Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Fifty-Seven

MelRose POV:

“Alright, everyone! Remember, under no circumstances must you be late or slow any of the other staff members down during these next few weeks! We will be dropped off by the airport in just a few minutes, we will be following the ExEx Idol members along with security once we are all accounted for. And I cannot stress this enough, especially to the female staff. Please, for your safety do not take your face mask off until you have boarded the plane. So makes sure you have them on during the remaining time of the tour when you go out to the public eye. We will all be staying at the same hotel, so make sure you don’t lose your I.D badge. The last thing we want is another repeat of what happened in America. And because of that, manager Sang has doubled the security. Now I want all of you to get your passports ready...”

With Mrs. Kim explaining the rules to us, I looked around the bus we were in to see the amount of staff that will be coming with us during the ExEx Idols tour. There was even another bus behind us that was filled with staff as well. I don’t know why, but for some reason...I was becoming nervous. It’s been a whole week since I last saw Kai and the others. Since they’ve been so busy, I wasn’t really able to practice my makeup on Jin. So I had to use a mannequin to fill in his place, I hope they’ve had time to rest. Looking down the road ahead of us, I was able to see the black van where the members were in.

“You nervous?”

Asked one of the female staff that was sitting next to me.

“Is it that noticeable?”

I said in weak laughter while gripping my face mask I held in my hands.

“Yeah, I was nervous too when the boys had to perform at brazil a few years back. I wish I could tell you that you’ll get used to it, but every time is a different experience. It becomes a lot to handle, especially when it’s time to leave for a different state. Boarding flights in different airports can get chaotic... sometimes a bit scary- oh! I’m so sorry, I’m probably making you feel worse-”

“Oh, no it’s okay. I kinda figured that this job wasn’t going to be as easy as just putting makeup on an Idol.”

I responded to her with an anxious smile...

It’s strange, but after getting close to the boys in these past few weeks. I’m starting to get reminded again just how far apart they are from me. Kai, he isn’t the boyfriend I could just go out in public with. We are so close...yet so distant at the same time. I kinda already knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to date him. But even so, I think there will always be a worry in my heart. Kai no longer will be taking his medication, and during our phone calls, he sounds okay. But I have no idea how he looks like right now, regardless of it being a week since I have last seen him. A person’s well-being could change drastically in that short amount of time. So I hope he’s-

“We’re here! Everyone please place their face masks on and grab their belongings. The last thing we need is your luggage getting lost. Now hurry up and make sure to stay in a group...”

Coming back to my senses, I quickly followed through with Mrs. Kim’s orders as I grabbed my bag. However, once the engine of the bus was turned off. I was able to hear a loud crowd of people yelling from outside!

“I guess what Kai told me was true...”

I said to myself in a low whisper...

The day before I was packing, Kai called me to let me know to be safe and stay close to security during the airport. At first, I had no idea why he was telling me that, but once he explained in deeper detail how insane it could be. I found it almost laughable because I thought that there was no way that people would actually drive hours just to meet them. As for reporters, I could understand why they would be here. But I wasn’t expecting a massive amount of fans showing up. It’s no wonder we’re supposed to wear our face masks...

Giving off a sigh, I placed my mask on before following my group. With each step, the screams of people calling out the member’s name raised higher. It was only when I stepped out of the bus, that I looked over at where the black van had pulled over that my eyes grew wide in total disbelief at what I was witnessing! I was no longer able to see the color of the van, but instead, all I saw was a swarm of people surrounding the vehicle!

“Come on Melrose, we need to stick with security! Try not to make any eye contact with the paparazzi and stay a good distance away from Kai and the others. Us female staff tend to get more easily harassed than the male staff. So stay close...”

Nodding in response to what my coworker had to say to me, I tried my best to stay close. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but watch as the boys struggled to get past through the crowd! It was absolutely insane seeing them get surrounded by so many cameras and people trying to get close to them! I really wish I could see Kai...but I don’t think that will be possible for a while.




“Kai! Explain the photos that have been going on the internet! Are you in a relationship with that girl!?”

“Zack is it true that you’re already married!?”

“Jin! Rumor has it that your secretly dating someone! Is this true?!”

“How long will you be touring in Europe!?”

The energy that everyone was giving off made me very uncomfortable, what’s with all these questions?! It’s like all they care about is what’s going on in their personal lives. Why can’t they just ask about their music and how they been doing? As I began to pace myself, I followed my group until the crowd was beginning to close in on us! With a majority of the security protecting the members, it’s only natural for us staff to just fight through the crowd. But, this is just ridiculous! It’s bad enough that I’m short and with these fangirls being much taller than me it’s difficult to get past them!

“Hey! Watch where you’re going! You stepped on my shoe!”

Said the girl I accidentally bumped into!

“Apologize to my friend right now, are you blind or something- oh my god! Are you seriously part of the staff? There’s no fucking way, you don’t even look like a professional to work in the company.”

Said the girl who came next to her friend, the way she looked at me was as if I was some strange creature.

“Is someone like you really married? You look so plain.” Her friend said in annoyance.

“I...I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to step on you. I’m just trying to get through-”

As I tried to quickly apologize, the group of girls ignored what I had to say before hurrying off!

“Shit! We have to hurry! Come on, the boys are getting away!”

Shouted one of the fangirls as I watched them sprint towards the crowd.

Gripping the strap of my bag, I clutched my chest before looking down. Usually, I don’t care what people have to say about me. Since I grew up with my sister, we both would always call each other horrible names. But... hearing a stranger call you plain, almost makes me agree with her. Someone like me, being with Kai...it’s fairly obvious who would be unmatched. Even as I stand there, looking to the far off distance. The image of Kai being covered by so many people... made me feel, lonely for some reason. Like he’s so far from my reach...

“Uh, excuse me. Are you part of the staff? If so, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

Looking over to my left side, a strange man came up towards me with his camera and started to ask me questions. Without a doubt, I knew this was a reporter! So without a second thought, I rushed myself in getting away from him! However, this guy was very persistent since he kept following me! I need to hurry and reach the gate, I’m sure my colleagues have already reached the terminals. It’s the only safe haven where paparazzi and the crowd of fans can’t pass through!

“Hey! It’s rude to ignore your elders, I just want to know a few things about Kai Joong. I’m willing to pay you anything if you give me some information about him-”

“Please leave me alone and quit following me- hey! Let me go!”

I yelled out to the reporter who had suddenly grabbed my arm! His grip was strong and I was beginning to panic!

“All of you female staff are such kiss assess, I highly doubt every single one of you are married. I bet you anything that some of you are sleeping with the members...in fact. I bet you’re one of the sluts that are sleeping with an ExEx Idol member, I wonder how the media will react when I post this on the tabloids.”

He spoke in such a sinister tone, the way he was looking at me sent chills down my spine and the fear that was beginning to build up inside me was making it difficult for me to breathe! I’m scared, if this was in a different atmosphere I wouldn’t think twice about punching this guy in the face. But...I can’t be reckless like that when I’m working in this company. I’ll risk getting fired... someone please...help me-

“Get your filthy hands off of her.”

Hearing his voice, I honestly thought that it was a dream! That there was no way in hell that it could really be him in the midst of all this chaos going on but...

“Huh? Who the hell are you-”

The tears in my eyes watered as I watched him instantly punch the report in the face! Watching him fall back to the floor, the reporter looked completely dazed and confused about what just happened. But I was quickly dragged away and was brought into a backroom! I don’t think anyone saw us since most of the crowd were focused on the main front gates.

“Rose! Are you okay? I didn’t see you come into the terminal with the staff. I got worried so I-”

“You idiot! You’re so stupid...you don’t think...you...I was so worried...and scared that I didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry...I’m sorry for causing you trouble...the last thing I wanted to do was stress you out more. You already have so much to deal with-”

My voice was then sealed by a sudden kiss once Kai pulled down our face masks! The sensation of his lips made me instantly embrace him as I clung on for dear life. It feels like forever ago since I last felt this close to him! But what’s more, is that my heart feels so safe with him. I had no idea that Kai was keeping an eye out for me during this mayhem.

“I really am an idiot...but I’m okay with that. Because I will always long to feel your lips against mine. Rose, you will never make me feel stressed...if anything, you make me feel so much at ease. I really wish that we could just spend a whole day together without anyone bothering us but...”

“I know... it’s okay though. All I want is to be by your side...”

I said to him as I tried to back away. Though Kai’s arms were very strict on not letting me go...

“Rose...do you think, you’ll be able to handle the burden of being with someone like me. This life that I’m in...will you...ever think of about leaving me- ouch! Why do you always have to punch me in the same place?!”

Kai grunted in discomfort the moment I hit his arm!

“You really are an idiot! Why would you even say that? Dating you will never be a burden if anything...I wonder if maybe, you’re far too good to be with someone like me.”

I said to him before turning myself around, though I made sure to whisper the last few words of what I said to myself.

“Huh? What did you say- wait! Where are you going?!”

He yelled out as I rushed myself to reach the terminal. Who knew these emergency back doors could be useful in situations like these.

“In case you forgot, you and I have a plane to catch. Which by the way, how did you manage to sneak out of the crowd? Wasn’t it hard to not be seen by manager Sang and security?”

I asked him, he then grabbed hold of my hand as we both placed our face masks back on.

“It was easy, once we passed through the gate. I asked Jin and Zack to cover for me, but knowing how Zack is. He’s probably saying that I had the runs and I’m currently using the restroom. But anyways, besides that...what did that reporter want from you?”

He asked in concern once we finally reached the doorway.

“He just wanted information about you...I didn’t say anything. But he was being aggressive and-”

“Rose, if that ever happens again. Don’t ever hesitate on calling me for help. I can care less about who I am... because all that matters to me is your safety. Listen, these next few days are going to be hectic for the both of us, but know that I will always make time for you whenever you need me...I love you-”

Without saying a word to him, I lightly placed my kiss against his. Only this time, we both felt the fabric of our face masks collide since we both still had them on. I then wrapped my finger around the chain necklace he was wearing and stared into his beautiful green eyes. The gaze that we both gave each other was something that I think we both needed. The reassurance of our bond and affection towards one another, but most importantly the precious love that we both carry in our hearts. I truly love this man more than anything in the world and I think...I will always love him. Even if he were to ever break my heart...he will always be my first love.

Opening the door behind us, I stepped out first and looked around to make sure no one was around. The sounds of the crowd could still be heard, though it was very faint. Not too long after, Kai stepped out as well and we both held hands together for only a few seconds before breaking apart. With Kai going in one direction, I went the other. Since the staff goes through a separate security pat-down, this is where we part ways. Even though will be boarding the same plane, the members of ExEx Idol will be first-class for safety reasons. So it’s not like I’ll be able to see or chat with them...now that I mention it. I hope Zack will be okay in being in a plane for a while-

“There you are! I was looking all over for you, I was getting worried that maybe we lost you in the crowd. Are you okay? Where did you go-”

“Oh! Hey, I’m fine. Sorry for scaring you...I had to use the restroom real quick. I’m really sorry about that, I should have told you or one of the staff at least.”

I said to one staff member that quickly approached me. Though I avoided making eye contact with her, here I go lying again, but it’s not like I have a choice. I can’t let any of my co-workers know what’s going on between me and Kai.

“Next time, please inform me. Now come, we need to hurry. Our flight takes off in 15 minutes. It’s gonna be a long flight ...”

Following my staff team, my mind still replayed back to kissing Kai earlier, I’m glad that this face mask I’m wearing covers my cheeks. Because right now I feel them growing red! After passing through security, I climbed on board the plane and took my assigned seat number. I then waited for the plane to take off. Though I couldn’t help but look over at my colleague sitting next to me. She had her phone out and was looking through social media, top trending was ExEx Idol at the moment.

Curious, I pulled out my phone as well before the plane was ready to leave. Searching through the web, I came across the members of the group being bombarded by paparazzi at the airport earlier! It’s insane how news could spread out so quickly! Many people had recorded the same scene of Kai, Jin, and Zack just walking by security. Not much stood out for me, but it was when I read the comments of what these people had to say that made me sick to my stomach...

“Eww, who’s that girl next to my Kai?!”

“Why can’t I just have their babies, I went them to marry me!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?! They still have female staff working at the company?”

“Don’t you think Zack looks a little fat? Has he gained weight?”

“Kai is so perfect, I love his green eyes!”

“Is Jin really the oldest? If so, why isn’t he the leader of the group?”

“I’ll kill that bitch if he tries to touch my husband Zack!”

“Fuck ExEx Idol, they all look like a bunch of faggots.”

“That’s so gross, why are these guys wearing makeup? Are they gay?”

“Kai! I love you! Ignore the haters, but please let me have your babies!”

“Don’t ever read the comments.”

Said the female staff member sitting next to me! I had no idea she noticed me scrolling through what people had to say about today...

“I...I didn’t think people could be this-”

“Hateful? Sick? Strange? I didn’t think so either, but after working in this company for so long. You start to realize how cruel people can be. And the number one rule of working here is to have a strong persona. The only reason why I check social media is to make sure that I’m not being targeted. I’m not sure if you heard before coming here, but we had a female staff who quit due to the harsh harassment she was receiving for just bringing a cup of coffee to Zack. She made the mistake of not wearing her face mask once she sat next to him during a video campaign. A photo was shot of them together and within a few hours of that picture going online. It went viral and before I knew it, she had her papers of resignation. It was horrible what the media had to say about her, she even received death threats. So for her safety and well-being...she stopped working here. It did take a mental toll on her though, she would always read the comments of what people had to say about her. And that only made her feel worse, which is why I’m telling you...never read or listen to the hateful things people have to say about you. Because believe it or not...it can ruin you.”

She said in a serious tone before turning off her phone and resting her head back. I then watched as she shut her eyes and ready herself to go to sleep...

Averting my eyes back at my screen, I decided to turn off my phone as well before resting my head back. Looking out the window, I saw how pitch black it still was outside. But the darkness I was seeing match well with what I just heard. It reminded me of what Kai was trying to warn me about before, it’s no wonder he was dead set on not wanting me to work here. From the very beginning, he was only trying to look out for me. Closing my eyes, I finally decided to rest as well.

I’m going to have to be very careful from here on out, I can’t make any mistakes that will tarnish the boy’s careers. So as I slept through the entire flight, I readied myself for what was to come...

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