom and Dad gave you. So I went through your jewelry box so I could compare them...but when I went to go check. It wasn’t there, the only necklace I found was the key chain one. Mel, that heart locket is the only one in the world...I helped Mom and Dad pick it out for you. So I know...that there’s no other one like it. Now...I could be overthinking things...and maybe Kai bought a necklace that looks similar to yours. But...my Kai never wears the same type of jewelry. You can go on social media and see it for yourself, Kai is always changing his style of what he wears but everyone has noticed that he’s been wearing that necklace for a few months already, and I-”

“Okay, that’s enough. I don’t wanna hear it anymore! It’s like every time you call me, we always end up talking about Kai. Is this what was so important to wake me up from my sleep? A necklace? Do you have any idea how insane you sound?” I said to her sounding annoyed...

If I’m being completely honest, I was panicking. I was trying so hard to sound unbothered, but I couldn’t help but feel my hands shake in worry. I had no idea that so many fans would pay attention to something so small on Kai. It’s almost scary...



My voice jumped as I was startled hearing Kai call out to me! Looking over at him, I saw that he had a bath towel wrapped around his waist. The drops of water leaving the strands off his hair showed that he had finished taking a shower. Guess that explains why he wasn’t in bed earlier...

“Yeah...you’re right. I guess... I’m just going crazy. I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately. I’ve just been feeling so uneasy since you left America...it’s like I’m always anxious. Always worried about you getting close to him...”

As Sam spoke, I didn’t really pay much attention to what she had to say. With how Kai kept looking at me, he made his way towards where I was sitting and grabbed my wrist. Pulling the phone away from my ear, he looked at the caller I.D. to see who I was talking to. His worried expression changed the moment he saw that it was my sister who had called...

“You should be sleeping, isn’t your body still sore?” He said in a gentle smile, but I was so quick into pushing him away the moment he got closer to me!

“Ouch! What’s with the abuse-”


I quickly shushed him up as I threw my pillow in his direction! It’s not that I don’t want him getting closer to me, but this is just bad timing! Especially since it’s my sister who is the one calling! Ugh, why couldn’t Sam just called me later-

“Hey...was that a guy’s voice I just heard?” She asked sounding suspicious.

“No! You’re just hearing things! There’s no guy- ouch!”

As I tried to come up with a lie, I was attacked by the same pillow I had thrown at Kai earlier! Did he just toss the pillow back at me!? Judging by his mischievous smirk, It’s obvious that he was enjoying this. He even went so far as pulling the sheets off of me! Trying my best to cover up my naked body, I watched as Kai slowly got on the bed and inched himself close to mine!

“No way! You are such a bad liar! I bet it’s that guy you went on a date with! You have to tell me how it went, did you kiss him?! Are you both dating? Hey, are you listening...”


It was the only word I was able to make out, as I felt Kai carefully lay me back down on the bed. His hands began to play along my thighs as the feelings of his soft lips were being placed on my stomach. Biting down on my lower lip, I tried to keep my moans hidden away. But it was almost too difficult to pay attention to what my sister was saying, as all I could feel was the sensual touch of the person I loved...

“Hey, Mel... I know I’ma sound like a broken record. But...you wouldn’t try and keep anything from me, right? I trust you. So I know you wouldn’t break your promise. You’ll stay away from him...from Kai.”

Her words were empty to me, and I couldn’t say anything in return. It was all because of this man in front of me, the way his simple kisses made their way up to my jawline. The way he always stares at me so passionately. Sam...I’m sorry...but I can longer keep that promise to you. Forgive me, but I’ve fallen so deeply for this person. And I hope... you’ll forgive me for it...

“Hello? Mel, are you still there? Hello-”

Pressing the end call, I dropped my phone down onto the floor and wrapped my arms around Kai’s neck before going in for a kiss. That kiss grew throughout the night as we both carved our love for one another into a secret melody for us to only share...

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