Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Seventy-Eight

MelRose POV:

Within the days that followed, I prepared everything ready for Kai and me to leave. With our suitcases packed, Kai booked us a nice place for us to stay for the next few days while visiting my parent’s house.

Though before we leave, Kai’s Father wanted to speak with us before we took off. After Kai told him about the pregnancy a few days ago, I was relieved to see the pure happiness in his reaction. Of course, Kai and his Father still have a long way to go to kindle their relationship. But I hope that after I have this baby, it will give them a reason to interact with each other more. So for now...I’ll settle for them at least speaking to one another.

“I want you both to be safe, Kai...I know you don’t need me to say this to you. But, take care of Melrose and be respectful when meeting her parents-”

“I know, you don’t need to tell me- ow! Okay, I’ll listen...”

Kai immediately grunted in pain as I pinched him in the arm. Honestly, he needs to start being a little more respectful to his Dad...

“Melrose, I’m relying on you to not let my son do anything foolish in America. And say hello to your parents for me, please be safe...and I will see you two soon.”

He said in a tiresome smile before ruffling the hair on Kai’s head.

“Of course, will be back soon. Try and rest for today since it’s your day off.”

I said to him as Kai and I both waved him goodbye...

As our security guard began to drive us to the airport, I called my parents to let them know that we were heading to America. The excitement in their voices could be heard as I smiled, though my mind flashed back to Sam. It’s been months since I have last spoken to her, though there have been times where she would want to talk on the phone with me. But I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been purposely avoiding her, the scare of that night still lingers inside me. I really don’t understand myself at times, there are days where I wish to hug my sister and tell her that I’m sorry for lying. But at the same time, should I be apologizing for loving Kai?

“What did your parents say?” Kai questioned me once I got off the phone.

“Well my father offered to pick us up at the airport, but I told him to just wait at home until we got there ourselves,” I explained to him as I rested my head against his shoulder.

Gently rubbing my belly, I smiled once I felt Kai’s big hand on top of mine.

“You know, we haven’t really talked about names yet. Are you hoping for a boy or girl?”

He asked as I began to think...

“Hmm, I’m not really sure. I just want a healthy baby...we can figure names once we find out the gender later.”

I said to him with a lightful grin in my voice as I looked up towards him. Watching him nod, he placed a light peck on my forehead. Though it wasn’t until we reached closer to the airport that Kai’s arms tightened around me more securely. Since will both be out in public, I could only imagine how chaotic it will be once we enter the terminals...

“Okay, I texted Jung to have us wait at the airport in America when we land. For now, will have 5 bodyguards escort us inside safely. So stay close to me no matter what, and don’t ever let go of my hand.”

Kai said in a strict demanding voice as the car came to a stop. Gripping his hand, I reassured him that I will stay by his side.

So once our bodyguard opened the back door for us, Kai immediately pulled me close to him as I felt the nervousness in his hands shaking. It didn’t take long for the people around us to notice Kai that they immediately began to swarm around us! The crowd grew big and the amount of attention that Kai brings still blows my mind. Even though he’s retired, I knew that his fans still cared and adored him. But I also knew that some of his fans have grown upset with his actions...

“Kai! Oppa! I love you!”

“Kai! Where are you going!?”

“Please don’t retire! I miss you! I want ExEx Idol to come back! Please don’t abandon us!”

“Why do you still want to be with that girl!? She’s only using you!”

"Oppa! I will always love you!

“Don’t do this to us! One person isn’t worth giving up on your dream! Please keep singing!”

Hearing what everyone had to say, I tried to not let it get to me as I watched our bodyguards try their best to give us a pathway! Holding on to Kai’s arm as strongly as I could, I felt very uneasy and just overall uncomfortable with the number of people shouting at us. The voices of their negativity were starting to make me feel guilty, though it wasn’t until we finally reached the security checkpoint that I heard a young boy calling out my name!

So I immediately stopped walking and tried to pinpoint where the voice was coming from! It was only when Kai stopped as well to follow the sounds that we both looked at the little boy who seemed to be 8 years old standing next to a woman who I could only assume to be her mother. Hearing his sweet innocent words made me tear up as I latched on to my stomach...

“Nuna, Melly! Be nice to Kai! I’ll let you be good friends with him only because you’re pretty!”

Watching his pout, his cheeks grew pink as I couldn’t resist smiling at him. All this time... I’ve heard and read nothing but horrible things people had to say about me. But just hearing this little boy’s voice call out to me...made the unwanted feeling of my heart disappear. Watching the crowd around us go quiet, I could see that everyone was recording and taking pictures of us. But I didn’t care, lacing my fingers with Kai’s. I proudly smiled at her before saying my last words as I entered the terminal.

“Thank you...I promise I’ll take good care of him.”

It wasn’t until we boarded the plane that I realized how tired I’ve gotten. As we sat in first class, I rested my head back while closing my eyes. It’s going to be a long flight so I might as well and try to get comfortable. I just hope I don’t get motion sickness...

“Well it looks like you have a young fan, ‘melly’, what a cute nickname for you-”

“I wouldn’t consider him my fan, didn’t you hear what he said? I’m pretty sure he was one of your fans... though he was one of the nice ones.”

I said as I re-opened my eyes to look at him.

“The nice ones? Yeah...I guess your right. I’m sorry...for what some of those fans were saying out there-”

“It’s not your fault, it’s only natural for them to blame me for your retirement. They all love you very much so of course, they would be upset seeing you with a girl-”

“Your not some girl, you’re my wife. And I will always love and adore my fans...but obviously the love I have for them...is completely different from the love I have for you. But seeing how strong you were latching onto me whenever a girl said they loved me, was that you’re way of being jealous-”

“What?! Of course not! Don’t be full of yourself! Why would I get jealous of your fans? I don’t care how many times they say they love you...it won’t ever be compared to the love I have for you. After all...I will always be your number one fan. The time when you and I were apart for that whole year, I’m not gonna lie...I became depressed for a while. It even made me sick at one point...so I would try and do things that would distract me. Anything that would keep my emotions from breaking me down...I wanted...to hear your voice so badly. But whenever I would hear you sing on the radio, it made my heart hurt. Because I missed hearing the beautiful melodies that I would hear you practice, I missed your touch that could hold me so sweetly, the color of your green eyes that would send butterflies down my stomach. But most of all...I missed your kisses-”

As I tried to express my feelings, Kai no longer had the patience to wait for me to explain as he quickly placed a kiss over me. With the feeling of his palm resting on my cheek, I leaned into him more as I returned his kiss more affectionately. I’m relieved that we have a private room to ourselves because kissing on a plane seems too daring and I know that my face is glowing bright red with how hot I was becoming!

“You will no longer have to ever feel that way again because I will always be here to make sure your heart is forever smiling. Also, I don’t want you to feel guilty for coming into my life. From what people have to say in the media, I know why I wanted to end ExEx Idol. And I’ve told you before...all I want is to focus on is building a life with you. But I feel like I’ve been neglecting it, I’ve been avoiding asking you about your sister’s well being because I didn’t want to make you feel any more stress than you already are...and if I’m being honest, I’m still not fully comfortable with you being around your sister. I’m sorry Rose, but if she ever tries to do something like that again. I won’t ever want to have anything to do with her... regardless if she’s mentally ill, it’s just too dangerous to bring our future child around her.”

He explained in a serious tone as he finally pulled away from our kiss.

Watching him sigh in worry, I knew that it wasn’t easy for him to say. But I’m glad he’s been sincere with me, though it does break my heart a little that he can never fully forgive my sister for what she did. But at the same time, I need to put myself in his position. Would I be able to forgive someone who tried to kill him? I’m not sure if I would...

“I understand...Kai, before you came back into my life. The distance between my sister and I became complicated, it was to the point where we would hardly speak to one another. It’s as if we became strangers... it wound me. Because there was a time where we were so close to each other...I...love my sister. No matter what... I’m always going to love her. But I know if she doesn’t get well...I’m aware that I can’t bring our baby around her. And it hurts... because I really want her to be happy for me...I just want to see her smile and not have her make my parents worry anymore. Because I know they’ve been more stressed because of it and I haven’t made it any easier on them since the public found out about where I lived when I was staying with them. So I’m very grateful that Jung has been watching over family, but I think they’ll be more at ease when we visit them. But I’m nervous about telling my parent about the news and...I know I’m going to have to talk with my sister...”

I explained to him while resting my eyes.

“Rose, everything is going to be okay...I promise. So don’t overthink too much, let’s both hope that your sister will get better...and I think we both need to talk with your sister together. She’s my sister-in-law after all...so for now, let’s both take a rest until we meet your family.”

He said in a reassuring smile as I felt him resting his head on top of mine.

Giving out a nod, I snuggled myself closer to him as I fell into a deep sleep. I’ll believe that things will be okay, that my sister will get better. And that she and my family will be happy for us, I want them to come to our wedding in the future. To have all the people I care about be by my side, I want to hold my child soon. To have my parents by my side...to see Zack’s warm smile and...to finally hug Jin when I see him. I... really wish I could talk to him more...there’s so much I want to tell him. Because after finding out about my pregnancy... I’ve now understood the love that I’ve always had for Jin. A love so beautiful that you wish to protect it. But most of all, I wish for the love that Kai and I share to become more strong and full of happy memories from now on...


“Alright, Rose. Are you ready? The plane is about to land, make sure you don’t leave your coat behind.”

Kai said to me as I looked outside our window. The sun was just about to rise and the orange sky never looked so beautiful before...

“Finally I could walk around! My butt was beginning to hurt, sitting on a chair for hours can be so tiring.”

I said as the plane finally came to a stop. Pulling out my phone, I began to text my parents that we had landed safely.

“I know what you mean, though it’s mainly my back that’s aching. Come on, let’s get going. Jung should be waiting for us right outside the terminal along with the rest of my guards. So stay-”

“I know, stay close to you. Honestly, you sound like a broken record. I swear I need a long bath after this-”

“Oh, may I join you-”

“No! You can’t, you’ll only end up wanting to do perverted things! Me and the baby just want to relax in peace without you butting in.”

I eagerly said to him in a shy pout, feeling my face grow warm. I grabbed his arm and began leading us out of the plane.

“I was only asking, no need to get so flustered...and who said I would do perverted things? What a dirty mind you have, are you sure you’re not the one with the perverted thoughts- oh! Is that your phone going off? Hey! There’s Jung! Let’s hurry, there are already people starting to notice us...”

Kai quickly explained as he soon took the lead. With my expression still feeling flushed I looked down at my phone as I went to answer it.

“Hello? Mom?” I voiced out at her.

“Melissa! Your sister-”

“Oh my god?! Is that Kai!?”

“No way! He’s actually here!?”

“I saw earlier in a video that he was at the airport with that girl! I didn’t think he would come here to America!”

“Kai! I love you!”

It was becoming difficult to hear my mother’s voice with the number of screaming fans that were going on around us. I don’t think I could ever get used to having this many people surrounding me. Though Kai and I hurried to cross the security line to reach Jung who was waving down at us. However, I grew uneasy from the number of people crowding behind him! Will a few guards really be enough to get us past this many people?

“Mom!? I’m sorry, I can’t really hear you. It’s really noisy at the airport right now-”

It wasn’t until I heard my mother yelling in a panic that I had stopped walking! With Jung and the rest of the security being only a few feet away from us, I had let go of Kai and brought both of my shaking hands to hold my phone more tightly! With Kai questioning what I was doing, I felt my chest grow heavy as anxiety took over me...

“It’s Sam! She’s been gone all night and I’ve been trying to call her! But she’s not answering her phone! Your father is out looking for her right now, I tried to call you earlier but you were already on the plane when she had disappeared! I have no idea where she could be?! After I told her yesterday that you would be coming she didn’t say a word! I was hoping that she would get excited to finally see you...”

With my mother’s words drifting off, the world around me stopped moving as everything became unstable for me once my eyes caught the attention of someone standing out from the crowd...

It was only when I felt paranoia consume me that everything just went silent, not even Kai’s voice could be heard as my eyes focused solely on the person walking slowly towards me from the far-off distance. It felt so unreal, but the sight of her walking closer to me was almost terrifying. The bags underneath her eyes were red, her skin looks completely pale...but it was the emptiness in those eyes of her’s that made me feel so hollow from the inside. I didn’t want to believe that the person I’m seeing was my sister...no. It couldn’t be her...why!? What is she doing here?


Calling out her name, I took one step forward. But it wasn’t until I saw what she was holding in her hand that made my heart stop beating! I didn’t even have time to react once I saw her sprinting towards me! Everything happened so quickly, that all I could hear were people screaming in a panic! And before I knew it, I felt my body being pushed back as I hit the hard floor! Despite how painful it was, I hurried in getting back up! Did Kai push me? As I tried getting back up, the image that burned deeply into my soul made my heart shatter into a million pieces!


Crying out his name, I watched the trace of blood running down Sam’s hand where she had punctured Kai in the stomach with a knife! Looking at how petrified my sister was once she realized who she had stabbed, I knew that she never meant to hurt him! Because I knew it was me who she was after. Kai, you pushed me out of the way to protect me...didn’t you!?

“I... I’m sorry...I didn’t mean...I didn’t want this...I...I...just wanted you to love me-”

Before my sister could even finish what she had to say, she was immediately tackled to the ground by security as the cries of her broken voice filled my ears as I rushed to Kai’s side! With the knife still embedded in his lower abdomen, I saw the amount of blood that he was losing! Panicked, I desperately wrapped my arms around him as I held him close to me! Jung quickly came running towards us as he was already on the phone calling for help! But all I could do was feel myself drowning in despair! I didn’t want to believe that this was happening! It can’t be! Please! Let this all just be a nightmare!

“Kai! Please! Don’t do this! Look at me! Why!? Why did you have to do something so stupid! Open your eyes! You can’t leave me! Not when you haven’t held our baby! Please! Don’t die! I love you! Please...keep breathing for us...Kai...”

But no matter how much I begged and cried, Kai’s eyes didn’t open. And his body that was once always so warm to me, has never felt so cold until now...

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