Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Sixty-Three

MelRose POV:

“Oh! So you have a sister also, I had no idea. I thought you were an only child, but it makes perfect sense now. Considering how violent you can be with me and Kai- ow! What was that for!? You see! You’re proving my point!”

Zack cried out in a pout while rubbing his cheek where I had lightly pinched it.

“It’s not like I chose to be a violent woman. I blame Kai for that, though I have fought with my sister before. But it never came down to being physically violent with her. It was always just stupid name-calling and sometimes we would just ignore each other for a few days...”

As I explained my relationship with my sister, I was brought back into remembering Samantha’s mental state once again.

Trying my best to ignore the issues back at home, I focused on the bonfire that continued to keep me warm. It’s been a few hours since I agreed to come and hang out with Jin and Zack at this little secret place they invited me to. As worried as I was about coming here at first, that feeling completely vanished once I settled and felt comfortable just having fun. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Zack and what inspired him to want to pursue music. It started when his parents would send him to do piano lessons and even join a choir back when he was in high school. It seems like he fell in love with music at a very young age just like Kai...

Though Zack seemed curious about my life as well. Wanting to know how I learned Korean and how many siblings I had. It feels nice getting to know each other, as strange as it is...I kinda wish I had a brother like Zack. Regardless of being older than him...it would have been nice to rely on a big brother growing up. That way I wouldn’t have felt the need to take responsibility for taking care of Sam so much when we were younger...

“Hmm... Jin, should we started heading out soon. It’s starting to get late and I don’t know about you guys? But I’m freezing my butt off still! It doesn’t even matter how close I snuggle up against MelRose’s body-”

“I think it would be wise if you let Melrose go...”

Jin suddenly said in a simple smirk as he sat across from us...

“Huh!? Why? I’ll surely die of hypothermia! And there’s no way in hell I’m cuddling with you!”

Zack said in high defense, though he immediately stopped speaking the moment he felt a sudden hand being placed on his head!

“Then just freeze to death.”

Recognizing that voice, I quickly looked behind me and saw that it was Kai! I was absolutely stunned that he actually came since I figured he would be too busy. But seeing him now in the flesh, made me speechless. I mean, the last time we were together was when we...

“Holy shit! Where the hell did you come from!? How long have you been standing behind us!?” Zack shouted as he jolted himself up!

“Long enough to see you latching on to my wife-”

Without thinking, I hurried in covering Kai’s mouth in a panic before he spoke any further! I swear to God! Kai just never thinks before he speaks! What makes him believe it’s a good idea to bring this up to the guys right now!? I haven’t even given him an official answer yet.

“He let me know a little while ago that he was on his way here. Though it took a lot longer than I thought, let me guess...you’re using security Jung to keep manager Sang busy, aren’t you? If so, what are you making him do?”

Jin asked him as I watched Zack suddenly take a seat by his side. Kai then pulled my hands away from his mouth before he explained what he did and that devil-like smirk of his could never be a good sign.

“Well...since our manager has been up on his feet all day with my busy schedule. It was only fitting that I offered our security to massage our manager’s feet. And knowing how stressed out Sang has been this past month, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have Jung massage him for a while.”

Kai said in a teasing smirk, though Zack burst out in laughter and it made me feel a little guilty for laughing as well.

“Wow, and here I thought you couldn’t be any meaner to Jung. Anyways, how did the interviews go?”

Jin asked as he tried to push Zack away from him. Poor Zack, all he wants to do is cuddle and get warm.

“It was no different from the other interviews. Same questions...same answers.”

Kai explained while he gripped both of my hands...

“Really? Seriously, what’s the point in having these damn interviews when it’s no different from the others. It’s always, are you dating anyone? Are you trying to settle after you retire from your career? Or what other plans do we have for the future, and if I’m being honest...I don’t even know where I see myself 10 years from now- hey! Where you guys going!? I was talking?”

Zack voiced out in offense as Kai suddenly began to pull me away from the guys!

“Just let them go, it’s been a while since those two seen each other...”

I heard Jin say from the far-off distance in a heavy sigh.

Holding Kai’s hand, it felt warm. But the beating of my chest sounded so loud compared to the waves hitting against the shore. This is bad, at this rate I’m afraid that Kai would hear it! It’s only been a few weeks since I got this close to him, yet here I am acting like this is our first time holding hands! This is what I truly hate, he makes me feel so fuzzy on the inside that I don’t even know how to explain it!

But as we distanced ourselves from Zack and Jin. Kai finally released my hand and looked beyond the waters that kept crashing against each other. The cool winds picked up and I watched as his beautiful black hair swayed side to side. His side profile was sharp and the brightness of moonlight lit up the skies brightly along with his emerald green eyes that always took my breath away.

“You know when I was little. My mother would sometimes take me to the beach when my father would be too busy with work. I never understood why...but sometimes I would catch my mother looking at the ocean so deeply. As if she would get lost in it...I wish I knew what she was thinking at that time. Rose, your mother...what kind of person is she? It feels like I’ve been neglecting you when it comes to your family. I...never really knew how it felt growing up with both parents. So...if you don’t mind me asking, do you think...your parents will like me?”

He said before gazing his eyes back at me, the sorrow in his expression made me feel for how lonely his childhood must have been. But at the same time, I felt very happy that Kai wants to know more about my personal life back home. So before I could answer him, I slowly made my way to approach him and wrapped my finger around the necklace he wore. Slightly pulling it, I got on my tippy toes and had him bend himself down so I could finally place a kiss on those precious lips of his. At this moment...I wasn’t sure for how long we stayed like this. It wasn’t until I felt Kai wrap his arm around my waist that I finally pulled away and smiled in utter joy.

“My mother... she is someone who tends to put others before herself when needed. Though she has a horrible habit of sleeping late...she loves the little home that Dad bought for her. She was never someone who cared for big things such as fancy cars, houses, or even jewelry. Now that I think about it...the only jewelry I see her wear is her wedding ring. Both my parents have been married for 20 years now...and despite them not having much money when my sister and I were born. I knew that they tried their best to be good parents...so I could tell you here and now, that my mother will love you. However...”

My sudden pause seemed to make Kai grow a bit worried as he looked closer to my troubled expression.

“However...what?” He asked while pulling me close to his chest.

“My Dad...he’s not the most understanding father when I was growing up. Though within time he got better...but, he’s still the typical strict father. Since he was born in Korea...he was raised completely different there compared to how it is in America. So Sam and I grew in a strict household...it’s strange...but, I never asked my Dad why he decided to move to America. I wish I could have asked before I came over here...”

I explained before resting myself against his body. This comfort that I’ve been longing for makes me feel so much at ease...

“I see...so it’s probably gonna be a bit of a challenge getting your father’s approval...” I heard Kai speak in a serious matter.

“Wait... approval for what?”

I asked sounding confused as I looked up at him...

“What do you mean for what? For you and I to get married-”

“Are you seriously still going on about that!? Oh! Also don’t call me your wife, I’m not even your fiancee. So don’t say things like that in front of the boys or they’ll get the wrong idea!”

I said to him with aggravation, though Kai immediately lifted me off the ground and began to take us towards the sea!

“No! Wait, what are you doing?! Put me down! Are you crazy! Do you have any idea how cold the water is!?”

I yelled at him as I began to hit his back! Feeling him carry me over his shoulder isn’t the most pleasant way of being carried!

“I’ll put you down, don’t worry. Just let me enter the water first-”

“Wait! Are you being serious?! No! Put me down right now!”

I shouted at him in high demand! It was only when he started to tickle my side that I was no longer able to speak as my giggles took over!

“Then say you’ll marry me! If not, I’ll drown us both.”

He said once he stopped attacking my ribs...

“What? You...Kai, that’s not fair...”

I voiced out feeling out of breath. It was only then that he finally placed me back down in front of him before placing a kiss on my forehead...

“I’m sorry...of course I wouldn’t do such a thing. But...there is no one else that I want in my life. The only person I see in my future is you. Rose, I could care less what the world has to say about us. You might think that in this short amount of time of dating...that I’m loving you too fast. But in my heart...I’ve never felt this happy before and I’m afraid to know what I’ll feel like if you ever left my side. Having you as my girlfriend...has been my joy. But having you be my wife... would be my blessing...I love you, so very much. Which is why...I’m asking you here and now... Melissa Rose...marry me.”

Every word he spoke, flowed deeply into my heart. In an instant, the world around me stopped moving and the blurry vision in my eyes made me lose the image of Kai looking at me so lovingly. These tears that always seem to shed because of him...it’s impossible to stray away from it. My one and only love that I never wish to break...

“You really enjoy making your future wife cry...don’t you?”

I responded to his proposal. Soon the feeling of his long tender fingers wiped away the wet droplets that ran down my cheek as he pressed his kiss against mine.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I snuggled myself closer to him until our bodies were pressed together. From the very first time I met him, I wanted nothing to do with him. He lives in a completely different world from me, but I could see just how much has changed. He’s different from anyone I’ve ever met, he puts this persona of being strong...but he’s not. But that doesn’t make him weak either...all he wants...is to be happy. And if I can give him that happiness that he deserves, then I’ll gladly share my life with him.

With his hands running down my back, I felt him pushing his kiss harder onto my lips. Feeling his hot tongue enter me, I desperately tasted him as I slowly started to lose myself in his touch. The aggressiveness that he had on my body made my legs shake as he embraced me strongly. The moans that I couldn’t hold back, mixed with the winds that started to pick up as I felt chills running down my spine. More...I want more... please, spoil me for just a bit more...


“KAI! Check out this sparkler Jin and I got from the gas station a while back! Isn’t it cool, there are different colors! We got a few boxes of these little firecrackers, oh! Sorry, was I interrupting somthing?”

Zack’s excitement ran dry once he ran up to us and looked at the irritated look on Kai’s face. Pulling my arms back, I shyly separated myself from him as I felt my cheeks glowing red! I almost lost my composure again! Just what was I thinking?! I can’t ask Kai to do that kind of pervy stuff to me out here in the open! Oh my God! I really am a pervert!

“Zack, I told you to give them space... honestly, you have no patience whatsoever. Anyways, we should start packing soon before our manager finds out were missing. Jung could only massage for so long...Kai, I think it would be safe if me and MelRose took the same cab together. That way it won’t be suspicious if someone happens to see us together. Having her be my personal makeup artist has its perks in keeping the tabloids silent. Though if she’s in the cab with you or Zack-”

“I already know that...fine. Just make sure you bring her to the hotel safely...Zack and I will clean up here,” Kai responded in a stern-like matter.

“Huh? Oh no, let me help you guys clean up-”

“Thanks, MelRose, but your team has to get up early tomorrow. Will be doing a meet greet and then with our last performance coming up soon. I think it’s best that you get your rest.”

Jin explained as we all started to make our way back towards the small campsite.

“Oh...that’s right...I almost forgot about that. I guess I was having so much fun with you guys that I lost track about tomorrow.”

I explained as I felt Kai wrapping his arm around my shoulder. We both then gave each other a heartwarming smirk before he placed a kiss on the top of my head.

“Let me know when you get back to the hotel safely, okay? And if Jin tries anything weird-”

“The one who’s weird and is a pervert is you. Besides, Melrose is a lot safer in my hands than in yours.”

With Jin and Kai starting to argue, I knew I had to put an end to things before they both get at each other’s throats. So I immediately placed Jin’s face mask on as well as mine and immediately began to drag Jin from the arm. Though Kai instantly caught up to us and made me stop walking for a quick second before he did the unthinkable!

“My Rose is already a pervert just like me so there’s no point in trying to keep her safe.”

He bluntly said before pulling my face mask down real quick just to leave a peck on my lips!

Without even hesitating, I forced a kick on his leg and watched him grab his knee as he fell to the floor in pain. Putting my face mask back on, I heard Zack laugh from the far-off distance as he waved us goodbye.

“Why...the abuse...”

I heard Kai grunt in pain as I stomped away from him. Though his painful reaction made me very satisfied that I couldn’t stop grinning.

With Jin and I making our way up the steep steps, we finally reached the road and waited for our cab to arrive. Not realizing that I was still holding on to his sleeve, I quickly let go as I apologized for my rude behavior. Kai maybe my boyfriend, but I shouldn’t act as I please with him in front of others. Especially in front of Jin, he’s a lot older than me so I should be a bit more respectful with my manners...

“I’m sorry...I... shouldn’t have done that-”

“No, it’s okay. Kai deserved it...he needs to start being more mature already. So I think it’s good that he has you, someone needs to discipline him. And I could think of no other than it being you...”

Jin explained in amusement, smiling at his response we both saw our cab driving towards us finally.

On the way back, I was relieved to hear that Jin’s mother was doing okay. Just a few more days until we could all see her again. I’ve been wanting to ask about her condition for a while but it never seemed like the appropriate time to ask Jin. The last thing I need to do is stress him more, but I’m glad I was able to ask him now. Within the minutes that passed, it didn’t take long for Jin to suddenly fall asleep! Seeing him bump his head against the glass window. I carefully had him lean his head against my shoulder so he wouldn’t hurt himself. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jin fell asleep so quickly. He and the boys have been working so hard...

“I’m really proud of you...”

I whispered to Jin while resting my head back.

Closing my eyes, I relived the moment where Kai asked me to marry him. My face grew flushed as I placed my hand over my cheek. I can’t believe he really asked me to be his wife, it still feels very surreal to me. Though I wonder how it’s going to work? The contract I signed strictly said the boys can’t date anyone. And I’m pretty sure getting married is no exception either...

Once we finally arrived at the hotel, I woke Jin up before we headed towards the back of the building. Letting out a yawn, Jin was kind enough to walk me to my hotel room as we both enjoyed each other’s company. Messaging Kai, I made sure to let him know that Jin and I arrived safely. Though I am still a bit annoyed at him by what he said earlier. I’m not a perv...well not as much as he is!

“You must be really annoyed at him if you’re making that kind of face,” Jin said to me as I felt his hand resting on my head.

“Huh? Oh...he’s just an idiot sometimes.”

I explained before taking a bow and thanking Jin for bringing me back to my room.

“Try to get some rest now...let me know if you need anything.”

He said in a gentle smile as I watched him take his leave. Giving one last yawn, I headed to bed and mentally prepared myself for tomorrow morning.


“Okay, today there’s been a change of plans. Today’s meet and greet will be as scheduled for ExEx Idol. However, Mrs. Lee, Manager Sang said he needs to speak with you urgently after I’m done explaining today’s planner. So I will be having a staff member take your place in doing Jin’s makeup. Okay, other than that I will be needing staff B to bring in the merch...”

That following morning, hearing what Mrs. Kim had to say didn’t really sit well with my stomach. Just what does manager Sang have to say to me that’s so important that I won’t be able to help my team? Today’s meet and greet is supposed to be important for the boys and I really wanted to be here to support them. So once Mrs. Kim dismissed everyone, I immediately texted Jin to let him know that I won’t be able to do his make-up today...

So as I was being escorted back to the hotel, I was stunned to see so many security guards in the van with me! It was only making me more nervous than I already was. Once I saw how close we were getting to the building, I placed my face mask on, and with the help of security, I was able to get through the crowd. Though I wasn’t entirely sure if the boys were still here at the hotel or if they were already heading to the meet and greet?

With the guards leading me to a room, I was stunned to see Zack and Jin in the same room as I was! Just what is going on?! Their expressions when they both saw me were petrified, even Zack looked like he was crying earlier with how red his eyes were. Just what in the world is happening?! But as I tried to approach them, my body instantly froze once I heard a harsh slam hitting a desk in front of me!

Looking over, my eyes finally saw manager Sang who held the look of anger and rage on his face! If security and the boys weren’t here with me right now. I would honestly be fearing for my life! With my hands beginning to shake, I felt knots already twisting in my throat as I couldn’t bring myself to speak...

“You made a fool of not only this company...but at me as well. Miss. Lee, you have a lot of explaining to do...”

He said in an intimidating tone as he threw a handful of flies against me...

Looking at each paper that fell before me, felt like a stab to my stomach once I saw the photos that were taken of me with Jin and Zack from yesterday. But what made this more unbearable...was what he asked me next.

“You’re not really married, are you?”

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