Then Again

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Sahar has lost her parents in an awful political protest. She's new to the country and its people. Sahar needs to navigate her new life that comes with weird incidents and secrets. But for some reason she always comes out unharmed because of her guardian angel. Sikander Khan is your typical country gentleman and powerful business tycoon. But meeting Sahar has flipped his world upside down. No amount of suave can tame the firecracker he's employed. What makes things worse is Sikander may be falling hard for here. But can they be together? Seems difficult with Sikander's past lurking around the corner.

Romance / Humor
S. S. Tehreer
4.7 3 reviews
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I wasn’t really thinking when I really thought I was thinking. Tongue twister right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I first saw him. A bit tongue twisted because usually, I’m quite well-spoken with a never-ending list of words for every emotion, thought, or situation. I’ve bet you’ve read the lines before: this isn’t your typical love story, but let’s not be facetious shall we. This truly isn’t a remarkable love story. But it is a unique one and one that the world needs to know about. I mean, people are crazed all over social media about eleven armed babies born in the dusty unknown villages deep in Asia, so why can’t a non-traditional love story reach levels of international news. Not saying that I need to get this out for marketing purposes. But I truly believe that this story is brand new. Okay, maybe not completely new, but it is spicy. It has villains, heroes, dark places, and maybe even a happy ending; maybe. Oh, who am I kidding?

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kimshan: Great job author, I really like your writing style. I suggest you join Novel Star’s writing competition on April.

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