Then Again

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Sahar has lost her parents in an awful political protest. She's new to the country and its people. Sahar needs to navigate her new life that comes with weird incidents and secrets. But for some reason she always comes out unharmed because of her guardian angel. Sikander Khan is your typical country gentleman and powerful business tycoon. But meeting Sahar has flipped his world upside down. No amount of suave can tame the firecracker he's employed. What makes things worse is Sikander may be falling hard for here. But can they be together? Seems difficult with Sikander's past lurking around the corner.

Romance / Humor
S. S. Tehreer
โ˜… 4.7 3 reviews
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A Note to Readers

Thank you so much for giving this "novel" a chance. I have been working on this since July 2020, learning, making mistakes, and editing a lot. It's a work in progress, progress that is dreary and slow. But progress, nonetheless.

I'll try my best to submit chapters as I form the story. I can't commit to it with so many other things plaguing my life.

This story is precious to me and has been circling my mind for the last 5 years of my life until I finally got the courage to begin writing. I sincerely hope whoever reads this will find friends, dreams, and hopes in these characters. I hope that the whimsical nature of the novel that takes shape leaves you smiling after every chapter.

I would love to hear from anyone reading. Be it good, bad, or ugly! You can always message me, leave a comment, or find me on

Facebook: S. S. Tehreer

Insta: author_sstehreer

I love getting feedback and it's so important as an aspiring writer to hear what the audience is saying and what they want.

So please enjoy the story and have fun

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