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MARCUS The plan was simple, get the hotel opened in London, hang with my friends, fuck some new pussy and get my ass back to New York. What could possibly happen in six months? EVERYTHING... I had finally met my match and she came (not as I would normally have) in the form of Chris Tate. We got off to a bad start and you know what they say about first impressions? Can I finally be tamed? Can I be a one-woman kinda guy? CHRIS My plan was simple, keep my head down and keep the roof over my head. I changed and no longer recognised myself but when he walked into my world turning it upside down, I was more determined than ever to show Marcus Parker that I wouldn't fall for his charm. My walls were high and defences at an all-time high. I had secrets of my own and I refused to let anyone in, but Marcus had a certain way with him and slowly but surely he made me fall. The smug bastard. Can I love a manwhore? Or will I have to build my walls higher than before?

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Lily Rose Stories
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The Marcus High Club

This can be read as a stand alone, but I would recommend reading the first book of the series You’ve got a DM.

Looking over the city with a glass of Macallan in my hand, tomorrow I leave for London for six months. I am about to open my first ever hotel in London and I can’t be arsed going back and forth, so I decided to just relocate until it’s done. I have my partners in crime already there. Blake, Scott with Mark coming over for a few week’s work. As he owns a construction company, he is overseeing my British workers. Never in a million years did I think I could just be friends with a woman but Blake from the word go was a force to be reckoned with, don’t get me wrong Blake is beautiful but I always felt a brotherly vibe towards her, we are like two peas in a pod, she’s as filthy-mouthed and minded as I am. So when Scott came up with his plan to relocate to London surprising Blake I was nothing but supportive cause you know I am a nice guy.

What can I say to my friends I am loyal, faithful and good fun to be around, What can I say to the ladies in my life I’m honest this is just sex, filthy and I am one of the best fucks around? Women love to hate me, but they always try to come back for more. I don’t do relationships, I just like to fuck, and I try not to keep the same girl around long. It avoids confusion and feelings. I make it clear from the start that I am only after a fuck and I have no complaints. I look down to find Kandi on her knees sucking my hard cock... this girl is my one exception we have been at this for years. Kandi smile at me. “My turn.” The gentleman I am I drop to my knees rip her panties off, fling one of her legs over my shoulder and suck, lick and nip her clit until she is a quivering, panting mess.

“Bend over.” I slam into her tight wet pussy until she is singing out about my magical dick in a Fortissimo. Sweet music to my ears, followed by the sound of my front door closing. Women knew the score. No, after sex cuddles and no fucking sleepovers. The next morning I am on my way to the airport, my private jet is on standby for my arrival. I pull out my phone and look over my emails.

To: Marcus Parker

From: Clare Wheeler

Subject: London Assistant

Marcus, Just to let you know that I was able to source you an assistant for your time in London, the agency will be sending Chris Tate over first thing Monday at 8:30 am DO NOT be late. If you have any problems please let me know?

Regards Clare

To: Clare Wheeler

From: Marcus Parker

Subject: London Assistant

Thank you for looking after me, remind me to give you a raise. I will talk to you soon. M.

As I put my phone away I see I have arrived as I walk on the plane, I see a familiar face.

“Good morning, Mr Parker.”

I smile at her “Well, hello there again.”

She gives me a blush, oh I remember her very well, I made her a member of the Marcus High Club. I watch as she makes her way over to another flight attendant, Hmmm two for today’s flight this could be fun.

“Morning, is there anything I can get for you?”

I smile. “Hello, I am Marcus and you are?”

She blushes. “Oh, my name is Emmarie.”

I take her hand gently. “Well, Emmarie, if you wouldn’t mind, when you get a moment can you please get me a bottle of your whiskey, I am not a very good flyer.”

Emmarie nods and smiles. “Yes, of course, sir, let me get that for you.”

A little while later Emmarie makes her way over to me, whiskey in hand. “Thank you so much, please take a seat for a minute.” I make “friends” with Emmarie and I can tell we are going to be great friends on this flight.

“Ohhhhh Marcus, what big hands you have.” I bite my lip.


Watching as Emmarie sucks on Mila’s nipples before I am being pushed down on my back, she lowers herself on my throbbing cock... Oh; I remember her now. She does this amazing figure-eight movement with her hips. She bounces up and down my length as Emmarie straddles my face. I lap up her juices, sucking relentlessly. My balls tighten and I can feel my climax near the peak.

“Ahhh Fucckkkkkk.”

I empty every last drop into Mila. I finally open my eyes to find both sets of eyes on me. “Well, that was fun” Both the girls blush and giggle. I take myself into the bathroom and clean myself up. As I come back into the room, I find Emmarie and Mila still having fun with each other, as nice as it would be to continue, I have some work to do so I grab a glass of whiskey and take my seat again.

Going over the plans and make notes of who I need to schedule meetings for. I believe Chris is his name well I just hope for his sake he is as good it not better than Clare. I wanted to bring her along, but she is holding down the fort in New York in my absence. Everything is in order with my New York properties so Clare can handle anything that crops up. Emmarie and Mila eventually join me in the cabin, looking very flushed.

“Have fun, girls?” I give each of them a cheeky smirk. I eventually land in London.

“We hope you had a pleasant flight, Mr Parker.”

Emmarie bites her bottom lip. “We hope to see you again, Mr Parker.”

“You bet your ass I will see you again, ladies.”

Getting into the car that’s waiting for me and make my way to my apartment. I turn the key and find the place empty clearly Scott is at Blake’s place. I plan what needs to be done I only have six months until opening and can’t afford any fuck-ups. Waking up the next day, I have a nice hot shower and say hello to Palm-ela, flashes of yesterday’s flight springing to my mind. Putting on my trousers and shirt, keeping it smart casual and head over to my London Office. I have a few properties already in London, so I decided that since all my plans are based here. I needed some office space I will work on getting more personnel once everything is up and running. Hoping that my assistant can help me with the recruitment process when everything is up and running.

As I make my way into the building, I am surprised to find this sweet little ass piece waiting in the lobby. How did she get in?

“Hi, I am Marcus, can I help you?”

She looks pissed. “You’re late!”

I laugh. “Excuse me? How did you even get in here?”

“It’s called a key, and I was told to be here at 8:30 am. I am your new assistant, Chris.”

The hell she is!

“I am sorry but I think there has been a misunderstanding I have a guy starting called Chris”

She taps her foot. “No, you have me starting and my name is Chris.”

This has to be some kind of stitch-up cause Clare knows what I am like there is no way she approved this fucking stunner to be my assistant, this would be the cruellest form of torture to me as my golden rule is that I DON’T FUCK, MY STAFF. I am going to have her bent over my office desk in the next thirty minutes. Cause this girl cannot be my assistant. I am ripped from my dirty thoughts.

“So if you don’t mind, I would really like to know what you need me to do?”

Oh, baby, there are a million things I need you to do, but working for me is not one of them.

“Give me a minute.”

I walk away from Chris leaving her in the lobby I don’t give a fuck that it’s four in New York I get my phone out and hit call. “H… el... lo?”

“What were you thinking?”

Clare sounds shattered. “Bo.o. sss?”

I scold her.

“Who else would call at 4 am pissed off.”

I hear her rustle about. “Give me a minute.”

I hear shuffling in the background. “What’s wrong?”

I pace my office “What’s wrong... what’s wrong have you seen my apparent assistant?”

“Yes, I reviewed her file, you know the one I also attached to you, please tell me you read it as I asked.”

I clear my throat. “Something distracted me on the flight.”

Clare scoffs, “Of course, you were.”

I yell, “Hey I don’t like the tone.”

Clare raises her voice to match mine. “and my wife and I don’t appreciate being called and balled out at 4 am, What do you want me to do? Just keep your cock in your pants she is the best at her job.”

I rub my hand across my face. “I can’t work with her. Get someone else.”

Clare sarcastically laughs. “You’re serious you can’t keep that thing locked down for someone who will be an asset to the company, fine I will sort it first thing but you’re the one letting her go. I am not doing your dirty work.”

“I just can’t see how this would work? You have seen her Clare.” I can hear the agitation in her voice.

“Whatever you say, boss. Do what you want. She was supposed to be your assistant. I would have recommended her she is exactly what you need, and I already told her not to put up with your shit.”

I hang up and go to turn around, finding the most piercing green eyes sear through me like she wants my blood and not in a kinky way.

“So what, you’re just going to fire me without a fair chance, you already made your mind up about me.”

I take a deep breath. “Look, I appreciate you may be great at your job but...”

Chris struts over to me. “Don’t think I didn’t catch the way you adjusted yourself when you saw me. For what it’s worth, I have zero interest in you, so whatever you think would ever happen between us, I will never... ever sleep with my boss.”

She cocks her head to the side and raises her eyebrow. “So let me tell you how this is going to work boss, we are going to start over you’re going to show me my office and we are going to forget that this conversation ever happened.”

What the ever-loving good fuck just happened no woman has ever spoken to me that way, who the fuck does she think she is.

“So I’m guessing my office is this way”

I am so dumbfounded and lost for words that I simply nod and watch as she sways her hips, taunting me. Nope, nada, not happening. This girl has crazy bitch written all over her and my dick is staying firmly in my pants. This one is not worth the grief, I love a challenge but I am not willing to lose my cock for this one. I say out loud and she smirks.

“So I guess I have myself a new assistant?”

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