Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Seventy-Five

MelRose POV:

“Why...are you here?”

I stuttered out my words in disbelief. I’m in complete shock that this is even happening right now. Is this all just a dream? Slowly making my way down the hallway, my eyes never left Kai’s as he stood there in a daze...

“Umm, please come in. It’s a bit chilly outside-”

“I’ll wait out here. Call me if you need anything.”

Jung said in a deep bow towards my mother. Though I’m sure my mom wasn’t able to fully understand what Jung had said.


Kai tried his best in speaking English as he lightly bowed his head before entering.

“Honey? Who was at the door-”

Hearing my father coming towards us, he held back his words the moment he saw Kai! The tension between all of us grew and I felt like my heart was about to explode! I’m beginning to feel light-headed and I find myself having to lean myself against the wall. With Kai noticing my actions, he rushed himself towards me as he tried to support my tired body.

Feeling his touch, made my chest jolt and my heart shake. And I’m sure the same thing applied to Kai, with how his fingers were trembling as he gently held on to me. As we instantly looked into each other’s eyes, I could feel my vision growing blurry by the second. Being this close to him, made me realize that this wasn’t a dream...it was real. But before I could grip onto his arm, I felt another pair of hands grabbing my shoulders!


I voiced out as he came between me and Kai. He then had me take a seat in the kitchen as he handed me a glass of water. Thanking him for his kind gesture, I began to drink my water to calm my nerves. Kai instantly caught notice of the bruising around my neck when I tilted my head back.

“What happened to you?! Who did that-”


I quickly hushed Kai from speaking any further as I feared Sam would hear him! The last thing I want is for her to know that he’s here! I don’t wanna imagine what she’ll do if she were to see him in the house! And I think my Father was able to finally recognize who this person was just by how panic I became...

“Honey, can you...please make sure that Samantha doesn’t leave her room. I...need to talk with these two...”

My father said to mom, I then watched as my mother nodded before going into my sister’s room.

“Before I ask why you are here in my house. I want to clarify something first...are you...”

“Hello sir, my name Kai Joong.”

Kai immediately said in a respectable bow in front of my father.

“So it really is you, I thought I’ve seen you somewhere before. My youngest daughter is a huge fan of yours... though I feel like it’s a bit too much for my liking. Now then, do you speak any English?”

My father asked as he took a seat right next to me, he then kindly offered Kai to take a seat across from us as I nervously held on to my glass cup. I didn’t even know where I’m supposed to look! If I look at Dad I’ll just grow nervous about what he’s gonna ask, and If I look at Kai I’m only gonna cry and break down! It’s like the world just keeps testing my mental state of emotions!

“I speak little English.... understand few words...”

Kai responded as I noticed how nervous his breathing was becoming.

“I see...then that’s fine. Well...tell me, why are you here. And just how do you know my daughter? With how quickly you rushed to her aid earlier, it’s no secret that you both know each other very well. Melissa, did you know he was coming?”

My father asked me in a stern-like matter. But before I could answer, my Dad and I both heard a chair being pushed back. Following the sounds, we saw that Kia had gotten on his knees! Surprised by his actions, I stood up as I watched how close he had his forehead against the floor! Why is suddenly doing this?!

“Rose had no idea I was coming here today...she also had no clue of the secrets that I ended up finding out when she left Korea. And it’s just like you said...your daughter, she is someone very close to me... someone, who I hold dear to my heart. And I came here today...to ask her...and her parents as well. If it’s okay if I can be part of her life...”

Kai tried his best to not speak up so loudly, but I could tell that he wanted to be as serious as he could when he spoke those words! Just what secrets is Kai talking about!? There’s no way that he found out why I actually left, did he?!

“Stand up.”

My father said as he stayed seated in his chair. So once we saw Kai sitting back in his seat, father looked in my direction and his expression frighten me a little once he spoke in a strict tension. My shoulders tensed up and my throat felt heavy as I knew that I had to tell the full truth to my father finally...

“Melissa, explain right now...how this man knows you. And I want the truth...do you understand.”


I responded as I sat back down in my chair.

It honestly took me a while to find the right words in where to begin, but Kai was truly my relief of air that I’ve been needing in my life. He help me when it came to explaining everything about what happened from the very first time we met in America, to how I ended needing to leave. Though I made sure to explain why I headed back to Korea to take care of Jin when he went into depression.

Telling that to my father was enough to move me to tears as I still relive the memories of how damaged Jin was in those days. But what really broke me was when I finally heard Kai’s side of the story of when Jin had told him the truth of what happened when I left Korea the second time. The tears that I shed couldn’t stop falling as I felt dad’s arm around my shoulder. It only wound me more after Kai decided to be completely vulnerable and honest with my Father. I didn’t think he would speak of his mother’s suicide or even his attempt of taking his own life as well. I know this isn’t easy for him to talk about...which is why it’s so painful to hear.

“I’m not a perfect man...in fact, I’m far from ever being perfect. And I tried...so many times to push your daughter away from me. Because I never wanted to see her like this... hurting, for someone like me. But... within the months of knowing her...I found myself wanting to get close to her... wanting her to tell me that... things will be okay. That I will be okay...that she wouldn’t judge me for my past. Or even use it against me...your daughter...her heart is forgiving, loving, caring, understanding....but most of all, her heart is beautiful...and that’s why I told myself. That to love her...I had to first love myself...and to accept my past. No matter how painful it will always be for me...I don’t want to rely on drugs to fix me...if anything. I felt it doing more damage to my body...Rose, was my strength. But when she left, I felt like my whole world shattered... because I realized that I still wasn’t strong. So I took this one year...to better myself, to be able to rely on my own strength so the people around me wouldn’t need to worry anymore...I’m sorry...that I fell in love with your daughter. Because I know...that it will never be an easy life for her because of who I am. But I promise you...down to the last breath of my existence. That I will always love Rose...to protect her from anyone who wishes to hurt her. To comfort her whenever she is in pain and to be her light when her heart is clouded with misfortune. If you let me.... please...I would like your daughters hand in marriage.”

After Kai finished speaking, time for me stood still and the beating of my heart was all I could feel as I looked at how serious my father and Kai were looking at each other. Almost every emotion I could think of was mixing in the pit of my stomach as I was unable to speak. So I decided to wait and see how my father would react, with everything we told him...I’m sure he needs a minute to take it all in.

“You know...at first, I was very angry... almost disappointed even. But after hearing it all...I understand. Melissa...I feel like I don’t tell you this enough, but...I’m very proud of you...and I appreciate all the hard work you’ve been doing in helping this family out. I love you and Samantha very much...”

My father suddenly spoke in English as he turned in my direction. His hand gently rubbing my tears away from my face. He gave me a forgiving smile before looking back at Kai...

“I never would have expected you to go through such a life... especially since you’re still so young. But don’t ever apologize for loving my daughter...yes, I’m a little upset that she kept so much from me when she was in Korea. But it’s understandable why. When I think about it now...I never would have thought that the present that I and my wife got for Melissa, would end up binding you two. Kai, before I give you my answer...I need to understand one thing. Your father...since your his only son that he has in the family. Will he approve of you marrying a half foreigner? Regardless that she looks Korean, that doesn’t change the fact she is an American from her mother’s side.”

What my father said confused me a bit as I looked over at Kai, though he didn’t look all that concerned as he smiled a bit.

“The relationship I have with my father is still complex, however, he’s okay with whoever I marry.”

Kai responded as he looked over at me...

“If that’s the case, then it’s up to Melissa at this point-”

“Huh?! Me? But I thought you-′

“After everything you and this young man have gone through, a bond that is shared this deeply with one another. It’s not something that could easily be broken, you have my blessing...and I’m sure your mother will too after I talk with her. But in the end, it’s all up to you in what you want.”

My father explained, though my eyes automatically turned towards Kai as I sniffled.

“I...want...to be with Kai...I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for you lying to you. I just wanted to protect you...please, Kai...forgive me...”

I cried out to him as I couldn’t stop myself from apologizing.

“It’s okay...there’s no need to be sorry. I am the one, that failed to protect you. I wanted to be able to be someone that you could always depend on. I’m just sorry that I made you wait this long...Rose, I love you...”

He spoke out his feelings to me as he stretched out his hand to tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. Instantly smiling, I welcomed the warmth of his hand as I answered back to his reply...

“I...love you too...I love you so much-”

“Samantha is finally sleeping, though I had to take away her phone since she’s been using it all day- oh! What’s going on here?”

The voice of my mother walking in on us made me and Kai pull away as I felt my cheeks going flush!

I was completely involved with sharing my emotions with Kai, that I forgot that Dad was still in the room also! Looking over at Kai’s face, I could see the redness in his ear turning pink. He’s clearly embrassesed as well, this is when I wish me and Kai were alone...

“Honey, come here. There’s somthing I need to tell you before I discuss what’s happening...”

With my Dad calling out to my mother to take a seat, she sat next to Kai as she listened to what was going on. Though my Dad was in shock at the fact that I had told my mother already of what I had gone through. Which made my Mom chuckle a bit at my father’s reaction, though she instantly apologized for keeping it a secret for this long, but, when my Father finally explained about Kai’s proposal. She immediately gave Kai a huge embrace!

“Oh my goodness! Are you serious?! Aww, why didn’t you both wait until I was here- I mean...yeah I wouldn’t have understood what you three would have said. But I still would have wanted to be a part of it! Mel, you did well in catching a very handsome man to be your husband.”

Mother said in a teasing matter as she continued hugging Kai.

My mom has always been more of the affectionate type, so Kai is going to have to get used to my mother’s hugs. Though once I saw that my mom had released him, we watched Kai stand up looking completely nervous. Though he looked directly at my mother before speaking...

“I will take...good care of her. Rose, she is... important to me.”

Kai spoke in the best English he can say before bowing.

“I know you will...Kai, I don’t speak Korean at all. But...thank you, thank you for living...and for wanting to be a part of my daughter’s life. I just wish, it didn’t have to be this complicated.”

My mother said as she then looked over at me, her eyes then fell on the handprints that Sam had left on my neck. With Kai following her words and gaze, he to look at the bruising that I had. I knew that I had to explain the dark truth to Kai of what’s been going on with my family, specifically my sister. So once I told the story of what happened, I could see the hurt and pain in his eyes...

“I’m sorry-”

“It’s not your fault, it’s mine. This...is the result of what happens when I kept lying to Sam...”

I quickly said to Kai in heavy sorrow...

“No, this isn’t anyone’s fault. Samantha...she just needs help....and she’ll get it. I just don’t know how long it will take for her to get better...which is why, for now, I don’t think it’s wise to have your sister see Kai in person. I worry that it will make things worse.”

Father said sounding stressed as he rubbed his temple.

“Yeah, your right. Hey, Dad...this might come out as random when I say this. But.. earlier, when you asked if Kai’s Father would be okay with him marrying a foreigner like me. What did you mean by that?”

I decided to ask him as I tried to not think of Sam. It’s like whenever I speak of my sister, I just get cold chills running up my spine...

“Oh...honey, I think it’s about time you told Melissa...you know, about your family. And how we met...”

My mother said to my dad. Though I watched my Father give out a worried sigh.

“Mel, the reason why I asked him...was because... usually, Firstborn sons are either arranged to be married for business purposes or even for family reputation. And they never marry out of their own race or tradition. It’s not like American, where we could marry whoever we please... Korea tends to have strict laws, rules...and its own way of doing things. It’s nothing to look down on since that’s the culture that they are brought up in. For example...your mother and I went through a lot to be together. I know that I told you, girls, that me and your mother met in college, and although that is true. I wasn’t allowed to marry her. Your grandfather, my father...”

My Dad looked troubled by his expression as he tried to find the right words to say. His long pause and uneasiness made him grab my mother’s hand for comfort.

“There’s a reason why you girls will never meet your grandparents on my side. And that reason being is that...when I decided to go against my parent’s wishes...they had this life planned out for me. They already had, a job career that I will take, what schools that I will go to, and what...woman that I should marry. That to me...wasn’t my life. It was their life....so when I told them that I planned on marrying your mother in American, they despise it...so much so that, they gave me two choices that day. And I still remember it so very clearly...that I could pick the first choice...that being able to...be with your mother. Marry her...start a future with her and live the life that I want...but the result of doing that would mean that my parent would cut off all income from me finishing school...and I would no longer be part of their family. To be disowned and to never speak to them again. Or...the second option... living the life they planned out for me. Being controlled in what I must always do in my life. I didn’t even think about what I wanted, because I was already on a plane with only 40$ in American money in my pocket. And I took your mother to the courthouse and married her in that same day I landed. I never looked back....never regret for one second in my life the path that I chose. Because if I do...then that means I regret the love I have for you mother...and the regret of having you and Sam being brought into my life. Melissa, there’s a reason why I’ve always been so strict on you and your sister. And that’s because...I want you two to be strong...and do not regret what will make you happy. Life... should not be played with, it’s should be protected. You...you’ve grown to be an amazing woman...but no matter what...you will always be my daughter who I will always be overprotective of-”

“Why didn’t you and mom tell me this sooner! I would have never thought that your parents could be that cruel...how can parents... simply abandoned their own child like that. Dad...how were you so strong in leaving? I don’t think I would have ever been able to do what you did...I would have been so lost and alone...”

I began to cry out to my Father as I finally embraced him. Feeling the comfort of my mother’s arms hugging us both, I held on to both of them. My parents, I guess they’ve gone through a difficult life just to be together. I hope my mother doesn’t blame herself for thinking that she caused the breakup of my father’s side of the family...

“I never said I was strong...but when you find that one person that you can rely on. Life no longer feels as heavy on your heart when you have someone by your side to help you hold it. To share the pain, the smiles...and the trust. Which is why, I understand... you’ve chosen who you want to be by your side. And I will give you my blessing...all I want is for you girls gone happy.”

Once my father had finished talking, we were all suddenly bombarded by a sudden banging coming from the front door!

“Kai! Open the door! It’s urgent!”

Hearing the voice of Jung shouting out in a panic. I watched Kai hurried in opening the front door!

“What the hell is wrong with you?! Can’t you see that my wife is having a moment with her family-”

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t know...I mean, I can’t really see since I’m outside-”

“Just tell me what’s so urgent!?”

Kai rushed Jung to speak, but he didn’t say a word as all he did was show us the news that was broadcasting on his phone.

Releasing my parents, we all stood in silence as we all listened to what was going on. With my mother suddenly holding my hand, I didn’t feel as afraid as I did a few seconds ago. But the anxiety and fear still linger within me as I saw the clear image of the photo of me and Kai kissing by the beach, there were many photos of us embracing each other. It breaks my heart, that those memories that I made with Kai, that are supposed to be precious to us. Are being displayed to hurt Kai’s reputation... sicking.

“Call manager Sang right now and tell him who sold those photos! I want to know who that asshole is! Also, call in a private jet. We need to leave now. Rose, grab only what you need and make sure you have your passport with you-”

“Wait!? What are you talking about? I can’t just leave! I...need to be here with my family still-”

“Rose, I understand... believe me...I do. I wish I can give you the time you need to be with your family. But it’s too dangerous to do that... everyone...has seen your face. They know who you are now...and it will only take a few hours for people to find who you are and where you live. The last thing I want is another repeat of the past. Please, let me protect you...and your family. I’ll have Jung stay close by for the next few weeks to keep an eye on your parents and sister-”

“I don’t know...this is all happening too fast and-”

“Mel, it’s okay. Will be fine, right now...you need to take care of yourself. And I think that the safest thing to do is be with Kai. After hearing what he told me about some of his fans...you should go. Just, call us and make sure you’re doing okay.”

My father suddenly intervened as he patted my back...

“Dad...are you sure? What about Sam? I can’t just leave her like this-”

“Sweetie, I’m happy that you care for your sister so much. After what she did, I worried that you would hate her...but, Samantha...she is for your father and me to handle. Not yours....right now, you have things that you need to take care of. I love you.... promise me, that you will be okay.”

My mother suddenly said as she handed me my bag...

Hearing what she had to say did sadden me a little, but she was right. I love my sister, dearly. But right now...I’m not capable of speaking to her or even seeing her. I need...to let her go. And I know that my parents will do their best in taking care of her...Sam, please get better soon. And I’m sorry, that I’ve lied so much to you. I hope that one day...you could be happy for me...but until then...

“Okay, I promise...I’ll be fine. I love you both... I’ll talk to you guys soon.”

I responded in a saddened voice, giving both my parents one last hug...

Jung led us to a cab that he had called earlier, with Kai placing his face mask on. He turned himself around before giving my parents one last bow. After we were both in the taxi, I watched Kai pull out his phone as he began to make calls! At first, I would hear him talking to Sang, but then would get off the phone and call his Father as well! I didn’t want to eavesdrop on the conversation, but I guess news of us is spreading like wildfire right now. Feeling my hands beginning to shake, I instantly felt relief the moment I felt Kai’s strong hand holding mine.

And although he wasn’t looking at me, I could tell just by his actions that he’s trying to be strong for us both. I’ve never gone through something like this, so I’m not sure how chaotic things will be from here on out. But as long as I could keep holding this hand of his...I know I’ll be okay. The ride didn’t last very long since we were brought to what looked like a private airport. Hearing Kai getting off the phone with Zack, I kinda wish I could’ve spoken to him. But since I’m heading back to Korea, it could be something I could look forward to in meeting him- oh! That reminds me!

“Kai! is Jin-”

“He left hours ago...I’m not sure when will be able to hear from him. I’m sorry, I know you wanted to see him... anyways, come on. We need to get going, the news is already out that I’m in America so we need to leave...”

Kai quickly explained to me as he grabbed me by the hand. Feeling a bit distraught by the news, I only held on to Kai’s hand more as we both rushed our footing as we sprinted for the private plane waiting for us!

But before we could even enter the flight, Kai had us suddenly stop on the staircases. Feeling his hand gripping me more tightly, he turned himself around to face me...

“Kai? What’s wrong-”

My lips were immediately sealed by his soft lips that I’ve longed to feel. Releasing my hand, he placed it behind my back as he closed any gap that was between us. Placing both my hands against his chest, I felt the corner of my eyes beginning to water! Has it really been a year since I last felt these lips of his? Kai...

“Sorry...I just...I had to...I’ve missed this feeling. Rose, I have one last thing to tell you before we leave...”

Kai whispered dangerously close to my ear, the graze of his lips lightly touching my earlobe sent goosebumps throughout my body.

“What...is it?”

I responded feeling breathless as Kai’s face inched closer for what looked like another kiss. Though the feeling of one of my necklaces being tugged caught my attention as I looked down to see that Kai had hooked his index finger around the heart locket that I was wearing. Raising my head, I focused on his beautiful green eyes and the seriousness of his demanding voice once he spoke to me...

“Give me back my heart...”

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