Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Six

MelRose POV:

It’s been a week since the concert had passed and I still can’t get over what happened. At the time when I was making my escape, I was very fortunate that the elevator was left unguarded! But even when I made it to my hotel room, I hurried in getting Sam and Lizzy ready to leave! I wasn’t about to take the chance of getting caught. Even on the car ride back home, I was completely paranoid, luckily for me, Sam had no memory of what she did that night. So I didn’t have to worry about her questioning where I was.

Since she passed out the moment Lizzy brought her to the room. I tried to keep it short and very vague to Liz as to why I didn’t return until the morning. I just hope she doesn’t bring it up to Sam one day. I don’t like lying since I’m so terrible at it. I always end up stuttering my words and I can’t look at people directly in the eyes because I just end up feeling guilty afterward...

“Hey Mel, do you know where the TV remote is at?”

I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right? Kai wouldn’t send private investigators to search me?! Should I just come clean? No, I have no way of contacting them anyways...

“Hello, Mel? Are you listening....”

You know what, this is ridiculous! I’m overthinking stuff too much! I should just ignore it and move on with my life, but...

“He took my first kiss! How am I supposed to ignore this- Ouch! What the hell is your problem, Sam!” I shouted in annoyance as I felt Sam pinching my arm!

“What is your problem? I’ve been calling your name for the last few minutes, I asked if you’ve seen the controller.” She explained as I smacked her hand away from my arm. Rubbing the pain where she inflicted on me, I pointed to where the remote was at.

“What is it that you need to watch anyways-”

“Kai and the rest of the members of ExEx Idol are gonna be interviewed in a few minutes! Since they returned to Korea a few days ago, they’re finally back into doing their regular specials!”

She voiced out in excitement as she took a seat next to me. Honestly, just hearing Kai’s name just gives me uncomfortable goosebumps and flashbacks of that night.

“Mel? Are you okay? Lately, you’ve been zoning out a lot, are you getting sick- Oh! It’s starting! Shh!”

Sam quickly ignored what she was telling me as she focused her attention on the screen. I was feeling a bit uneasy the moment I saw Kai look into the camera. His gentle-like smile had the audience go crazy, even Sam could be heard squealing. But I know that smile of his was all for show...

“It’s been a while Kai, Jin, Zack. Welcome back, the last time we all spoke was almost half a year ago. How have you been...”

With the host beginning to ask the boy questions, I grew bored with their obvious answers. Of course their all single and have no interest in dating since their focus on their careers and blah blah blah. That’s like every celebrity answer, answering so vaguely and dodging the difficult questions. However, what the host asked next did catch my attention...

“Well since none of you had ever had a girlfriend, surely you all have kissed a girl at least once? Come now, we’re all men here. Most of our first kiss comes from our crush in school or even after graduation...”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe the host is asking something like that! My Kai is pure! He’s never fooled around with anyone!”

Samantha shouted in high defense as she stood up from the couch in annoyance. However, her jaw dropped the moment we both heard Kai’s response.

“I don’t kiss and tell, so who knows... maybe I gave my first kiss away already.”

He said while flirtatiously looking at the camera, gently gliding his fingers against his lips. The instant he did that, my mind played back to that very night again! What a jerk! How dare he force a kiss on me and not remember!

“WHAT! NO WAY! THERE’S NO WAY HE KISSED A GIRL! He has to be lying-”

“Sam, aren’t you being a little dramatic, the man is 23 already. You shouldn’t be surprised, I’m sure all the members have kissed a girl. I doubt anyone of them are virgins-”

“You’re still a virgin! You haven’t even kissed anyone yet either! So I don’t believe that Kai has kissed anyone yet...”

As she began to ramble on, I quickly avoided eye contact with her and kept my mouth shut. I mean, she made a good point, I’m still a virgin...but I’m a girl! So it’s different, it’s harder to believe in this day in age that a guy remains a virgin by 18. But also, there’s no way in hell I could ever tell anyone that Kai and I kissed, hell I doubt anyone would even believe me. Looking back at the TV screen, Kai leaned himself forward while he was sitting and I was able to notice something shining around his neck. At first, I paid no mind to it. Assuming it was just his necklace, I looked a little more closely. But within seconds of looking a little bit more closely, I found myself sprinting towards the TV in a panic!

“No fucking way...”

I whispered out my words in absolute shock as I placed both my hands against the glass screen in desperation!

“Uhh, Mel...I can’t watch my husband if your big head is in the way. What are you even looking at- hey! Where are going now?!”

Ignoring Sam’s voice, I ran back towards my room and began to look through my jewelry box in a panic! I don’t have many necklaces so it should be easy to find them! But...

“No...this...what!? It has to be in here! I thought I- wait, Oh my fucking God!”

Gripping the key necklace I could only find, I gasped out in disbelief as I felt my heart wanting to stop beating. This can’t be happening...I completely forgot that I left my heart locket on the bed that night! I was so busy panicking at that moment when Kai was talking to me that it didn’t occur to me that I left it behind!

Running back to the living room, I looked back at the TV screen to confirm if he was truly wearing my necklace! I wanted to convince myself that it was coincidental, that we both just happen to have the same heart locket. But I knew that deep down that was just wishful thinking since my parents told me that they had my necklaces custom made. So there’s no way anyone can have the same design as mine! This is just horrible! What am I gonna do!? My parents gave me that necklace as a gift for my graduation, and now I feel like I’ll never be able to get it back!

“Mel? Are you...why are you crying?”

Sam asked in confusion the moment she saw me walk back into the living room. I didn’t even realize I was crying, but I shouldn’t be surprised since I feel like absolute shit for being so reckless. And what’s worse is that this person on the TV screen is wearing something so precious to me without a care in the world!

“I hate him...”

I mumbled out my words in pain as I tried to wipe my tears away.

“Huh? Who do you hate?”

Samantha asked as she made her way towards me in concern. But I immediately pointed at the TV and looked directly at Kai who happened to be staring at the camera, it’s as if he was staring at me with that smug face of his!

“I hate him! That fucking perverted thief! He’s a jerk-”

“What’s with all the yelling in here?”

Hearing our Dad suddenly enter the house, Samantha quickly switched the TV channel to the news. I then made sure to wipe my face clean before Dad could question me about it.

“It’s nothing, I was just telling Sam how much I hate a character in a comic...umm, how was work today?”

I quickly tried to change the subject as I entered the kitchen to see Dad already washing his hands.

“Work was fine, I actually have something very important to tell you. It’s big news, and I hope you think carefully about what I’m about to say to you. I was a bit against it at first when my co-worker told me about it, but after a while of him explaining to me how this could be a big opportunity for you. I have no right in saying no when it comes to something this important for you...”

As he began to explain, I was a bit confused at what he was getting at. But that didn’t stop Sam from overhearing our conversation as she lowered the TV volume from the living room.

“Dad your kinda scaring me. You’re making it sound like it’s life or death with how your wording everything...”

I jokingly responded as I took a seat near the kitchen counter. Dad soon turned to look at me and gave me a serious stare as he took a seat across from me, this was only making me feel very nervous and I already feel horrible for losing the heart necklace...

“Well, when you put it that way, it could be life or death. But perhaps that’s over phrasing it a bit...listen, Rose. One of my coworkers that I work with has a close friend who works in the entertainment business. He works on mainly the labor stuff, like ordering props or managing the scheduling of events coming up. It just so happens that they’re holding interviews next week for makeup artists and hairstylists...”

As my dad began to explain what his co-worker told him, my whole mood changed in an instant! This was exciting news, it was news that I needed to hear after everything I’ve been going through. Finally, after searching for weeks for a job this could be my big break! After so many years of being in beauty school, I could show my potential if I get this job!

“This is amazing! I don’t know why you looked so serious earlier?”

I responded with a smile as I quickly stood up from my chair to hug my Father! However, he remained still and didn’t speak another word until I pulled away from him.

“I know it’s exciting, believe me when I say I was very happy when my co-worker told me about it. But, I grew very concerned when he told me where the work would be at. Despite how big of an opportunity this could be for you working in the entertainment business. I know it could be good money...but I’m not sure if you’ll take the chance of going to the interview. Because if you do go, it will be very hard for me and your mother...”

With my Dad becoming more sensitive in the subject, he avoided looking at me as he looked down at the kitchen table. This was the first time I ever saw my Dad look so sad, why is that? It didn’t take long before Sam entered the kitchen and began to explain her happiness of having me go to the interview.

“Why wouldn’t Mel go to this interview? It’s like you said, it an opportunity of a lifetime! She could finally make some money if she gets the job and-”

“The job is in Korea...”

Once I heard my Dad say that, silence came into the room...

I didn’t know what to think at that moment, even after my mother came home, father didn’t mention it to her. I’m sure he didn’t want to worry her since I haven’t really decided if I’m gonna go or not. Why can’t life just be easy for me? Should I just work at a grocery store from now on? But if I do, then what would have been the point in going to beauty school? I would have just wasted my parent’s money on going to college, not only that but I wouldn’t be able to financially help as much. Even paying for Sam’s college seems impossible at this point...

“Hey Mel, the shower is free now,” Samantha said as she entered the room while drying her with the towel.

“Oh, okay...” I responded in a tiresome sigh as I continued to lay on my bed.

“Are you still thinking about what Dad said to you? Look, I don’t know if I have any say in the matter. But you should consider going to that interview, it’s not all set in stone yet that you’ll get the job. So just take the chance in applying and then just go from there on what to do next, I know it sounds easier said than done. But I know you, Mel, this is going to be eating away at you if you don’t go. It’s like what you always used to tell me growing up. Don’t be afraid of trying something new or else you’ll end up regretting it.”

Sam’s words brought me some comfort, so as I began to get off of the bed. I grabbed a towel from our closet and was about ready to leave the room.

“Hey, Mel. Before you take your shower, why...why did you point at Kai and said you hated him? I thought you weren’t into K-pop. So why did you cry when-”

“Just forget that happened, okay. It doesn’t matter anymore...”

Immediately responding, I shut the door close and headed to the bathroom. I didn’t want to think about Kai right now, he should be the last person on my mind. Despite him having my necklace, I have more important things to think about.

But before I entered the shower, I stared at the light fogged-up mirror in front of me and saw how exhausted my face looked. I never knew I could look so stress by overthinking so much. It’s no wonder Dad was hesitant in telling me about this interview, I know I won’t have a problem communicating with anyone over there. But I have never been to another country before so it’s frightening to think about leaving. But it’s just like what Sam said, there’s nothing wrong with just going to do the interview. If I don’t get accepted then I’ll just keep looking for a job around my town. But...if I do succeed in getting the job over there then...No! I won’t think ahead of myself! At this moment, I’ll focus on the here and now and be positive. So I have to take the chance...

“I’ll go to Korea...”

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