Our Secret Melody

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End Of Author's Note

Hey everyone, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read, “Our Secret Melody”, It’s been a crazy journey! As always, I find myself questioning if my writing is good enough. If I should stop writing stories. But in the process of making this book, I ended up teaching myself my worth and time of creating something meaningful. I love writing, it’s my passion. Regardless of what people have to say, I’m proud of my work and I wish to get better. And writing about these characters has taught me alot, and I hope in some way it was able to teach you something as well. That we all have flaws and we’re not perfect, but that’s okay. Live life to loving yourself and reaching for the happiness that you deserve.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story, and please feel free to give your thoughts on what your thought of this book. Which characters did you love most? Which characters did you hate? And what did you think of the story as a whole?

After working on this book for an entire year, I’m proud that I was able to finally finish it. And I have all of you to thank, you guy’s always make me smile with the love and support that you’ve given me. This story was meant to be a fun read but within time, I wanted to bring realism to it. And although this book is fiction, the emotions that these characters have gone through are very real to real-life situations.

With this book coming to end, I hope you’ll check out my other work. The new book that I’ll be working on will be a Fantasy/Romance/Werewolf story, called, “Claws Against Petals”, still not sure how many chapters there will be since I never plan these chapters out. “Our Secret Melody” was meant to have only 60 chapters but I ended up overdoing it and wrote an extra 20. I need to learn to write less, not sure if it’s good or bad to write so much. But overall, hope you stop by to check out this book soon :)

Oh! Before I go, You can download the entire Book of “Our Secret Melody”, on Kindle! The link will be on my Bio! Love you guys, take care, and be safe.

(What’s you’re favorite K-pop Group?)

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