Melting Ice

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Chapter 10


I barely slept a wink last night. I thought I would be ok after I stood in the shower letting the hot water turn my skin red. I can’t believe what happened I thought that guy was nice turns out again, I’m a stupid naive cow. My eyes are puffy from crying and my head hurts from lack of sleep and maybe the alcohol. Lily shouts at me. “CHLOE... WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!”

“What Lily? I’m not in the mood.” Lily has concern written all over his face. “No seriously Chloe you need to see this, I am so sorry this is all my fault.” I look at her face she looks part upset and worried. She doesn’t even know half of what happened last night. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. I put on my glasses and look at what she is trying to show me. All I see is a headline and pictures... oh my god pictures from last night. One where Lucas’s hands are all over me on the dance floor, another one where I’m pushed up against the wall and the last one and worst one is his hand up my dress. I’m gutted and I begin to sob. How did these get out it was just me and some guy why would these make it into Gossip Lips. The headline is big bold...



I can’t tear myself away. I keep reading...

Chloe Summers has quickly moved on from Damien Grey and straight onto teammate Lucas McClean, seems this girl has a type as long as you’re a professional ice hockey player you have a chance. Our source tells us they were hot and heavy all night and Chloe and her gentlemen for the evening in an Uber leaving the club early. We are sure you can work out what happened after that. Watch this space to see who’s next on her roster. We just hope this doesn’t cause any issues on the ice.

I look at Lily and the tears flow freely. ”Lily that is not what happened at all, ok yeah I was dancing and kissing that guy Lucas but later on, he got rough, I told him to stop he wouldn’t listen I had to kick him off me. When I texted you to say I was leaving, I was getting into the Uber by myself, Clive was there he can back up my version!” Lily sits beside me pulling me in for a hug. “Chloe I believe you, you don’t need to defend yourself to me, how about we go and find Clive and see if he can help you out?” Me and Lily spend the day looking through the internet to try and find him. Finally, we stumble upon his business address and telephone number, I try to call but it goes to voicemail.

Hi, you have reached Clive Black leave a message.

My head hurts too much to deal with this. I wrap myself in my duvet and sleep, I sleep for ages. When I wake up it’s the middle of the morning, the next day. My stomach begins to growl and I start to feel sick from hunger but I can’t bring myself to eat anything every time I try, I just feel sicker, images of the night at the club keep replaying in my head.

I keep watching the Gossip Lips website to watch for updates. I know I am just torturing myself. There are a few more mentions of Lucas and Damien as there is a match tonight and with the images, he has probably seen. What the hell drama is that going to cause within the team? What is Damien going to think? Why do I even care? I didn’t even know who Lucas was and I had no fucking clue Damien were teammates... on the same team.

Lily decides to come with me to see Clive since he didn’t return my call. We are both sitting in the reception area waiting for him when he strolls through. I quickly stand up and walk over to him, as I get closer I clear my throat. “Hi Clive, I’m so sorry to bother you but can I have a word?” Clive looks surprised to see me. “Fine come on through, I can’t be long though, I have a meeting." I tried to keep up with his fast pace and I was talking and walking. “It’s about the other night and what has been written on Gossip Lips. Is there any way you could do a statement on my behalf explaining what happened and the fact you are my witness to say I left alone?"

Clive stops walking and glares at me. “I don’t understand, witness?” Lily looks at me and then back to Clive. “Yeah Clive you know the fact you helped Chloe get into the Uber alone, can you help her or not?” Clive shakes his head. “Lily I don’t know what lies Chloe has been feeding you but I didn’t see her. I have no idea what you are referring to apart from the pictures and articles I have been reading along with everyone else.”

My heart sinks. This son of a bitch is lying like a little Pinocchio. I feel the tears form and Lily can see I’m close to breaking. She takes my arm and walks me towards the door as she goes out. I look back to find he is staring at me with a devious smile on his face. “You can close the door now.” I slam the door and walk towards the exit. I’m hit by a wall of journalists asking horrible questions and taking my photo.

“So how many of the Irish rangers are you *Familiar* with?

“Who is better in bed?”

“Have you anything to say about the stories about you, even one comment?”

“What player do you have your eye on next?”

Lily has finally waved a taxi over and we both jump in. I start to cry. “Chloe it’s going to be ok.” I shake my head as I look at her. “No Lily it’s not I can’t do this, I need to start fresh somewhere else” Lily’s eyes go wide. “You can’t be serious? What about school?” I bite my lip. “I can drop out, get a job and try and finish my degree later. I just ... can’t be here anymore.”

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