Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Seventy-Seven

MelRose POV:

*3 months later*

“Kai? Where are you taking me?”

I asked while holding Kai’s hand. Being blinded folded really set my nerves up high as I felt how cold the air was around me. Just where did Kai wanna bring me to this late at night? This man is always full of surprises, I can never guess what he’s up to.

“I’ve been telling you that it’s a surprise, oh! Okay, we’re here!”

Kai voiced out in excitement once we came to a halt! He then took off my blindfold and I immediately rubbed my eyes to adjust to the bright lights that I was seeing in front of me. Once I was able to focus on my surroundings, my eyes widen in shock as I couldn’t help but smile in amazement!

“How...when did you have time to do all of this!?” I asked as I turned towards him, he smiled as he grabbed hold of my hand.

“I had it reserved before it was opened to the public. And since...I never had the chance to take you out on a proper date. I thought that renting out the amusement park would be fun for both of us. Come on, let’s go!”

He shyly said as he avoided making eye contact with me.

Watching him lead the way, I was able to see the redness of his ears going flushed. And since he cut his hair shorter, his facial reaction was a lot more visible for me to read since his long hair was no longer covering his face like before. He’s too adorable...

“What did you wanna do first- hey! What are you doing-”

Ignoring his words, I tugged on his arm lightly to have him face me. And once he did, I instantly planted a kiss on his cheek. However, I had to get on my tiptoes to reach him more easily. His face only went redder since he wasn’t expecting me to do something like this in public. And although there were only bodyguards and the staff working the rides, I find it cute that Kai gets so flustered...

“Thank you...I...with everything that’s been going on. I’ve completely forgotten about us never going on a date. But I think renting out a whole theme park is a bit much...but then again. It’s not like we could go on a regular date considering who you are...which by the way, why are you acting so shy? Is a little kiss on the cheek enough for you to get this embarrassed? That’s kinda hard to believe considering how much of a pervert you are behind closed doors-”

“Oh, then did you want me to pull your pants down when we get on the ferries wheel later? I think I’ll be more fun for you to ride on than any of these other rides. Then will see who’s more flustered by the end of the night...”

He whispered close to me as he wrapped his arm around my waist! Pulling me towards his body, I gasped at his suggestion as I felt my heart skip a beat!

Unable to say anything, he placed a kiss on my lips as he snuggled himself close to me. He felt warm and the taste of his tongue mixed so well with mine that I knew that I could never take control over him. From the very beginning, I think it was always Kai who had full dominance over me. Letting him consume me, I gripped onto his jacket as I basked in the love we had for each other...

Within that night, we both enjoyed playing the many booths and games that were set up for us. I even indulged in eating the many sweets that I got as we later began to ride the many rides that seemed fun for us! This felt so surreal to me, I never would have imagined myself getting married at this time of my life. Let alone to a celebrity, though it feels weird whenever I say that...

Since Kai, Jin and Zack were never celebrities in my eyes...but more like family. I’m grateful that Zack still makes the time to come visit us when he can, considering his busy work schedule. Though I still find any excuse to tease him whenever I can, I’m also relieved that I can still talk with Jin. Being able to write to him has truly eased my anxiety. But I’m glad to hear that he’s taking care of his health... though I do miss him dearly.

“Rose? Are you okay?” Kai suddenly asked me, noticing that I was deep in thought.

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine-”


Within that second the ride we were on came to a stop. I unbuckled myself and quickly got off the ride! With Kai shouting out my name in worry, he ran after me until as I went to the nearest trash bin that I can find! I instantly vomit and felt absolutely horrible, the lightheadedness quickly came over me as I dropped to my knees once I was done. I don’t know what’s going on? I felt just fine a moment ago-

“Kai! Something’s wrong! It...It hurts...” I suddenly cried out in horrific pain!

“What’s wrong!? Where does it hurt!? Hey! I want you two to call for help! Hurry! Rose...look at me, you’re gonna be okay. Rose? Rose!”

With Kai holding on to my body, I could hear him shouting at his guards to get help. Finding it difficult to breathe, I held on to my stomach as I felt like passing out. It was only when Kai kept crying out my name in a panic that I finally zoned out as the pain was too much for me to bear. What’s happening to me? Why does it feel so dark and cold? Kai...I’m scared...

Feeling a chill running down my spine, I slowly began to reopen my eyes. Though I was surprised to see that I was in a completely different place! Looking around I saw that I had an IV attached to my arm! Am I at the hospital!? Why!? What the hell happened to me?! Feeling frighten, I felt the gripping of someone’s hand holding mine! Looking over, I saw that it was Kai who had his fingers laced with mine. It was only then that I no longer felt as scared, but how did I end up here-

“Oh, you’re finally awake. That’s good to see, you’ve been unconscious for a few hours. Though when we told your husband that you just needed rest he refused to leave your side.”

Said a nurse who walked into our room, seeing that I was awake. She walked over to the machine to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Though her loud presence seemed to have awakened Kai. Seeing that I was conscious, he desperately wrapped his arms around me! The pressure in his body was almost suffocating as I could feel his whole body trembling as he held me...

Though I can’t blame him for reacting this way, I probably scared him half to death after collapsing like that. So I gently embraced him as I ran my hand through his soft hair while placing a light kiss on his forehead. Though that didn’t seem to ease the shakiness in his heart as I could see the corner of his eyes growing watery.

“Kai...I’m okay-”

“I thought I was gonna lose you...don’t ever do that again to me... please, I thought that my heart was going to stop...Rose...”

Kai spoke out in fear as the sorrow in his voice made me only embrace him more.

“I’m sorry...I promise...that I won’t ever leave you. But...I don’t know why I suddenly felt so much pain-”

“That can easily be explained, hello. I’m your doctor, Mr. Joong we spoke earlier with you about your wife’s blood and running some tests, well I thought perhaps that she was anemic. But the case is a bit more serious than that...”

Hearing the voice of a man coming into our room, he began to explain that after I came into the emergency he suggested that they should run some tests. Watching the nurse next to me pull out the files from the drawer, she approached the doctor as she handed him the papers. With Kai still embracing me, he fixed his posture to face the doctor more clearly. But I don’t think Kai and I were prepared to hear what he had to tell us! The gripping of Kai’s finger’s twitched as he faced me! Still, in disbelief, I grabbed onto my stomach as I stared off into space...

“Were you really unaware that you were 12 weeks pregnant?”

My doctor asked me as he continued to look through my file.

“I...was still getting my periods...so, I didn’t think...”

Unable to make out any words, I felt Kai gently pulling me onto his chest.

“I see, well it’s still possible to get periods when pregnant. Though the bleeding should stop soon, however, you must be careful. You’re still in your 1st trimester, and you could still miscarry. This is what almost happened, after hearing your husband explain you both were at the theme park. You mustn’t ride any machines or do any heavy lifting, your blood pressure was also quite high when you got here so don’t stress yourself too much. Other than that, everything seems fine now. After the IV is done, you can be discharged.”

Once my doctor finished explaining, he took his leave as the nurse followed him out the door.


“I’m sorry...”

I quietly cried out to him as I latched onto him for dear life.

“What do you have to be sorry for-”

“I...almost killed our baby-”

“No, don’t say stupid stuff like that. We had no idea you were pregnant... though I did notice your boobs were getting bigger- ouch! What’s with the sudden hitting? Are your hormones already acting up-”

“How can you make jokes right now!? This is serious-”

My angered cries were then silenced by the force his lips comforting me. With his hands being placed on each side of my face, he waited until the beating of my heart calmed and the breathing of my airwaves was back to normal. He then pulled away from me only to then rest his forehead against mine...

“I am being serious...Rose, I love you...and to have you be the mother of my child...is making me fall in love with you more. I gave you my word, that I will protect you...to always be by your side. And that will never change...you have no idea, how incredibly happy I am right now. For so long...I thought that music was all I had...but after meeting you. I’ve longed for happiness I never thought I could have...and that was a family...a family that I could love. Rose, thank you....thank you for choosing to be with someone like me...”

He spoke out so softly to me as I to began to sob in pure happiness.

“Idiot...you always know how to make me cry...you idiot...”

I cried out to him as I snuggled into his embrace as he held me so lovingly.

Not too long after staying in the hospital for an extra hour, I was finally discharged. I no longer felt as lightheaded as before, though I couldn’t help but notice how overprotective Kai was now being. He didn’t even let the nurses push my wheelchair as they escorted us out. It was when I finally entered the vehicle of his car that I felt a bit more relaxed. But watching Kai be so paranoid as he drove made me giggle. Once we arrived back at his father’s house, Kai helped me up the steps until we reached the front doors.

“I just realized that I kinda ruined our first date...”

I said in chuckling laughter, I was looking forward to spending all night with Kai and having fun. But I guess things never go as planned...

“Are you really thinking about that right now? It’s fine, there are many more dates for us to do in the future. There will just be an extra addition in our dates.”

Kai explained as we both entered the house, I then watched him pull out his phone and began to make some calls.

Which reminds me! I should call my parents- wait. I should probably tell them the news in person. Though I’m very nervous just thinking about, oh! I also have to tell my ex-boss, Ray! I really wish I didn’t have to quit so suddenly. But I’m glad he was able to understand, though I still can’t get over his reaction when he saw me on the news. Oh yeah! I did promise to bring him back a signed album from Kai when I visited America. It’s so bizarre, but it’s only been a few months since I left America. And so much has happened...I got married, I’m pregnant and very soon Kai and I will be parents soon...

“Okay, I know it’s not ready yet. But I’ll be dropping by... alright, I’ll contact you later.”

Hearing Kai get off the phone, he made his way towards me as had me take a seat.

“You probably shouldn’t do too much from now on. Don’t worry about the cleaning- which I don’t know why you do it. We have housekeepers that do that and stop offering to help the chef when he cooks. That’s his job and I think your only offending him when you try to cook something- ouch! Why do you keep hitting me!? I’m only speaking facts-”

“It’s because you lack common sense! I didn’t grow up with housekeepers our fancy chefs to cook all my meals! I had to do all of that on my own growing up, so it’s not like I can easily switch to this new lifestyle. But...you’re right, I shouldn’t strain my body so much. It’s weird, but with how far I’m into this pregnancy. I’m amazed at how little I’m showing-”

“Well, I’ve never really paid any attention to your weight-”

“Yet you pay attention to the size of my breasts?” I responded in an annoying pout.

“Of course, it’s one of my favorite parts of your body. Though I’m curious how big they’ll get-”

“Can you go a day without being a pervert! You can’t say those things when we have our baby-”

“Oh! That’s right...we only have a few months left together to be alone! We need to make the most of it while we still can, come on! Let’s go...”

Kai suddenly said as he grabbed my hand! Confused by his words and actions, I didn’t question what he was doing until he led us to the bedroom! Watching him slowly strip his shirt off! I automatically looked away feeling flustered by his actions!

“What are you doing!? I...I’m not having sex with you right now! Did you forget that I just came out of the hospital-”

“Of course I remember, how can I forget? You practically gave me a heart attack. But I’m also following the doctor’s orders...”

He said next as I heard his heavy footsteps coming towards me.

“Orders? What orders!? Hey! Where do you think you’re grabbing me!?”

I yelp in a surprised moan as I felt his hand grabbing my ass!

“He said to not stress...so I’ma help you out with that. All you have to do is relax...and let me hold you like I always do...”

He whispered in that mischievous smirk of his he carefully pushed me against the bed!

I remember when I would count the number of times Kai would kiss me back then...but now, I’ve lost count of how many times he’s made love to me. My body will only beat for him and my heart always feels like it’s gonna explode whenever our bodies are this close to each other. However...

“Won’t we hurt the baby?”

I asked him in a heated moan as he hovered his half-naked body over me.

Feeling his warm hand gently graze against the flesh of my tummy, I moved my hands around his neck as he stared so sincerely at me. I then watched as he slowly brought his face close to my lower abdomen and placed a light kiss before speaking so sweetly to me and our child...

“Of course it won’t hurt the baby, I promise to be very gentle with mommy...”

He said before making his way back towards me...

Feeling his hands unbuttoning my shirt, I let myself drown in the addiction that I’ve come to crave. His kiss, his touch, his love...I want it all. I thought that being with Kai was more than enough for me...but I’ve grown selfish with greed in wanting more. Being married to the man I love has been the most happiness I have ever been. But having a baby with the person you care for with all your heart...is the biggest blessings I could ever ask for. Kai, I want to make more precious memories with you.

“More...I want more....”

I cried out to him breathlessly as the feeling of his hot tongue began making my skin burn in heat.

“I think I’ve spoiled you too much...Rose...I’ll give you as much as you want...as long as I am the only one on your heart...”

Kai responded in a strict voice as he continued to strip the layers of clothing I had on. Feeling my eyes beginning to water in excitement, I allowed Kai to take my body as he pleases. Though I never felt Kai be so careful with me, he held me as if I was so fragile yet the aggressive kisses he would give me showed how much more he wanted from me...


That next morning, Kai asked me to come with him to a special place. He didn’t say anything else other than to just dress comfortably. But on the car ride there, I decided to tell him that we should break the news of my pregnancy to our families in person. Though Kai seemed very hesitant at first to what I wanted, though he understood that it’s what’s best. I honestly couldn’t wait to tell parent, we also need to let Zack and Jin know soon as well before I start showing more.

It’s not like I could keep my pregnancy a secret, especially when there are still reporters taking pictures of Kai and me wherever we go. Though ever since the lawsuit that Kai placed on that reporter went through, the media hasn’t really posted anything mean or disrespectful about us. Though I wish I could say the same thing for the media online... everyone on there is still ruthless as ever. But I shouldn’t expect Kai’s fans to move on from what happened...but I’ve done the right thing in not reading the negative comments in what people have to say about me. What good will come from seeing people hate me? Nothing, nothing at all. I know I’m not a terrible person, I know what I’m worth...I’m happy and so is Kai, so I won’t let what strangers say about me on the internet, break me down. I have to be strong, not just for my sake. But for my husband and my baby’s sake...

“We can go see your parents next week, I’ll... tell my father later today about the news. But I want to keep this pregnancy away from the public eye as long as we can...I just don’t want anything bad happening to you or the baby.”

I heard Kai explain as I felt the car coming to a stop. Looking around, I saw that we were next to a lake bed! The water looked so clear as the sun made the small waves almost sparkle. But that wasn’t what got my full attention, it was the enormous house that was still under construction.

“Kai...where are we?”

I asked him as I began to unbuckle my seat belt.

“It’s...our home.”

He responded nervously as he stepped out of the car...


I said to myself in total shock as I heard Kai opened my side of the door. Reaching out his hand towards me, I slowly took it as I kept looking at the house in front of me!

“I...wanted to surprise you until it was done. But after finding out about your pregnancy, I thought that it would be best If I just show it to you now. So I called the constructor last night to see if it would be safe to drop by. You’ve been asking lately why I’ve been coming home later than usual...well it’s because I would go over the blueprints in how I would want this house done for you...I’m just sorry it’s taking so long-”

“Are you serious...are you really apologizing for a house not being ready? You...really are a dummy...I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you. Kai...thank you...it’s beautiful.″

I began to cry as I wrapped my arms around him. I was wondering who Kai was speaking with last night on the phone. And now I understand...

“I think you’re the only woman who’s ever insulted me while loving me at the same time. Rose...the one who should be thanked is you...you deserve so much more. Because you’ve made me look forward to wanting to live a happy future...a future with you. And this is where I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. A peaceful, quiet, beautiful place...where we could raise our children together in the years to come.”

His words plunged deep into my heart as I only sobbed more...

“I love it...this place...it’s perfect...”

I sniffled as I couldn’t contain my tears of joy!

Kai soon began to explain the layout of the house, it’s hard to imagine leaving in such a huge house of my own. Since I’ve only ever lived in a small house my whole life, it’s going to get some time in getting used to having so much space. Living in Kai’s Father’s house was nice but I knew that Kai didn’t feel comfortable living there. So I’m glad we both have a place that we could call home...

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