Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Sixty-One

Kai’s POV:

Staring out the window, I kept replaying my night with Rose yesterday. The feeling of her soft body still lingers within me, I didn’t expect anything to happen. All I wanted was to spend time with her...who would have guessed I would end up telling her my traumatic secret. Let alone having sex with her in the pool...I still can’t believe that happened. It’s almost bittersweet thinking about it, but I have no regrets about telling her of my past. If I plan on starting a future with her...then I must leave myself completely open to her without hiding anything.

Resting my head against the glass, I stared aimlessly at the morning sun rising. I hope Rose was able to sleep well, with how rough I was using her body yesterday I’m beginning to worry if maybe I went a little overboard? Unable to stop from smirking, I grabbed hold of the locket while closing my eyes. It saddens me that I won’t be able to see Rose as much for a while...

From flying from one airport to another to having to get interviewed with the group and having to perform. I’ll be lucky enough to see Rose working with the staff backstage. But even then I know I wouldn’t be able to talk to her as much I did last night. I then suddenly heard a knocking coming from my door, opening my eyes I stayed where I was and allowed whoever was on the other side to enter my room.

“Oh...so you did stay out late last night.”

I heard Zack say in a teasing matter, followed by Jin who had also entered inside...

“Good morning to you too, may I ask what makes you think I stayed out last night-”

“Well... judging from the same clothes you wore yesterday and being almost shirtless along with your bed that still looks untouched. I could only assume you crashed on the couch.”

Zach said in a devil-like smirk as he approached me. Gripping my necklace one last time, I looked over at Jin who avoided making eye contact with me as I stood there watching his every move.

Loosening my coat I still wore, I stripped it off as I headed towards the shower. With my hair still smelling like bleach from the pool, I needed to get myself cleaned off before heading out. Yet that didn’t stop Zack from following me around like an annoying puppy!

“Hey, if all you guys came here to do was interrogate me. Then leave, I need to hurry and wash off before manager Sang gets here. It’s already annoying dealing with his schedule he set up for us and I would like to avoid any unnecessary discussions-”

“Kai. Last night manager Sang came by to check how we were doing. Security Jung and I had to cover for you and make some excuse that you wanted to be left alone to just rest. Listen, I don’t care where you go and how you choose to spend your time. However, I won’t cover for you again if this happens. So do all of us a favor...and focus on why we’re here because I’ll be damn if you think I’ll let you ruin all of our hard work just so you can spend some time with MelRose. I honestly thought you would be smart enough to just leave her alone and let her do her job. She doesn’t need any distraction right now... and neither do you.”

Jin explained sounding very stern just by the way he finally looked at me. I could tell that he was very upset and as much as I want to disagree with him. I couldn’t... because what he said is true.

“I had no idea that Sang dropped by... thanks for covering me-”

“You can thank me by focusing on our performance tonight.”

He bluntly stated before taking his leave...

Running my hands through my musk hair, I sighed as I leaned my back against the wall. This was all so aggravating and I knew that I was the one to blame. As much as I enjoy being with Rose last night, I knew it still bothered Jin greatly. But I need to remind myself that I can’t lose my reasoning, the sole purpose of going on tour was so we could succeed in our dreams. So I really can’t afford any distraction... besides. It will only be for a little while, I’ll have all the time in the world after the tour is finished to talk with Rose more properly. After the proposal I told her, she didn’t really give me a proper response-

“Look...I know that you and Rose want to spend time together. But, don’t you think you guys are risking so much by being sneaky about it? I mean...at the rate you guys are going. Don’t you think it’s a matter of time before you guys get caught? Jin is right...you both need to keep your distance. At least until we go back to Korea once we’re done with the tour.”

Zack shared his concerns as well before walking away...

Being left alone, I immediately took a shower as I tried to cool my head. It’s so difficult to balance what I love and who I love...music is practically how I coped growing up. It’s been a part of me...and out of nowhere Rose comes into my life and changes it all, but I wanna make things work. I need to...

After I finished my shower, I quickly ate my breakfast with the guys before we headed out to our interview. With manager Sang driving the van we were in, he was far too busy talking on his phone to even pay attention to us. So I pulled out my phone and began to look at last night’s performance and saw where Zack and I were too close together when we were dancing. I need to make sure I stay an extra foot away from him so our choreography doesn’t look messy...

“Ugh...I hate doing these stupid interviews...it’s always the same thing. Same questions and giving the same answers. You know I’m surprised our fans haven’t gotten tired of us yet. God knows I would be...oh! Kai, check it out! Apparently, some of our fans snuck into our hotel last night, look there’s even a video of them running away from security! That’s crazy, it was midnight when it happened... though I’m not sure if that even matters since some of our fans were still outside waiting for us to come out this morning. I worry that they’ll catch a cold if they stay out too late, it’s a lot colder here in Europe-”

“Zack, it’s best if you don’t pay attention to stuff like that. You tend to have a habit of feeling guilty when there’s no need to. What our fans do isn’t for us to stress over, we already have enough on our plate-”

“Yeah well...I don’t expect you to understand Jin. After what happened to my sister I can’t help but notice these small details of what our fans do. You know, after the incident...a lot of our fans ended up turning against each other and I didn’t like it. I’m fully aware that not all of our fans are toxic...but the ones that are. I want to avoid them as much as possible and I’m sure Kai feels the same way, Don’t you?” Zack asked me as I placed my phone down.

“As much as you would like to avoid it, you know that you can’t. We’ve dealt with numerous fans that were unstable, and I’m sure we have all seen how intense they can be online. But the easiest way to handle it...is just continuing to do what we do.”

I explained as I peered over what Jin was doing...

“Yeah, I guess you have a point there...I’m just relieved that I don’t know any of those types of fans. What about you, Kai? Do you know anyone like that?”

As Zack asked me the question, I immediately thought of that bizarre girl who brought me that marriage license during the meet greet.

And although I don’t know her personally, she is someone that I’m glad got blacklisted from coming anywhere near me. But when it comes to someone I actually know to be obsessive...my mind instantly thought of Rose’s little sister. If I remember her name correctly, I think Rose called her Sam. Though I’m for certain that her actual name is Samantha. Rose did mention before how much of a handful her sister can be and that she had a little crush on me. Though I’m sure I’m looking too much into it, she’s probably just going through a phase as most teenagers do around her age...

“I could care less to remember people like that who obviously need psychological help. What about you Jin? You’re fairly quiet being on your phone.”

I said as I immediately snatched his phone away from him. His quiet smiles right now were already ticking me off since he was upset at me a few minutes ago back at the hotel...

“You really are like a child...so easily tempered. Though if I was you, I wouldn’t look at the screen.”

He said with a satisfied smirk before crossing his arms and resting his back along with the chair while closing his eyes.

“A child? If you think I’m going to get jealous over stupid messages that you and Rose send to each other. Then you’re stupid...”

I said to him in a serious tone before throwing his phone in the back seat. However, Zack was so quick in catching it that he immediately began to read the message for me to hear.

“Oh! Jin...when did you start getting close to MelRose? She even sent you a picture...”

Zack said in a surprising reaction!

“What! Let me see it! Give it!” I shouted at him as I tried to take the phone back!

“Jin, thank you for everything last night. It felt really good. I’ll definitely have to repay you back. You always know how to put me at ease.”

Taking my seat belt off, I wrestled Zack from the back seat as I tried to confiscate Jin’s phone! My anger was only getting worse once I heard Jin laughing.

“Okay! Okay! Take it! Just stop pinching my arm!”

Zack cried out once he finally surrendered the phone! Immediately going over the text, my blood instantly boiled!

“Jin...if you don’t start explaining yourself right now. I really will kill you-”

“How about you read the entire message before jumping to a conclusion.”

Jin immediately said in a cold demeanor once he took notice of me coming back to my seat...

Looking over the text again, I come to find out that Rose actually sprained her write a little when she was helping the staff move boxes of our merch to the main stalls out front while I was performing. At that time when Rose dropped the water bottles, I thought that it was because she was in shock of seeing the condition I was in. But perhaps it had something to do with her wrist hurting as well. And from what Rose was doing was thanking Jin for bringing her an ice pack...all while I was busy being stupid and upset watching them together backstage. All Jin was doing was looking out for her...but why? Why didn’t she mentioned this to me?

As I scrolled further down, I saw the picture that Zack spoke about. It was only a picture of Rose’s hand lightly bandage, though she made it very clear in her text that it didn’t hurt as much anymore. But regardless of that being the case, I couldn’t help but grow shy and annoyed at the same time. I’m supposed to keep myself level headed and not get so worked up for stuff like this but it’s just annoying seeing Jin get close to Rose-

“Huh? What are you doing?” I asked while staring at Jin’s hand being reach out towards me.

“If you are done looking through my phone, hand it over.”

He said in a mischievous matter as I purposely slammed his phone against his palm. Gripping it tightly, he pulled his phone back before looking at me directly.

“Never knew Kai could get so easily jealous, even your face has gone red.”

Zack pointed out as he poked my flushed cheek. Smacking his hand away, I decided to look out the window to cool my nerves.

“You tell me to stay away from Rose...yet all you’ve ever done behind my back is get close to her-”

“Let’s not start arguing again, Kai. I’m really not in the mood... besides, we all know why you shouldn’t get too comfortable around her. I’m sure the last thing you want is the past to repeat itself, MelRose is my responsibility when it comes to work-related issues. I notice that her hand was hurting so all I did was tend to her. However, she wanted me to keep it a secret from you about her little injury since she didn’t want you to worry. After seeing the condition you were in, it’s only evident that she wouldn’t want to put more stress on your plate. You should be happy that she cares so much about you...but instead, you become irritated for something so small. Why do you think Zack and I only want you to solely focus on the group right now. MelRose...she’s a strong, smart woman...so leave her be for now.”

Jin explained in a serious voice. Rubbing my temple, I felt the tension as I took what he said to heart. ExEx Idol is the only thing I should be thinking about, but it’s not as easy as it once was...

“Wow, Jin you sound so serious and cool when you talk like that. But I do hope MelRose’s hand gets better, hey Jin! When did you and Melrose get so close? You’re usually not this friendly with the staff... usually you’re more distant. Maybe being friends with MelRose is starting to become a good influence on you.” Zack jokingly said in a heaved of laughter!

“A friend? Hmm, I’m not sure if I see MelRose as just a friend...I guess I’m still figuring out who she is to me.” He spoke with honesty as I looked back at him with intensity in my eyes.

There’s really no point in ignoring Jin and Rose when there together. Because I will never understand the relationship they have with one another. I already know what feelings Jin has for Rose, but even though Rose rejected his feelings. It feels as though they’ve gotten closer. And I will forever be jealous of that... because it’s something that I could never break from them. But I shouldn’t let that ruin me... because in the end...she chose me-

“Oh! I see what you mean...I don’t really see Melrose as a friend either.”

I heard Zack say with amusement. Tightening my fist, I clenched my jaw and couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Don’t tell me Zack has also started to-

“She’s more like a little sister in my eyes who I just want to look after. Hmm, maybe I should check up on her later to see how her wrist is doing-”

“Zack, it’s not appropriate nor is it nice to treat Melrose like that. She’s older than you, so you should show her some respect. Besides, you already have a sister-”

“Jin, you’re an only child so you’re not gonna understand. Yes, I have a sister already, but it’s not fun when she’s older than you and is always teasing you. So I prefer doing the teasing myself and MelRose is a perfect candidate. Besides...I can’t help but feel sad for her. Being away from home must be really hard on her, leaving America to come work here. I wonder if she gets homesick, lord knows I would be. So maybe...it’s good that she will only have two work in this company for one more year- oh! Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up! I just-”

“No, it’s fine Zack. I’ve been so focused on other things that I never considered how Rose is feeling being this far away from her family. I guess I’ve been selfish...in just wanting her to stay here.” I said as I rested my head back in a heavy sigh...

I’ve been so blinded by our relationship that I never cared to think about the important details. Rose did mention that she had to lie to her family to come work here. Are her parents that strict? I never even asked how they are and what they’re like. And although I asked Rose to marry me...I still need to talk to her parents about us soon. That’s even if they approve of us being together. I would want nothing more to have their blessing, but...if they end up not wanting me to date their daughter. What do I do then? Will Rose even want to be with me if she ends up going back to America-

“Alright boys, we’re here. Remember, when they ask you any questions just follow the scripts we gave you. Try and stick with the topic of your album and how excited you are to be touring again...”

I was spacing out, but manager Sang quickly reminded me what we all came here to do! I need to concentrate, I don’t have time to be thinking such things at the moment! For right now, I have to put my priorities first...and that’s being the leader of this group. I just hope... everything turns out okay in the end. Because despite having the determination to succeed, I can’t help but feel uneasy.

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