Our Secret Melody

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Lyric: Eighty

MelRose POV:

“Mommy... juice.”

“Oh! Zack, can you hand me Hana’s bag.”

I asked Zack who was sitting down with my daughter on his lap. Watching him grab the bag beside him, he pulled out my daughter’s juice cup as he handed it to her. She then comfortably snuggled herself into Zack’s chest as she closed her eyes. Smiling, I found the image of Zack holding my child completely adorable...

“I guess she’s really sleepy, though it shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve been waiting at the airport for over an hour already, speaking of waiting... what’s taking Kai so long?”

Zack asked as he rocked his body back and forth to help Hana fall asleep faster.

“I’m not sure, Jung went with him after Kai decided to get some coffee. Maybe he’s just making sure he doesn’t get noticed, though he should have just sent Jung to get the coffee instead.”

I explained while taking a seat next to Zack. With the private room being very spacious and comfortable for us to use, I felt safe bringing my daughter with us today. Since this is a very important day for me, I want Jin to meet someone very meaningful to me and Kai ...

“You know you’re lucky, usually kids are snobby little brats. But Hana is surprisingly well behaved, she hardly cries. I hope my future kids are just like her... though with how horrible I was as a child. I feel like it will just be karma for my past behavior! You know what... nevermind, I don’t want kids anytime soon.”

Zack explained worrisome as he tilted his head back in disappointment.

“There’s no rush in having kids, which by the way...are you dating someone right now?”

I asked in a light chuckle as I pulled out a blanky to cover Hana’s little body.

“At the moment...I’m not really interested in dating anyone. I know that my contract with the company isn’t as strict as it was before when I was part of ExEx Idol. Dating is allowed for me...but, I just wanna focus on my career. After the retirement of ExEx Idol, it was difficult to go solo... however, I’m glad about how far I’ve come. I’m also proud of you...after what happened to you and Kai at the airport years back. A part of me almost felt like I lost a part of my soul... the thought of you or Kai being gone from my life terrified me. You have no idea how much easier it was for me to breathe when you called me to let me known that Kai was going to be okay...I just wish I could say the same thing to your sister. I’m sorry that your family has to go through so much...but I want you to know that I will always be here for you and Kai whenever you need anything. Especially now since you have this little one.”

He said so delicately as he looked down at my daughter’s sleeping face.

“Thank you...Zack, I really appreciate it. But I expected you to say that since you’re practically like a little brother to me-”

“It’s big brother! I don’t care how much older you are. You’re still a cry baby whenever I eat the last piece of meat whenever we have BBQs.”

He teased me in a playful matter, so I stuck my tongue out to him before we both heard a pair of footsteps coming closer towards the room!

Watching the door open, I stood up as I looked at Jung and Kai with a confused expression, looking at how winded and out of breath they both were. I could only assume that people were able to notice Kai. Smiling, I made my way towards him as I grabbed my cup of coffee from his hand. Seeing him rest himself against the wall, I giggled slightly as Jung dropped himself to the floor panting tiredly. I could even see the amount of sweat that he was producing!

“What the hell happened to you guys? You both look like you ran a marathon.” Zack voiced out in disbelief.

“I...don’t get it....how? How can they tell it’s me? I...wear my face mask...and...I try to wear my hat low to my face. So how?! They...were everywhere! I thought...that would be the end for me...Jung! Are you okay?! Did my frappuccino spill?!”

Kai asked sounding in shock as he pulled his face mask down. He then looked over at Jung’s lifeless body on the ground, however, to my amazement...Kai’s drink that Jung was holding still looked intact! Poor Jung, it must’ve been hard having to protect Kai while taking care of his drink. Kai should really give him a vacation...

“Kai, you could be wearing a bag over your head and everyone will still be able to know who you are. Honestly, just send Jung next time. You can’t live your life freely as you wish, people are always gonna want to get close to you. I would think after what happened, you would be more cautious. Anyways, did you get my coffee?”

Zack said in an annoyed sigh as he gestured his hand out.

Grabbing the other coffee from Kai’s hand, I went ahead and handed it over to Zack. Though the response that Kai had was too much for me to handle as I couldn’t help but burst into high laughter. Though I tried not to be too loud since I didn’t want Hana to wake up so suddenly...

“Listen... I’m fully aware that I can’t walk out in the public eye so easily like everyone else. However, I’m very strict on how I want my coffee done. Anyways, isn’t Jin’s flight suppose to be landing already?”

Kai asked as he went ahead to grab his coffee from Jung.

“It should be here....any minute...I messaged Jin on what room to meet us in.”

Jung replied sounding exhausted as he continued to lay on the floor.

Looking down at my coffee, I stared at my own reflection to see how just how anxious I was becoming. It’s been years since I saw him...his voice, I wonder if it sounds any different? Is he still the same person he once was when I last spoke to him. Is he able to finally smile on his own without others being by his side? With all these questions running through my mind, I didn’t even notice when Kai came up right next to me! Feeling his hand being placed around my waist, I looked over at him and saw just how nervous he was by the grip of his hand holding on to mine.

“Are you okay?”

He whispered as we both in sync looked out the window to see a plane starting to land.

“I’m okay. It’s just nerve-wracking having to wait... though I could only imagine how anxious you must be considering you’ve known Jin longer.”

I said in a calming smile as I took a sip of my coffee. With it being early morning, I think caffeine it’s just what I need right now...

“My heart is actually racing...since I haven’t written to Jin as you and Zack have. I’ve kept myself clueless as to how Jin is doing. But there’s no doubt in my mind that when I see him... he’ll still be the same Jin who’ve I’ve known for years. And I want him to meet Hana...with everything that’s happened, I want Jin to see that we’re okay.”

He explained in a soft smile before placing a kiss on my temple.

His words echoed deep within me and I began to get emotional already. Zack was right, I’m still a cry-baby. And I think I always will be... grabbing on to my necklace. I let out a heavy sigh before placing my coffee down.

“I hope... we could all continue to be together like before. Kai, excuse me...I need to use the ladies room real quick-”

“Okay, in that case, Jung, escort her-”

“No, it’s okay. The bathroom is just around the corner. I’ll be fine... besides, not many people recognized me as quickly as they do to you. I’ll be right back...”

I said to him before placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

Quickly leaving the room, I hurried myself to the restroom where I can take a minute to collect my thoughts. The moment I stared at the mirror, I replayed back the image of how I once was years ago. Such a small, clueless, and stubborn person I was...but now, I see just how much I’ve truly grown. Turning on the sink faucet, I splashed my face with water until I felt more refreshed. Patting my face dry, I could hear the voices of what the women were saying behind me...

“Did you hear! Kai is actually at the airport right now!”

“Really!? No way! Where is he!?”

“He was seen buying coffee, though security had to escort him back to one of the private terminals...”

“Aww! That sucks! I really want to meet him at least once! After what happened to him at the airport back in America years ago, I have been wanting to meet him!”

“Oh, I know! Me too! Thank God he didn’t get hurt that bad, but I’m angry at the bitch that stabbed him! He’s gonna have a permanent scar from now! I hope that fucking girl dies for what she did...”

Clutching onto the sink tightly, I did my best in keeping my composure in check. I won’t give in to anger...it’s no worth it. No one... absolutely no one knows the pain that my sister was going through. It’s not like she wanted to do something so horrible...but at the same time. I don’t expect the world to ever forgive my sister...as horrible as this must sound. Maybe...it’s good that my sister has the mind of a child now. Because at least...she will no longer be suffering living every day being hated by so many people for what she did...

Waiting for the group of girls to finally leave, I kept telling myself that I’m strong enough to deal with this. It’s like what he used to tell me. I’m someone with a strong heart...but will he be able to still say that to me? Releasing my grip, I decided that it was time to head back out. Fortunately enough, there weren’t that many people walking around the terminal as I would expect. But just as I was about to turn the corner and head back to the V.I.P room. I immediately stopped moving the very instant I heard a familiar voice calling out to me!


Still facing the opposite direction, I felt my eyes grow wide and my heart escalate! Feeling my hands beginning to shake I brought them to a tight fist before slowly turning around. I thought that after I calmed myself down a bit, I would be able to control my inner emotions. But the second I saw him standing from the far-off distance...I lost all will of keeping myself restful...


That was all I was able to say as my vision of him became a blur as I felt the warm tears running down my face. I continued to stand there bawling as his heavy footsteps drew closer to me. It was only when I felt his strong hands being placed on my cheek that I was finally able to look at him. That genuine smile that he’s giving me, it’s what I missed seeing...

“I’m home...”

He voiced out, instantly wrapping my arms around him. I buried myself deep into his embrace! His heart was beating rapidly and the trembling of his hands couldn’t stop. For what I longed, to finally hold him like this...

“Welcome home...Jin, we’ve missed you so much.”

I cried out to him as I went ahead to raise my head to look directly at him. The display of his own tears running down his face matched mine as I went ahead to wipe his wet tears away. His calming smile made him place his forehead against mine as I watched him close his eyes...

“And I...missed you all...so much. I’m sorry...for making you all wait so long. MelRose...tell me, are you happy?”

He asked while keeping his eyes closed. Placing my palm against his jawline, I wholeheartedly smiled as I gave him my answer...

“More than anything...from the bottom of my heart...I’m happy. Jin, are you able...to smile...to laugh and to cry for yourself? Are you happy?”

I asked him, he then re-opened his eyes to look at mine before answering. But what I heard him say to me, made me only realize more of how truly special Jin is to me...

“After leaving...it took a long time to love myself. To know that it’s okay to still smile... however, I almost lost the will in living a life I didn’t think I deserve. My mother...she was what I lived for. All I ever wanted was for her to be happy in the end, to make her proud. But after losing her...I found myself drowning in my own dark thoughts. This heart of mine...it’s because of you that this heart of mine is still able to beat the same. And before I knew it...I found myself falling in love with you, but deep down...I knew who your heart already belonged. My selfishness got in the way...and I let it take over me. So I tried to suppress my feelings for you...but it was when you came back to Korea to see me. That I felt my love for you evolving into something more beautiful. Watching you take care of me, I found myself wanting your approval when I did thing’s right. Feeling the comfort of your embrace whenever the sorrows of my emotions took over me. And even wanting you to scold me when I needed it. But on the day when news broke out that Kai got hurt, it really shattered me. And when you told me in your letters of what truly happened, I was so close to just coming back home to you. Because I knew without Kai being by your side. You would have broke, but I’m glad...that you both are still alive... Melrose, thank you...for being part of my life. I know that you will never replace my mother...However, I’ve come to love you as if you were my own. I know that it sounds foolish and ridiculous. But your heart is the blessing that I needed so I wouldn’t feel alone. A motherly figure...a love so precious, that I will always want to protect. I love you... Melrose, I will always love you...”

He sobbed out what he was finally feeling as he embraced me one last time so strongly...

“You won’t ever be alone...your mother was always by your side. Of course, I could never replace her...and I never wish to. But you made me feel a love I never knew I could have...after having my daughter, I was to finally understand...Jin, thank you...for showing my heart a beautiful love. You will forever be precious to me...”

I cried out to him as we both continued to hold one another. This was what I finally needed to ease all the heartache that was always lingering inside me. The whole time, I thought that I was the only one that felt different. But I was wrong...Jin felt it too. It’s no wonder I found myself always worrying about him, he’s someone irreplaceable...a son that I never knew I could have. I don’t care what others have to say about our relationship, because only we know what it means to see the ones we love suffer. So it’s only natural to hold on to anything that will give us strength. And my strength came from family... however, Jin found his strength within me...so I will gladly be there for him. Whenever he needs reassurance...

“What’s taking Rose so long? I’ma go check up on her- Hey! What the hell are you doing!? Let go of my wife- oh! Jin...”

The shock of Kai’s voice when he suddenly pulled me away from Jin’s embrace caught him off guard!

The commotion led Jung and Zack who were still holding my daughter, to rush outside! It was only then, that Jin pulled himself together and went back to being so relaxed. With Zack handing over my daughter, I could see that she was already waking up...

Seeing Zack suddenly attack Jin with a surprised hug attack! I giggled as I watched all three boys finally standing in the same room as me. Resting my head on top of Hana’s forehead, I smiled as she began to point at daddy. The sound of her voice caught Kai’s attention as he went ahead to grab her. Watching them together made my heart flutter as I loved seeing this image of my husband holding our child...

“Jin! Don’t ever leave me again! Do you have any idea how lonely I’ve felt! Having no drinking buddy is the worse!”

Zack continued to cry out to him as Jin just smiled at his comments. Though it was when he heard Hana’s giggles that he turned towards Kai’s direction. Walking to where he was at, he looked at my daughter with such tenderness in his eyes before he finally spoke to Kai.

“Thank God she looks like her mother, it would’ve sucked if she had your face-”

“Hey, shut up! You’re just jealous you could never be good-looking like me...”

As Kai quickly commented back to Jin’s remark, they both stayed quiet for a second just looking at each other. Though the tension between them was instantly broken by their laughter. I even found myself laughing as I walked between the both of them...

“Jin, I want you to meet someone very important to me and Kai. Our daughter, Hana.”

I said while grabbing my daughter’s hand, though she’s still very shy when meeting new people. But I know that she will get used to seeing Jin more often from now on...

“She’s beautiful...”

He said as he gently went ahead to pat her back lightly.

I wasn’t sure how long we stayed talking at the airport. But it wasn’t until Jung let us know that it was time to leave that I realized that it was the evening already! Escorting us to the parking lot, we all entered the vehicle as we all continued to chat with one another. However, Kai and I had to end our conversation’s with them short since we still had a lot to do in these next few days. With our wedding ceremony being this weekend, I still had to prepare last-minute things...

“Will see you guys soon. Hana, say bye...”

I said as I grabbed her little hand to wave them goodbye once I got off the car.

“Bye, Hana! I love you!” Zack shouted in an adorable smile.

Seeing Jin kindly wave goodbye, I grabbed my daughter’s diaper bag before walking back into the house. Though I found it a bit strange that Kai wasn’t following me. It was only after I placed Hana down in her play pin that Kai entered our home.

“Did they leave already?” I asked him as I sat myself down on the couch.

“Huh? Oh, yeah...I’m having Jung taking them back. Umm, Rose...this week do you think we could get my Father to babysit.”

He suddenly asked, with his eyes avoiding all contact with me. I grew a little suspicious...

“Uhh, I guess it’s okay if your father is alright with it. But why can’t you be here? You know I’m still setting things up for our wedding that’s coming up so I’m going to be busy this week-”

“I know you are, but it’s just that...I have something I need to take care of. I’m sorry, but I can’t go into detail... it’ll ruin the surprise. Just trust me, okay.”

He eagerly said as he came to take a seat right next to me.

“Alright...fine. Just promise me you won’t do anything that will get you into trouble.”

I said in a playful smirk.

“Just what kind of trouble do you think I’ll get myself into?!”

He asked sounding offended...

Laughing at his reaction, I comfortably rested myself on his shoulder as he placed his arm around me. We both then watched our child playing with her favorite toys, though she immediately stopped once she heard her daddy beginning to hum a beautiful melody. Seeing her walk her little feet towards us, she stretched out her hands. So I immediately lifted her and placed her on my lap as she cuddled herself close to me. Smiling at the amusement of her actions, I ended up doing the same thing as I too cuddle myself close to my husband. Closing my eyes, I fell into the relaxation of his calming voice as he continued to sing for us. It’s these special moments where I feel at peace with my life...

Throughout the days that passed by, I was busy getting everything ready for our ceremony that drew nearer. With having to get my parents to fly out to Korea as well as my old boss Ray. I’ve had them stay over at our home for these next few days, so it’s been very helpful having my parents and Kai’s father look after my daughter. And I’m sure my mom and dad didn’t mind babysitting since they haven’t been able to physically see Hana until now. I’m just glad that my Dad and Kai’s Father can get along so well. However, I wish Jin and Zack would come over at least. Even if it’s a quick visit...

Zack took this month off specifically for my wedding and Jin... he’s been ignoring my calls. I thought that maybe he just wanted time to rest since he hasn’t been back home for a long while. But now I’m beginning to think that is no longer the case...but what’s more suspicious is that Kai has been coming home late every night. And whenever I ask him where he’s been all day. He just dodges the question...I know he told me to trust him...

But it’s been starting to make me feel uneasy. Just what is so important that Kai has to be gone all day?! I don’t want this stupid head of mine to overthink the worst-case scenario. Like...is he possibly seeing someone behind my back? Because whenever he comes back home, he immediately takes a shower and just goes straight to bed...we haven’t had sex for a while now...does he no longer find me attractive-

No! Don’t start having idiotic thoughts! There’s no way Kai would ever cheat on me! How can I think such a thing? After everything we’ve been through, I should be able to trust him. So I will... whatever Kai is doing, I’m sure it’s nothing bad. I just hope he’s not overworking himself with whatever he’s doing...


“Alright...just take a deep breath. In and out... maybe I shouldn’t have eaten cereal this morning. My stomach is beginning to feel weird...”

I said to myself feeling anxious as I sat by my vanity. Seeing myself In the mirror, I looked at the simple makeup I had put on.

I’ve yet to change into my wedding dress, I haven’t even taken it out of the bag yet. I was too nervous to even put it on when it arrived yesterday. It’s crazy that the day had finally come, my wedding...a year of planning now feels like it was just a dream. Time has gone by so quickly, so much had changed...even I have changed. Did I grow too fast? Did I do my best in making the right decision up to this point in my life? Am I being a good mom? Have I been a caring wife? Am I... doing what’s good for me, in being happy?

My inner thought was soon interrupted by someone knocking on my door! Startled, I stood up and allowed whoever was on the other side of the door to enter. I was expecting it to be Ray since he had already come inside earlier to help me fix my hair. But I was stunned to see that it was actually Kai! He was still wearing his white robe just like I was, though the image of his face grew flushed when he saw me...

“Kai? What are you doing here? I was just about to change.”

I said while giving him a confused stare...

But all Kai did was stand there in silence before making his way towards me! Taking a step back by his sudden forwardness, I felt my butt hit the vanity behind me as I no longer have anywhere else to go! Though when I felt the feeling of his big strong hands wrapping around my lower waist, I automatically placed my hands against his chest!

“Kai, what are you doing-”

My words faded along with my breath once I felt his soft lips being placed against mine! Opening my eyes wide in shock by his sudden actions, my hands gripped onto his robe as he pushed me further back to my vanity! With his long slender fingers make their way down my robe, I felt him beginning to untie my belt. As much as I want to stop him from going any further, the warmth of my heart took over as I longed for his body to hold mine. We both should be getting ready right now, but as always...it’s Kai who’s taking control of my love.

Running my hands throughout his back, I let him place me on top of my vanity as he flirtatiously parted my legs. Our kiss grew deep and the muffled moans between us became too hot for us to breathe. The taste of his tongue is what drew me back into wanting more as I aggressively pulled his robe apart! With his pecks exposed, I pulled my lips away from him as I went leave light kisses across his chest. His fingers glided across my inner thighs which made my lower core beginning to ache with excitement! Arching my head back, I felt his strong lips sucking on my bare flesh around my collar bone! With my breathing growing heavy, I felt my face becoming hot as my legs began to tremble. I can’t do this...if we keep going any further. I’m not gonna stop myself from wanting more...

“Kai...I... please...we can’t...”

I moaned in embarrassment as I stopped Kai’s hand from getting any closer to my sensitive region.

“You’re right...I’m sorry. But... seeing how beautiful you looked...and how long it’s been since I’ve touched you. I’ve lost my composure in holding myself back...Rose, it’s your fault that I’m acting this way...when you look at me like that. Holding such an innocent face... hearing your adorable moans...and the sweet smell of your skin. How do you expect me to not touch you...all I want to keep doing right now...is making you mine. I’m sorry...Rose, but I’ve become too attached to you...so please...let me spoil you...”

He whispered dangerously close to my ear, the sensation of his hot breath running down my neck sent chills down my body.

Feeling weak by his words, his hands took over me as I felt one of them groping one of my breasts! He then playfully began to run his fingers around the thin fabric of my underwear. Surrendering myself to him, I brought my hands down as I gave in to his lustful eyes. There’s no way I could ever deny his touch...I will always want him to satisfy the beating of my heart. So as he hooked his fingers around my underwear, he began to pull them off of me. With my robe being almost undone at this point, I tugged on Kai’s belt which began to loosen his robe off as well.

He was like a beautiful work of art, the cut crease of his abs and his toned skin. He was perfect in my eyes... though what will always stand out to me. Was the permanent scar that was left on his lower right abdomen. Carefully placing my hand on his scar, Kai was so quick in having me look back at him as he placed his hand around my jaw!

“You’re doing it again...that same apologetic look you always give me when you see my scar. Rose...your still blaming yourself, aren’t you?”

He asked in sadness once he placed his forehead against mine.

Feeling the corner of my eyes beginning to water, I tried to hold back my tears. Clutching on to his wrists, I felt horrible for ruining our moment. But what he said was true...after Kai got his stitches, he was left a scar that would always remind us of what happened. And whenever I see it, I just become angry...sad...and ultimately at fault.

“I’m sorry... today, it’s supposed to be special...but I-”

“It will be special...Rose. Look at me...it will never be your fault for what happened. And I know that you wish more than anything...that your sister could be here. But I want you to keep smiling...to keep laughing...and to always love. Do it for her...make the memories that you could share with her. I want you to keep being the loveable mother that you are to our child. To be the wife that I’ve been blessed in having...but most of all. I want you to always love yourself and be happy for as long as you live.”

These words that he’s telling me, I once told him long ago. To keep smiling...to love yourself more...it’s what I needed to hear. I know that it won’t be easy to live each passing day when the scars that were left behind will always be there. But I can’t let the past come between my future, so I will continue to walk this path with those who are dear to me...

“Okay...I will...you jerk. You made me ruin my makeup...”

I cried out to him as he gently placed his palm against my cheek.

“I’m sorry...I’ll make it up to you when you walk down the aisle.”

He voiced out in a loving smile as he began to fix my robe.

“Oh! No, you can’t go in there yet. Mommy is changing...”

The sound of my mother’s voice coming from down the hall made Kai and me automatically separate from one another as we both hurried in fixing our disheveled robes! Within seconds of being parted, we watch as the front door was pushed opened and I immediately wiped my tears away once we saw our precious little flower girl coming towards us! Though seeing my mother coming running behind her, she quickly picked her up!

“Come here little one- oh! Kai? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be getting ready? Rose, why haven’t you changed yet? Everyone is already seated and are waiting for your two.”

My mother said in a stern tone as she walked up to Kai. Grabbing his arm, she began to walk out of the room while pulling Kai along with her.

Giggling at the sight of my husband being tugged away from me, I began to change into my wedding dress. Doing my best in fixing up my makeup, I readied myself as I looked back at the mirror one last time before heading out. Coming down the stairs, I saw that my father was already waiting for me. Though once he saw me, he smiled so affectionately the second I wrapped my hand around his arm...

“You look beautiful... though you’re making your Father feel old.”

He jokingly said as he placed a kiss on my head.

“Thank you, Dad...for being here today...”

I said to him as I gripped his arm more tightly.

“Your mother and I wouldn’t miss this day...I only wish, your sister could be here. But I know she will always be in our hearts...no matter what.”

He explained as I could see that my father was fighting back in holding in his tears. Nodding to his words, we both then began to make our way out the doors as I clutched on to my bouquet of roses. With the reception being in my backyard, I would think that my nerves wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s the complete opposite, right now my heart feels like it’s about to explode!

“Oh! Before I open the doors...I should probably warn you. Kai...he set up something very special for you.”

My father suddenly said in a wide grin. Though before I could question what he meant by that, he had already opened the door. And right as he led me out, my heart instantly raced by the sounds of 3 voices singing on stage! Taking only a few steps forward, I had to stop myself from going any further as I could no longer see the image of my favorite boys performing. These tears of mine that are always shedding for them...

Hearing their angelica voices singing along with this melody that I’ve never heard before, I asked myself when did they have the time to set all of this up? Though my questions were instantly answered when I remembered how late Kai was coming home recently. It also explains why Jin and Zack weren’t visiting...did they all plan this for me?

Seeing them dance as they sang their hearts out, I replayed back the memories of ExEx Idol. This group that I once never heard of before...three boys that came into my life and changed it completely. I experienced pain, laughter, excitement, and love. These feelings...I won’t regret having them. I won’t regret meeting them. Looking around, I saw the people that I’ve grown so attached to. my parents, Kai’s dad, Ray, Jung, and many of my old staff members that I became close friends with. Seeing them all cheer, I began to walk closer to the boys as they all looked at me...

Zack, you always knew how to make me smile. Your contagious laughter and pure heart...I hope you continue to make your dream grow. And to be the big brother I wish I always had. Jin, you are the light that I never knew I needed. It was you who chose me to be here...and I will forever be grateful to you. It’s because of you that I could become a loving person...and I will always there for you just how you were always there for me. And Kai... what can I say...I fell in love with someone who was trapped in his own past. Wanting to be your strength, I became fragile in the process of learning who you really were...but my feelings for you will never change. So thank you Kai...for giving me this beautiful melody. The melody of your heart...our child and our love...

Once the boy’s song came to an end, I watched as everyone that was once around me rushed towards the boys in happiness! Though just as I was about to walk to where they were, I felt a light tapping on my shoulder! Instantly turning around, I was shocked to see that it was manager Sang! But just as I was about to say something, I watched in disbelief as he bowed to me!

“Miss Lee- I mean...Mrs. Joong. I came here to properly apologize to you...when Kai told me about his relationship with you. I was honestly surprised with how much he kept hidden from me. It’s not that I was angry that he was dating you...but angry at the fact that he could have ruined his career. The same applied for Jin and Zack...but when they proved to me that they were willing to succeed. I was truly amazed...and from what they’ve all told me. It was thanks to you that they never gave up...thank you. For being the boy’s strength when I couldn’t...so when Kai asked me if he could borrow the studio so he and boys could perform one last time as ExEx Idol for you. I couldn’t refuse...I...said some horrible things to you that I wish I could take back-”

“Sang, please raise your head. I understand why you did the things you did...you were just looking after the boys. Being an overprotective parent almost... though I ask if you can be a little bit more lenient from now on. I know how stressful it can be at times...but I can’t take credit for the boy’s hard work. They did it all on their own...Sang, you once asked me years ago...if it was all worth it in the end and what did I gain from it? Back then I couldn’t really answer that since I was still trying to figure things out. But now, I can honestly say that I gain a lot from it...you might not be able to understand when I say this. But, I was given a family here...a brother to laugh with, a son to smile with, and...a husband to love. So to answer your question...yes, it was all worth it in the end. Sang, thank you for coming here today...”

As I finished talking to him, I made my way towards the boys who I’ve come to care for so much.

As our ceremony began, Kai and I exchanged our vows. Unable to take my eyes off of him, I smiled brightly as I felt my heart pounding in happiness. Moments before we finally kissed, I enjoyed every moment I spent with everyone. Thanking Zack and Jin for their performance, I hugged them both. Seeing that my parents were with my Hana, I made sure to cherish this joy inside me. Looking up at the bright blue sky, I released a heave of fresh air...

It wasn’t until I felt more relaxed that I noticed that Kai wasn’t anywhere within the crowd? So as I began searching for him, I made my way around the front of the house to see that he was standing in our front yard beanthe a tree. With the light breeze flying by, I watched as the leaves began to rain down on top of him. Earlier when I was watching him perform, I didn’t pay attention to his tuxedo he was wearing since I was so focused on just hearing him sing. But now that I’m approaching him more closely, I could see now just how handsome my husband really is...

“Hey, what are you doing out here?”

I said as I came up from behind him...

“I’m just... taking a moment to myself...you know...I never told you this. But my mother...she once told me...if I’m ever feeling anxious, scared...or sad. To just look up at the sky...I don’t know why, but whenever I do...it always seems to calm me. You should try it...”

Kai said as he tilted his head back to look up...

“The sky?”

I questioned him as I to ended up looking at the sky. Though the second I did, I released a yelp once I felt my body being pulled down! Preparing to hit the ground, I was surprised once I felt my body landing on something soft! Looking up at Kai, I saw that he had me lay on top of him as we both were laid out on the grass...

“Kai! What are you trying to do!? You scared me-”

“I love you.”

He suddenly said in a serious tone...

“I love you too. Oh! And thank you for giving an amazing performance...I had no idea how much I missed seeing you boys sing.”

I responded to him with a tender smile on my face...

“The song...I wrote it years ago. It was a song that I wrote for you...but I was never able to bring myself to sing it. But I’m glad...that Zack and Jin were able to help me in end. Rose, I can never thank you enough for being part of my life...and I always want you to know that my heart will never stop beating for you. I promise to always protect you and our daughter for the rest of my life...” He explained while lacing his fingers with mine.

“You’re already an amazing husband and a loving father to our baby girl. So if I love you now...I could only imagine how much more deeply in love I’ll be for you within the years to come. I promise to never let this hand of yours go and to always be your heart...Kai, thank you for writing such a beautiful song, what is it called?”

I asked as I went to look at his gaze...

“Our secret melody...I think the name was fitting for it. A song for you, a love you...I’ll shine for you. Always and forever...”

His voice sounded so soft as he never stopped looking at me. Seeing his hand coming towards me, I felt his fingers hook around my key necklace as he lightly tugged it. Scooting myself closer to him, I too laced my finger around his heart locket before pulling him into a deep passionate kiss...

Life will continue going forward for us, but I won’t ever forget where I started from before meeting Kai. Bittersweet memories will always linger and the life we share won’t be perfect. But that’s okay, life isn’t meant to be perfect...it’s meant to have meaning. And it’s because of him...that I was able to find that meaning in my life... happiness.


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