Melting Ice

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Chapter 12


After I leave the meeting with Melody I’m spitting fire at that motherfucker, it’s been him this entire time even before Chloe was on the scene. I could never work out how the news broke out about me, now I know. I’m driving to my apartment, my hands are gripped so hard on the steering wheel my knuckles are white, I’m driving imagine all the ways I would fuck him up. I’m standing in my apartment looking at my wall, his face glaring back at me. All those moments of success and that smug prick beside me. I rip all the frames from the wall smashing them to pieces. I grab the photos and take them to the sink, reaching for a box of matches I set them alight.

I watch as they catch a glow, his face melting as the photos burn and I can't lie I get a twisted sense of satisfaction. There is smoke everywhere but the photos have turned to ash, I turn on the tap and let the water take away that piece of shit down the drain.

I open the balcony door letting the smoke escape, I have to get this fucker back, I want to tear him down and I want to leave him with nothing, but I have to be smart about this, that’s when I work out how I can do both. How I can give him a beating and outsmart him. I start to put my plan into motion, in all of this, there has been an innocent person in the middle of it, I have made some really bad decisions based on advice from someone I thought I could trust, this time I’m going with my gut and handling this the way it should have been done from the word go, maybe if I did this, the rest would have never happened, she wouldn’t have been dragged in the mud, Lucas would have never had his grubby little hands on her. She would’ve been mine!

I’m standing in a little office looking at the walls. He said he would help me out when I explained what has been going on. I just hope she will hear me out. I begged Chloe’s boss to let me try and talk to her, to lie to her. To make her work after closing to do a stock take and eventually call her into his office where she will find me instead. This is either the stupidest idea I have had or I am a goddamn legend. I’m about to freak out when I hear the door knock ... Here goes nothing.


I’m working my shift when my boss reminds me I’m staying late for stocktake one last time. I don’t remember being asked but with everything going on it’s pretty safe to say I could have forgotten. Well since the guys lost the game, I’m being trolled hard on the internet and those with bigger balls have verbally abused me in person, fuck one girl even went as far as to come in order a water and a coffee, once I was handing the drinks she casual lifted the coffee took the water and threw it at me. Everyone’s angry at me. The girl who apparently has caused the team to lose a big game with my magic pussy. It’s casting wicked spells on all the players making them play like shit, it’s made my decision even easier because tonight is my last shift, I’m leaving this town for good, I emailed the university explaining that effective immediately I would be dropping out of the course. I cried hard sending that email. I have worked so hard and it has come to this.

The last customer leaves and I lock up. I head to the back and knock the door waiting for my boss to call out but when I hear nothing I walk in expecting to see him but that’s not who I find.

“Please don’t run Chloe.” I am fuming why is he doing this to me. “Fuck Off Damien.” I watch as he slowly comes closer to me, my body frozen to the spot. “Look I know you’re angry, livid any other words for pissed off right now.” I shake my head fighting back the tears. “Understatement, this is all your fault you should have got your coffee and left just like all those other times.”

Damien clears his throat. “You have no idea how sorry I am, just hear me out?” I feel my anger levels rise. “Sorry, you’re sorry you have no idea what I have been through, sorry isn’t going to fix this. The things people are calling me. The things that have physically happened to me and all because I was stupid enough to be nice and talk to you one night and to think I actually really liked you. I fancied you for ages then I chatted to and for a second you were the perfect guy ... short-lived when I found out what kind of piece of shit you really are. A bet... I WAS A FUCKING BET then when you couldn't score… what let Lucas have a shot?"

Damien looks at me confusion, etched all over his features. “I’m lost, a bet? I don’t understand.”

“You know the one where you and the team picked the most pathetic sad sack to see how long it took to bed. Yeah, that was a fun day hiding in the ladies being regaled with that amazing news, so you will excuse me if your sorry isn’t good enough.” Damien stammers through his words trying to process my revelations he looks concerned but as I have learned people are good at masking their truth.

“I swear that’s a lie. In fact, most, if not everything going on has been a lie, I want to tell you everything but I can’t, not right now but I promise if you give me until tomorrow afternoon you will have your answers.” He moves closer to me and I watch as he gets on his knees and takes my hands. At first, I try to pull away but I look at his face and I can tell he is being honest. Don’t ask me how I can feel it deep to my bones.

He lets out a sigh. “I’m begging you please believe me when I say I really like you, everything will come out tomorrow. I sign my deal at one pm the news breaks just after that, please read the article, I swear to you it is 100% the truth. If you read it, believe it and can forgive me and give us a chance. This is my address and phone number. You can find me there I will be waiting but if you can’t, I promise this is the last you hear from me for good.” I look deep into his eyes trying to find a trace of a lie but I just can see it. I try to wrap my head around everything when I finally bring myself to end this. “I think you need to go.”

I watch as he struggles with his emotions almost like he wants to fight for me but doesn’t want to push me, I watch as he finally makes the decision to leave, I watch as he gets up off the floor, gently releasing my hands he walks to the door and I want to look anywhere but at him, but I can’t bring myself to look away. Damien takes one last look at me and gives me a sad smile. “Goodbye, Chloe.”


I leave the shop through the back exit the same way I came in so Chloe and no one else for that matter saw me, I get in my car and head home. I wish I could have stayed with her told her the full truth but as always things had to be done a certain way the only relief I felt was that for once I held the control. So with stage 1 out of the way it was time for stage 2. I text Clive last night asking if he would meet me at the gym. I wanted to get a workout in before I sign and discuss the deal before signing with him, this is normal for me it helps me focus so Clive takes the bait he would always spot and spar with me from time to time so nothing was out of the ordinary.

Only this time I had an ulterior motive as I reached the gym I found Clive waiting for me. “I thought you were dead, haven’t heard from you.” I grit my teeth as he talks to me. “Yeah, sorry man. Just keeping my nose clean, too many fuck ups and like you said we have worked so hard for this deal.” Clive smiles and I can see a sense of relief flood him. “FINALLY you listen, I am glad man. No pussy is worth throwing it all away for.”

“Yeah I see that now, I just need to work on closing the deal and I’m thinking about a few new ones I would like to work towards." Clive gives me an approving look, the patronising dick. “You know I’m here for you, just let me work my magic.” I can’t help but think, How about I show you magic you twat. I am wrapping up my hands but leave the gloves off you know for maximum damage. “Will you help me with my pad work?” Clive smirks. “Yeah, sure no problem pass them to me, though you were a little rusty last time.”

At first, I took it easy right, left, left left, left, right. My punches become more forceful. He stumbles back on a few, I can’t help but smile. “Holy shit man, I haven’t seen you this pent up before?” I put my hands up ready for another set. “Well it’s like you keep telling me, this is the biggest endorsement deal in history, it’s the big one.” Clive looks at me wearily. “You should take a break?” I shake my head. “Just five more minutes I’m near done.” Clive stands and takes my beating. For the full five minutes, I go at him. Left, left and instead of going right, I dig him in the ribs Clive lets out a swear. “Fuck I think you broke my rib?” I glare at him. “Sorry .... keep the pad up you got to block my moves.” Left, left, high left I connect with his cheek.

“Fuck” he cries out again. Right, right, centre I land a punch to his stomach he falls to the floor Clive holds up his hands. “Ok enough, enough jeez I know you wanted my help. I didn’t plan on being your human punching bag.” I shrug at him. “I don’t know what to say, you are piss poor at blocking, we should work on that, you have been leaving yourself wide open Clive.”

He struggles to sit himself up. “Bloody hell I don’t know what has gotten into you? I don’t know if I’m happy or concerned about this new you, I get that you’re getting bored with the wild nights and puck hotties but you’re young and the ladies love you. It’s a great time to be alive and we have the world at our feet. We can do amazing things with your career, I feel you are wasting it pining for this fucking little for both our sakes get over it and get your dick wet. Hell, how long has it been? Bang a few puck hotties at once.”

Now I wish I went harder on him. I held back a little. I can’t exactly have an assault charge coming my way. How good would that look being dragged off in cuffs, mugshot and in a cell? His ass is still on the floor he is laying back, he looks up at me and lifts his hand up for help. I walk over him and head for the shower leaving him there. I call out behind me.

“I’ll meet you there at twelve-thirty don’t be late. I enjoyed that way too much up until he brought Chloe up. He really has it in for her but I can’t get derailed and go off script stage 2 is complete. The final stage is my all-time favourite for thirty minutes I’m going to put that fucker in his place, I’m calling out all his shit and he won’t see it coming, then when he thinks its over, I’m going to offer him a deal!!! He is going to hate this deal but it’s better than the alternative.

The deal day finally arrives and I am a bundle of nerves. I didn’t sleep great but I’m all showered and suited up. I’m little early when I arrive at Mr Jefferies offices, I called ahead to give him a brief rundown of what’s going to happen, he told me he would have everything in place. So now I just wait for him to show up, I’m looking at my phone. To be precise I’m on the Gossip Lips website looking at the photo of Chloe and me that first night. The picture that started all this. The one with a kiss on the cheek, right on schedule he strolls towards me I put my phone away, the smug smirk he is giving me is about to be wiped off his fucking face... oh in about thirty-four minutes.

Clive struts across to me clapping his hands together. “Let’s go make us millions.”I just look at him wanting this over with I grit my teeth and clench my fists. “Lead the way.”

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