Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Four

MelRose POV:

My legs couldn’t move, I felt stiff as a board! What the hell do I do?! Is this really happening?! No...there’s no way, this isn’t the same person that my sister worships. You know what, I’m probably still sleeping. Yeah! I’m asleep and this is all just a dream-

“Who are you? And what are you holding? Do you have any identification on you?”

Hearing the bodyguard suddenly speak, I was brought back to my senses as I gripped onto the box more tightly! I then watched the man reach for my lanyard to see my I.D! That was until an older woman had quickly come up to me from behind them and snatched the box right out of my hands!

“Oh! Thank you! Was this the rest of the fan mail?”

She quickly asked as she rushed in grabbing my hand, leading me away from the elevator. I was unable to speak with how shocked I was! I’m too scared to say anything, what if they call the police for me trespassing!? If my dad finds out I went to jail, I’m dead for sure!

“Relax Jung, it’s just fucking staff. What the hell is taking Zack so long...”

Overhearing the two men speak behind me, I turned my head back to the guy with the green eyes leaning against the wall. I guess he’s waiting for someone and it seems that Jung really is part of security.

“Okay, I need you to pack up these clothes into these bags and then make sure you put all the jewelry away in their proper cases. Since these are all rentals, we can’t afford to have them damaged. And once you’re done with that I need you to clean the makeup station by the table over there. The other two staff members have their hands full with making dinner for the boys. If you need anything make sure to call me...”

The women’s words were echoing through to my ears, however, I wasn’t able to process anything she was telling me. Not only that, but I got a good look at my surroundings and saw so many people in the room working on something, some staff was buy working on their laptops, others just packing up electrical equipment. And as I’m paying more attention, everyone here was Korean! That only made me have a mini heart attack since I was now a hundred percent certain that the guy I saw in front of the elevator was definitely Kai Joong!

“Do you understand....”

I heard the girl ask as I watched her set the box down. With nerves running through my spine, all I was able to do was just give a quick nod as she left to do other work that required her attention.

I waited until there was no sight of her and thought that this would be the perfect time for me to escape, but that plan quickly went out the window once I realized how hectic it was in here! And what made it more difficult was seeing the security guard, Jung. How am I suppose to get past him!? Okay, be calm Mel...just think carefully of what you should do-

“Make sure you pack my suit carefully, it was a gift.”

I suddenly heard a guy speak to me! Following his voice, I noticed his damp wet hair as he took a seat nearby me.


I muttered in confusion as I paid attention to his long fingers running through his blond hair. His gaze looked steadily at me and I almost got lost in his honey brown eyes.

“Do you not understand Korean? That suit in front of you, be careful with it.”

He said again, only this time he spoke in English.

“Oh! Y..yeah! I’m sorry...uh, I know Korean...I’ll be careful, don’t worry.”

I responded in a panic as I hurried in putting his suit away along with his other clothes! I tried my best not to make eye contact since I didn’t want him to question who I was. But that still didn’t stop him from talking to me!

“You must be one of the new staff members that started working with us, we had a few that quit a week ago due to the threats and stress that our fans have been giving them. Usually, it’s always the female staff that go through it the most, so I understand why they wanted to quit-”

“Excuse me, Jin! You didn’t want mushrooms on your steak, right?”

Said one of the staff members who were cooking in the kitchen, the man that was seated near me suddenly stood up and approached the kitchen counter.

“You already know I hate mushrooms, just add broccoli instead...”

So his name is Jin? I could only assume he’s one of the members of ExEx Idol with how he brought up his fans harassing the staff. I’m surprised that some staff members quit though, is the harassment that bad? As I went back to putting the many clothes away, I was still thinking of a way to sneak out. But while being deep in thought, I noticed that some of the clothes that I was folding still had the price tags on them. So in closer exception, I almost gagged at the price I was seeing! There’s just no fucking way a shirt could cost this much! Five thousand dollars! That’s more than what my Dad and Mom make together! This is ridiculous, do people actually spend that much money on a shirt?!

“What the hell took you so long, Zack? I told you to just get to the Van with our manager and bring my bag-”

“Relax already. Here’s your bag, your sleeping pills are in there too. And you should already know why I took so long. Manager Sang and I had to go through the underground parking lot of the hotel. It’s not like I could just walk through the lobby, I’m sure to get trampled if any of our fans saw me. By the way, our manager said that will be leaving at 10 in the morning tomorrow, he left a while ago to the airport, he said he had to arrange a private room for us to wait in...”

Hearing their conversation, I was too nervous to turn myself around. So I just kept doing the task I was given, but I still couldn’t help but make out what they were discussing, It seems that Kai is relying on drugs to help him sleep. I wonder why? Does he possibly have insomnia? Wait! Why should I even care!? I should be focusing on getting back to my hotel room! So as time passed, I realized that many of the staff members were already starting to leave the hotel room! I guess they finished their work already?


This is it! This could be my chance to leave as well, I just have to act natural and blend in with the other staff members. I don’t even care about retrieving Sam’s box of merch at this point, my main priority is getting out of here and not causing problems! So I immediately began to walk towards the direction of the elevator and almost felt a huge weight of relief leaving my chest, that was until I felt someone’s hand being placed on my shoulder! Refusing to turn around, all I did was just stand there as I watched the last staff member leave the room!

“Hey, can you help me out over here?”

It was the same voice from earlier that made me a bit nervous. Slowly turning my head, I looked up to see that it was Jin. His blonde hair was finally dry and it became very poofy, it looked like it would be soft if I were to touch it...

“Uh...what...what do you need help in?”

I responded feeling anxious, I’m trying so hard not to look stiff. But I’ve never had a man touch me so casually, this is very new to me! Since my Father has always been strict on me and my sister to stay away from boys. I’m not really comfortable getting close to the opposite sex...

“Since the rest of the staff members left for the night, you are the only one I could rely on. It seems that Kai overdid it with the drinking again, I would ask Zack to help. But he’s taking a shower at the moment and I don’t wanna wait for him to finish because I’m ready to go to sleep. So can you please help me bring him to his room?”

He explained while removing his hand away from me and pointed towards where Kai was laying his head passed out on the kitchen table.

“But why me?! Why can’t you just ask the security guard standing by the elevator-”

Just as I was about to ask him that, my mouth couldn’t process any words as I went to turn my head back to point at where I thought the security guard would be. But to my utter shock, he was no longer there! What the hell happened to him?!

“Jung does keep guard through the night, however, he left with the rest of the staff to grab something to eat since he was busy all day guarding us. So he’s taking a late lunch break now, the manager of the hotel is managing the elevator from below. So no one could come into the V.I.P room without your name being on the staff list...”

He explained in a tiresome yawn as he suddenly grabbed my hand and began to pull me towards where Kai was! I was honestly beginning to panic since I didn’t expect to be in this kind of situation! Nor did I expect Jin to hold my hand so easily! Is he this touchy with the other staff members as well? But I had to remind myself, that all I have to do is just help bring Kai to his room. And once I’m done doing that I could finally leave!

“Okay... okay, I’ll help you...uhh, where’s his room?”

I asked him, Jin soon released my arm to help Kai stand up.

And although he was passed out, he was still muttering some words as he leaned himself on Jin. It’s crazy how tall Kai actually is! I thought Jin was tall, but Kai makes Jin seem short. Hell, regardless of that, they both make me feel tiny standing next to them! Damn my short stature of 5 feet! Why couldn’t I be 5′6 like my sister!? It’s no surprise some people mistake me for being the younger sibling.

“His room is right over there, just open the door for us and help me lay him on the bed,” Jin explained to me as he gestured his head towards the direction of Kai’s room.

Quickly hurrying to the door, I opened it and grabbed Kai’s other arm. Wrapping it over my shoulder, I help Jin bring him towards the mattress.

“I wish Kai wouldn’t drink so much after we perform, I get it...it’s tiring. But if he’s going to be our leader of the group, he needs to start acting like one. I’m sure you were informed of Kai’s PTSD- Oh! Someone’s calling me. Here, just lay him down on the bed and take off his shoes. After that, you may leave for the rest of the night. Hello? Oh, hey Mom...yeah we finished our last tour. I will be coming home tomorrow, how’s your health...”

In the middle of Jin speaking to me, he paused for a moment before answering his phone. Though I didn’t think he would leave the room after that. I guess he wants some privacy talking to his mother. Feeling out of breath, I looked back and saw that Kai was laying still on the mattress. So I hurried in taking off his shoes! I was praying that I wouldn’t wake him up, but I truly believe that the world hates me because the second I took one of his shoes off. I felt his leg jolt a bit! So I quickly took a few steps back and watched as Kai tried to get himself up, he looked a bit dazed and didn’t seem to know what was going on as he stumbled himself when he stood. Unsure of what to do, I began to frantically look around the room! That was until I noticed Kai began to strip his shirt off!

“Why is it fucking hot...”

He muttered underneath his breath, immediately covering my eyes with my hands. I tried to hold in my breath, this time I really need to get out of here!

“Lily? Is that you...”

“Huh, Lily?”

I questioned what Kai had said, but I instantly felt his hand gripping my wrist and felt a harsh tug! I couldn’t believe what was happening! Kai had pulled me into an embrace as he laid us down on the bed! But that wasn’t what surprised me, what he did next will forever be embedded in my mind!

The feeling of Kai’s arms loosened a bit, however, his hand began to run up my shirt as I felt his palm touching my bare flesh! Shortly after his other hand was being placed by my neck, he began to snuggle his face around my collar bone as I was able to smell his liquor breath! I was trying so hard not to scream since I didn’t want to cause a commotion or even be part of a scandal with this guy! But I needed to push him off of me somehow, I suddenly began to panic once I felt my necklaces beginning to tangle to one another as Kai kept snuggling up against my neck! The chains were starting to tighten against my throat and it was becoming difficult to breathe! So I instantly pushed Kai off with all my strength and manage to roll him off!

Instantly sitting up, I quickly tried to unravel the chains! I realized that my heart necklace was severely tangled with my lanyard, so I immediately took the key necklace I was wearing. And hurried in unlocking the heart locket! And once I pulled the chain off of me I let out a stressful cough! I wish I could say I was relieved, but I couldn’t be more wrong once I felt Kai wrapping his hands around my waist shortly after! But this time he had laid me back against the bed while pinning both of my hands within the sheets!

“Kai, what are you-”

Within those seconds of me speaking, the world instantly stopped moving for me when I witnessed what Kai was doing! The feeling of his lips touching mine made my whole body feel numb as I widen my eyes in shock! His hands that were holding my wrists earlier moved towards my palms as he entwined his fingers with mine. He was shaking just like I was, but what pulled me into him was the sad tearful look in his green eyes that looked like he was in so much pain. And before I knew it, he pulled his kiss back and looked at me one last time before burying his face between my breasts.

“I love you...Lily...I’m sorry...”

He whispered out next as I felt his body getting heavy on top of me. Did he finally go back to sleep? Despite how shocked I was, I tried pushing him off. But it was nearly impossible with how tight he was holding on to me!

Fuck! What do I do now!? Should I yell for Jin to come to help me? No, I don’t want him to question how this happened! I refuse to get caught after everything I went through already! You know what, I’ll just wait...yeah. When I feel his arms loosen, I’ll take the chance to pull away from him! I just hope I don’t have to wait here all night...God, please, I swear I’ll start going to church every day if you grant me an angel that will help me get out of this mess!

As I continued to lay there, I thought back to what Jin told me, does Kai really have PTSD? Is that why he’s taking sleeping pills? He’s still so young, he’s my age so what made him develop something so tragic? Also, who’s Lily? And why did he look so sad when he was kissing me? Kai, just what kind of person are you?

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