Gypsy Lover

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“How could you still follow me around when I’ve already left you? I already threw you away like garbage!” But actually, he was like a shadow that she wanted to get rid of. She had her own reasons besides her revenge on men. “Yes, I even asked myself that same question. Why am I doing this? You killed me when you left me. My heart died that day. And now, it’s like I’m a dead man walking!” his heartfelt confession. “But it’s curious because I feel that I love you even more, Alodia…” ~~~ Alodia comes home just to find out her twin sister Alyanna committed suicide. She finds out the reason behind it and decides to avenge her death by hurting and shaming men—until she meets a Romanian Gypsy. She is now confused about her feelings for him while she keeps reminding herself that she’s only playing a game with him…

Romance / Erotica
Darla Tverdohleb
Age Rating:


Alodia blew her breath before she pressed the doorbell button of his condo unit at around eight in the evening.

“A-Alyanna?” Emerson’s face was surprised to see her there when he opened the blue-gray door. He wore a white sando and a pair of board shorts, revealing his well-built body. He was taller than she realized, when she was now close to him. Her height was just up to his shoulder.

Why did he call her by that name with those luscious red lips? Didn’t he recognize her? Didn’t he know that Alyanna had a twin sister and that his girlfriend just died?

Their eyes held for a few seconds. His eyes were light brown and beautiful, which was enhanced by a nearly perfect eyebrows, which was a bit thick though. His nose was straight that she thought he must have good genes.

Suddenly, an idea came up in her mind. She slowly pulled her lips into a sweet and sunny smile. So, there was a way that she could avenge her sister’s death while her sister was not resting in peace in her unblessed grave after all.

“Why? You didn’t expect me to come today, hon?” She learned about her twin sister’s endearment to him when he called while she was on Skype with Alyanna.

“I-I thought that…” he said haltingly.

She pushed him by his chest and went into his condo unit. It was quite cozy. The living room was clean and complete with appliance such as flat screen TV, VCD player and Xbox, among others. The window to the right had a thin curtain of light green, making the place look neater.

Just when she looked the left where a bedroom and a hallway were, a naked woman came out of the bathroom with her hair fresh from the shower. The latter was frozen to see her holding hands with Emerson and her eyes grew wide in fear and confusion.

“Hon, did you think I was already dead?” Alodia turned to look at Emerson and let go of his hand like she never saw the naked woman.

He blinked while looking at her. “A-Alyanna…I-I can explain,” he started.

“I was just so pissed off of you that’s why I spread out the news that I was already dead! I even anticipated that you would come to my funeral. But when you still didn’t come to our house, I decided to stop my prank and come to you instead. I want us to get back together, hon.” She even caressed his broad chest with what she considered was sensual enough to arouse him.

He blinked at her like he couldn’t believe his ears.

Alodia looked at him with sultry sherry brown eyes. He was quite a muscular man with a boyish-looking face, dark hair and fair skin. She thought he was just the right kind of man that her sister would like to have as a boyfriend. But this man, he wasn’t her type at all. She loved her man to be… well, basically manly, dark and oozing with sex appeal even if he wouldn’t be so handsome. That’s why until now, she hadn’t found the perfect man that would make her attracted to so much, to fall for head over heels.

And Emerson? He was just so boring for her taste. Not that she was putting her sister’s taste and standard in men so low, because Emerson could sure give someone a striking smile that could make women swoon.

But not her. Not Alodia.

“Alyanna, I thought that you don’t—” he started once again.

“What? Aren’t you going to chase this woman away or not?” It sounded like she threatened him, giving him a death glare.

The woman had her mouth hung open and Alodia just threw her a mocking smile while taking note of her sexy body. But her boobs were just so big that they were like a pair of papayas that were ready to fall from the tree. How could Emerson replace her sister with this kind of woman?

“Grace, can you leave us alone?” He looked at the other woman who was still standing there, listening and watching them, who didn’t seem to take notice of her nakedness.

“Emerson! Is it because of the…?” the other woman started to protest.

“Will you leave us now? I just want to talk to my girlfriend here,” he said in a firmer tone. His eyes warned the other woman not to argue.

The woman was clearly pissed, her face red and nostrils flaring. She took a white silk robe in the bathroom to cover her naked body. Then, she took her clothes with her as well as her purse and marched out of the condo unit, slamming the door behind her after giving Emerson a “go to hell” look.

Alodia turned to him when the other woman left angrily. He smiled at her and he embraced her small waist. She could feel his hard manhood that was rubbing against her abdomen. She wanted to cringe because of it. Although he smelled like conifer and citrus, she was sure that woman had already done more than sniffing this guy. And that disgusted her even more.

“I missed you so much, honey!” He started to kiss her cheek and neck.

Alodia let him while frowning. When he was about to kiss her mouth, she evaded it and pushed him toward the bed.

“Playing hard to get now, Alyanna?” He could almost not believe it.

Does this mean that something already happened between him and my sister? Could it be the reason why my sister wanted to die because he is a damn filthy player? But is this the reason as well that she couldn’t break their relationship because they already had sex? Maybe I’ll never know the reason why but you must pay, you shitty jerk!

Her hands balled into fists while thinking these questions. She hated this man more than ever. And she wanted to give him a lesson!

“Hon, just think of this like I am… playing with you,” he said with a sexy grin that he could ever make.

She blinked. And she had just devised a plan. “Well… okay. Besides, I… missed you already. But… I’ll play with you because you always give in to me anyway.”

Did she just say that in a sexy way?

Alright. She’d give him what he wants. She pushed him hard toward the bed when they entered his room, and he lay down there on the white covered mattress with an excited grin on his face. The jerk was already breathless. She watched him close his eyes, and he was indeed anticipating something like a naughty game she’d play with him. Deep inside her heart and on her mind, she was reaching out to strangle this man to death!

Alodia searched for something to tie Emerson up with. And she found a duct tape in one of his dresser drawers. How it got there, she had no idea. She just took off his clothes and tied his hands and ankles apart to the headboard and the foot of the bed.

She surveyed her accomplishment. He was splayed. His eyes were still closed and the grin was just wasn’t wiped off from his fuckboy face. She looked at him with hatred and she wanted to puke because of his nakedness. She could see his huge manhood standing so erect. She never saw something so horrendous as he.

In reality, she’d never seen a naked man in her life. She never thought it could be so ugly like this! He was unshaved down there. She wondered how her sister could take it, and how could she have sex with this man with an ugly member!

She never understood why she killed herself because of this hateful and unworthy person! How she really loathed this man! If it weren’t a crime to kill a person, she would have already done it earlier!

She searched some more in his wardrobe and she noticed a whip as well as a belt. She took the former and went to the kitchen to get the ketchup, mayonnaise and cheese as well as spoon and fork. She went back to him who was still tied to the bed posts.

“Honey, just when did you know how to play?” He watched her when he saw what she had in her hands.

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