Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Five

Kai’s POV:

“Hey, mommy...why are we at the train station? Where’s Dad?”

“Kai...I’m sorry...but I can’t be with your daddy anymore...”

“Huh? Why not?”

“And I can’t be with you anymore.... mommy isn’t strong enough...I’m sorry....just know...that I loved you and daddy, so much....so very much...goodbye.”

“Mommy? Where are you going? Mommy!? Wait...MOMMY!”


Shouting at the top of my lungs, I immediately woke up in a cold sweat! The feeling of my beating heart escalated so painfully. I couldn’t help but breathe heavily as placed my hand against my chest to calm myself. These nightmares of mine just keep getting worse every night, maybe I should have my manager reschedule my doctor’s appointment a lot sooner? I should probably call him right now-

The moment I tried to reach for my phone near my desk, I realized something in the corner of my eye. Something was moving underneath the bedsheets! At first, I thought I was just seeing things, so I quickly stood up and made my way around the mattress carefully as I approached the lump of sheets huddled together. Gently poking at it, I thought it could be a pillow. Though I was proven wrong the moment I saw it jolt a little. I swear I even heard it mumble a bit?! What the fuck is in my bed!? So without hesitation, I annoyingly grabbed the sheets and yanked them off! The shock in my face grew as I laid my eyes on a girl laying restless on my bed! Who the hell is she?! And how did she end up here!?

“H...hey! Hey! Wake up! Wh..who are you?”

I voiced out nervously as I tried to wake her. The annoying thing was that she wasn’t responding to my questions! She was still sleeping like a rock! So with utter frustration, I grabbed my pillow and threw it at her until she finally jolted her body forward in a panic.

“Huh?! What time is it, Sam?! Is it time to leave already?”

She muttered her voice as she began to rub her tired like eyes. But she eventually stopped speaking the moment she locked her gaze directly at mine. The look of confusion was shown in her expression but that instantly changed as her face grew pale the moment she realized where she was.

“OH MY GOD! I’M SO SORRY- WAIT!? What time is it!? Where...where’s my phone!?”

She nervously began to speak out in worry as she quickly got off the bed and reached for her pocket. Once she pulled her phone out we were both able to see that it was dead. Looking closely at her face, there was something about her that I found very familiar...as if I’ve seen her somewhere before. But where-

“Wait...I remember now! You’re the elevator girl!”

“I have a name! It’s MelRose-”

“I don’t care what your name is, what I wanna know is why you’re in my room!? What’s your staff number I.D? I’ve never seen your face before. Did you just start working here? You know what, it’s doesn’t matter. I’ll have you fired for sleeping in my bed-”

Before I could even finish my sentence, she immediately retaliated in anger as she tried to fix her disheveled wrinkled clothes.

“Are you stupid or something?! You’re the last person I would ever want to sleep in the bed with, you’re the reason why I ended up here! All because you were drunk last night! What kind of idiot drinks until they pass out!? So go ahead and fire me, I don’t even work here-”

She quickly cut her sentence short as she covered her mouth.

“You...your not part of the staff? Then, how the hell did you get in here? Don’t tell me your one of those crazy sasaeng fangirls! I’ll call security right now if you don’t start explaining who you are!? Wait...did...did you do something to me in my sleep?!”

I asked feeling concerned as I realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt! So I immediately grabbed the sheets and placed them against my chest as I nervously looked at her. But the expression in her face only grew more agitated.

“Have you not been listening to me? I just told you that you’re the one that forced me on the bed! Jin asked me to help bring you in here when you were drunk and there’s no way in hell I’m one of your fangirls! I don’t even know what a sasaeng is?! So don’t look at me as if I’m some kind of pervert! You are the one that took off your shirt and began to kiss me last night! You even reached underneath my shirt! If anything, I should be calling security on you! You stupid perverted drunk!”

She yelled at me with tears in her eyes as I saw both her fist shaking nervously.

I was in complete shock since I never had a girl react this way towards me! Did I really do those things to her?! No, that still doesn’t explain how she ended up in the V.I.P room. Only staff members are allowed in here, this girl is dodging the question. So I have to call Jin, maybe he knows who she is?

“Don’t...don’t move from there,” I said as I pointed towards her to stay put as I began to make my way outta the room.

I would usually text Jin or even call him, but I’m not sure if he’ll even hear his phone going off if he’s still sleeping! So it’s best if I just hurry and wake up Jin on my own! So I looked over at her one last time before closing the door, that’s when I immediately dashed through the living room! However, I guess my security guard saw how panicked I was, that he hurried his way in following me as he left his post in guarding the elevator.

“Kai? What’s the matter?!”

Jung shouted in worry. Ignoring his voice, I quickly entered Jin’s room and saw that he was already awake making himself a cup of coffee!

“Kai? You’re up early, usually, you sleep in- huh?! What are you doing-”

“Hurry! Come with me! There’s a woman in my room!” I quickly explained to him as I began to pull on his arm to have him follow me!

“What, a woman!? I’ll go check!” Jung quickly said as he hurried out of Jin’s room.

“Kai? Are you still drunk? Maybe you should go back to sleep-”

“I’m not fucking drunk! I woke up this morning with a girl in my bed-”

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Oh, what I would give to wake up in a girl’s soft arms...”

Following the person’s voice that was coming up from behind me, I saw that it was Zack who had stepped out of his room and was walking down the hallway towards us.

“Shut up Zack! Now isn’t the time!”

I shouted at him in annoyance as I tried hurrying to my room, but the moment I saw Jung step out, I knew that she was probably no longer there!

“Umm, Kai... there’s no girl,” Jung said in an awkward expression as he stepped to the side to have me enter!

I looked frantically throughout the room and there was no sign of her anywhere! So I’m certain she took the chance in taking the elevator the moment Jung left it unsupervised! Dammnit! I should have brought her with me to Jin’s room! But I didn’t wanna risk being seen with her if one of the staff members saw us! And although none of the staff members are here yet, I still can’t risk that chance...

“Kai, are you sure you saw a woman in here? Maybe you were just dreaming-”

“Dreaming? When have you ever heard me ever have a dream, Jin. I know what I fucking saw and she wasn’t part of the staff. Jung, I want you to call manager Sang and have him come here right away! Also, have him bring all the staff members here before we leave for our flight.” I began to explain in a stressful tone as I went ahead to take a seat on my bed.

“Yeah...your right. I’m sorry for even mentioning that. I didn’t realize you were still having nightmares...our flight takes off in 3 hours so we should start getting ready. Jung, once you’re done talking to our manager. Make sure you don’t leave your post so easily next time, what’s the point in you being bodyguard if you aren’t guarding the elevator.”

Jin voiced explained in a deep tiresome voice as he quickly apologized to me. Jung immediately took an apologetic bow as he pulled out his phone and began to call our manager. I watched as he left the room until it was only Jin and Zack that were with me.

“Alright, alright! Look, I’m sure we’re all just stressed out since we’ve been touring non-stop this past month. Listen, when our manager comes back you could have everything explained. Let’s just hurry up and change and have breakfast before the staff members start showing up.”

Zack explained in a calming matter as he crossed his arms. The one thing I respect about Zack is that he may be the youngest member of the group, but at least he knows when to be mature in times like these.

“Yeah, Zack’s right. Let just wait until our manager comes. Come on Zack, let’s go back to our rooms...”

Jin said as he began to make his way out, but before Zack was about to shut the door behind him. He looked over at me and gave me a devilish smirk before asking me something...

“Hey Kai, that girl that was in your bed earlier...was she hot?”

Without saying anything, I quickly grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it harshly as I could towards him! However, he was fast in closing the door before it could even hit him! What a fucking idiot, what kind of question is that!? Looking down, I saw one of my shirts laying on the floor. So as I went to pick it up I immediately wore it over my body.

Laying back down, I ran my hand through my hair as I let out a heavy sigh. My headache was getting worse, I need to take a shower soon. And what’s worse is that I can’t go back to sleep, not after what just happened...

“Was she hot?”

Repeating Zack’s words in the back of my head, I thought back to her looks. I didn’t pay much attention to her face as I did to her personality. I guess she was kinda cute...but her attitude was annoying. It still irritates me about what she said...

“I’m not a pervert....she is,” I said quietly to myself

Resting my body along within the sheets, I felt something cold touching my fingertips. Grabbing what felt like a chain, I raised it to my eye level and noticed that it was a heart locket necklace. What is this doing on my bed? Is this mine? I don’t keep track of what jewelry I wear since I have the staff members do that for me. There’s no way this belongs to that girl, this is way too nice for her to own. Just by judging the weight of it, I could tell it’s made of real titanium steel. Whatever, as I began to place it around my neck, I locked the heart around its chain...

Heading towards the bathroom, I stripped my clothes off and looked over at the mirror. Seeing the necklace I was now wearing, it looked pretty simple. Maybe I’ll start wearing this for a while now, so as I stepped into the shower, I hurried in washing myself off, and ate breakfast soon after. It didn’t take long for our manager to come as well as the rest of the staff members that were bringing all of our luggage down to the lobby. But once I explained the situation to the manager, he immediately had all the staff stop what they were doing and had them all line up in front of us.

“Kai, this is serious. If there really was a woman who was not part of the staff, I can’t rule out they possibly took pictures of you-”

“No, there’s no way she took any pictures of me. Her phone was dead, Jung and I thought she was part of the staff since that girl over there pointed out that she was dropping off fan mail. Which we’ve come to find out it was just merch.”

I explained to him, he then gave me a somewhat relieved look as he looked back at the staff members looking down in shame.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Mr. Sang, please forgive me, Mr. Joong! It was my carelessness and I am to blame for this incident. After the concert, it just got so busy and I forgot to check if that girl had a staff I.D on her. I know it isn’t an excuse and I hope you can forgive me-”

“You’re fired Miss Jang-Mi, the minute we land back in Korea. Report to my office with your resignation letter signed. I fully understand that it was an accidental mistake, however, this could have gone horrible in so many ways. You must take accountability for your reckless actions if a scandal would have broken out. It would be ExEx Idol’s reputation that gets ruined, it seems that I will have to double the security from now on. Security Jung, take the boys to the underground parking lot. Will be leaving in a few minutes, everyone else....let this be a lesson.”

Once manager Sang finished speaking, he immediately went back on his phone and continued to make preparations for landing back in Korea as he stepped out of the room. The moment he left, Miss Jang-Mi collapsed on her knees as she began to sob uncontrollably. I watched as the many staff members began to huddle around her as Jung began to lead me, Jin, and Zack towards the elevator.

“I feel kinda bad for her, I get it that she messed up. But I didn’t think our manager would go so far into firing her.” Zack explained as he placed his face mask over his mouth along with Jin who kept quiet the whole time.

“Whatever...I just wanna go back to Korea already.”

I said in a defeated sigh as I wore my cap, lacing my face mask on, I made sure my face was well covered as I wore my shades as well.

Stepping into the parking lot, we made our way to our van without being recognized by any people walking past us. We waited for a while in the vehicle until manager Sang finally came and drove us to the airport. Within a few hours of waiting for our flight, we were finally on board in our private jet. And with Jin sitting across from me, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking. He’s been quiet since the car ride and he just looks like he’s been deep in thought...

“Jin, what’s on your mind?” I decided to ask while leaning my head back against m seat.

“I told you earlier in private before we left about the girl who I asked to help me bring you to the room, I know you wanna keep it a secret between us so we don’t cause a commotion about this. But I’m trying to remember if she told me her name... Now that I think about it, she didn’t look American at all. So looked Korean, she was very short. Shorter than my mother and she’s 5′4. Though I can’t help but laugh at the thought of her being rude to you, in all my years that I’ve known you. I’ve never heard of any girl rebelling against you. Maybe Lily, but when you told me this strange girl was giving you attitude. I just found it so amusing, she did have a cute face though...I wonder who she was?”

Jin explained to me in a smirk as he looked out the window. With the plane starting to take off, I looked at Jin with annoyance. Staring over at Zack who was sitting next to me, he had already fallen back to sleep as he rested his head on my shoulder.

Placing my fingers against the heart locket I was wearing, I thought back to what Jin said. It’s true that no girl has ever argued back against me, other than Lily that is. But that girl, I’m curious where she ran off too? Her name...she told me her name, what was it again? Oh! that’s right...it was Rose... MelRose. I can’t believe I kissed her, no! She was probably lying to me, right? Because of what she said is true, then that would have been my first kiss...

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