Melting Ice

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Chapter 14


I signed my deal. I said a few words and a few pictures taken my phone pings and vibrates at 1:01 pm. I quickly remove it from my pocket and have a look it’s a text from Melody - The Articles Live good luck.



The first part of the article is me explaining all the lies and twists in the story’s sold about me and Chloe, I tell them that Clive sold me out and twisted the facts to make Chloe look bad and that the truth would come out when the next article came out all about Clive and that he had been fired as my agent, then the questions that I wanted to answer and Chloe to see came next:

“So tell me how you met Chloe?”

“A few months back I walked into a coffee shop where she works. She took my breath away, she was different, honest, natural, pretty, shy and her smile lit the room.”

“It sounds like it was love at 1st sight?” Melody states.

“It was, I kept going back hoping that I would eventually have the nerve to talk to her, truth is I’m not a huge lover of coffee. I don’t mind a cup in the morning but I only went to see her. I don’t know how many coffees I had to drink before I summoned the courage to talk to her. I know the reputation I have but Chloe knocked my confidence off its axis.”

“So when did the courage come?”

“The night before the first article came out. We sat and talked until the shop closed. The pictures showed me giving her my number and kissing her cheek.”

“So when was your first date?”

“Funny .... we never got to have one the article didn’t go down well and things with Clive were off. He told me to leave her alone and not text it would make it look bad. Then the second article hit about her friend which was twisted, Lily hit me to defend Chloe.”

“How do you feel about the whole Lucas situation?”

“Those photos hurt me when I first saw them but she owed me nothing, I can 100% back that she had no idea that he was my teammate, she didn’t even have a clue who I was, she was angry thinking I had lied to her. I just omitted to mention who I was. I liked that she didn’t know. What happened to Chloe will come out in due course, but I can’t legally talk about it.”

“So what’s next?”

“Hopefully Chloe reads this and sees I’m telling the truth that I care about her. For me, it was love at first sight. The backlash she received was based on lies and deceit by my ex-agent. Chloe Summers is a great person and anyone who has wronged her owes her an apology. Myself included. I don’t want to lose her, it’s just the beginning, best case scenario she does what I ask!"

“And what exactly is that?”

“That is something I will keep private after everything we have been put through I owe her this, but she knows what has to happen next, the puck is in her rink.”


I’m packing the last of my suitcase up waiting for Lily to get back from class so I can say goodbye. I slept on it and it’s for the best I need a fresh start. I hear keys rustle in the door. Lily “Got here as soon as I could, did you read the article?” I shake my head. “No!” Lily looks at me. “I haven’t had a chance either class was brutal. Do you want to?”

“Not right now.” Lily slowly shakes her head. “So you’re going?” I bite my lip. “I have to Lily I’m going to miss you, I will come and visit.” Lily grabs my arms pulling me to her so we are face to face. “Just remember if you change your mind you have the dorm room to come back to until the end of term and you have a 14 day cooling-off period to Re- enrol. I love you so much I can’t believe it has come to this?”

“Me either but you are my best friend and I will see you soon. You’re not getting rid of me forever.” I cry. We stand and hug each other goodbye, for Lily being a tough cookie she has tears streaming down her face. I keep telling her it’s not forever. She had to leave to go to work plus there is no way in hell she would take me to the airport she doesn’t agree with my decision. I pick up my suitcases and make my way to the taxi that’s waiting for me. I look back and tears well in my eyes as I get into the taxi.

“To the airport please.”


The article came out hours ago I haven’t heard a peep and I am pacing my apartment, a million things are running through my head. I can’t take this anymore. I think she could be working, without thinking. I grab my coat and keys and sprint to the coffee shop hoping I see her. I know what I said but I want her to tell me to my face that she won’t forgive me, I need closure!

I burst through the door and her friend Lily is staring at me. “Is she here?” Lily crosses her arms across her chest. A few customers have recognised me and have their phones out. “Did you mean it?” I nod my head. “I meant every word. I have never lied!” Lily gives me a sad smile. “I read the article the last time I spoke to Chloe she hadn’t, I have been trying to ring her but her phone it’s off. I think it’s too late?”

“It’s not too late, she told me you live together you can just tell me where I’m going?" Lily slaps her hand to her mouth. “She didn’t tell you?” I start to panic. “Tell me what?” Lily starts to ramble. “She dropped out of law school...she’s leaving. She has a flight booked. She will be at the airport right now.” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. All of this has caused her to run, I have to stop her if she hasn’t read the article. It’s not too late? I ran out of the coffee shop and ran over to a taxi sitting at the depot.

“I need you to take me to the airport fast, it’s an emergency.” The taxi driver yells. “Well get in!”


I get through security and I am walking to the departure gate, I take a seat waiting for boarding to be called. I get out a book a few minutes later I hear whispering. “Is that her?” “omg it is.” A woman taps my shoulder. “I am so sorry but we have to know what did he ask you to do?”

“I don’t understand what do you mean? I ask, she replies. “In the article, he said he asked you to do something.” I shake my head feeling a lump form in my throat. “I haven’t read the article I’m actually leaving.” She looks shocked at my declaration. “You need to read it, you might regret it if you don’t.” She starts going through her handbag and brings out her iPad. She types something in and hands me it, I was going to tell her I didn’t want to but I saw his picture and took it from her. I’m reading it and am devouring the words that jump out of the screen at me. My heart almost stops at the answers. It’s so raw, honest he is like an open book. The lady just stares at me. "Told you, you might regret it.” I look at her shocked. “He said all that?” She nods and then she asks me the question I am asking myself. “What are you going to do?”

Just as I am about to answer the announcement comes over the system. “Could all passengers travelling on flight number 1065 please make their way to departure gate 16?” I’m shaking I’m looking at the departure gate and back at the exit, I get on my feet grabbing my bag, my body goes on autopilot and I begin to walk towards the .......................


I am running towards the ticket desk security won’t let me pass without one!

“Hi, I need to urgently buy a ticket” The Airport clerk looks shocked when she finally looks up to find me looking at her. “Ok where to Sir?”

“Anywhere domestic I just need it now.” She clicks away on the keyboard. “Ok, Sir a ticket is available for .....” I don’t care about the cost. I threw her my card.

“There you go sir, enjoy your trip” I yell back. “Thank you.” I am running through the airport trying to clear security as quickly as I can, I make it to the area with all the departure gates are I’m scanning the area to find her. I have to call Lily to find out the flight number. “Hello The Steamy Mug, how can I help?” I pant down the phone. “Lily it’s Damien what flight number is Chloe on?”

“Damien oh god itssss ......10......65.” I practically hang up mid Thanks. I run over to a departure board where there it is Flight 1065 - Gate 16. I bolt to the desk I’m panting trying to get the words out! “Excuse me ... this flight.... is it........” The airport staff looks apologetically at me. “Sir I’m sorry this flight is on the runway it’s preparing for take-off.” I look at her and my eyes are glistening with tears. I walk over to a seat. After all this it’s over she’s gone ... I watch as her flight takes to the air. My phone pings a text from Charlie.

CHARLIE Text - Mate are you ok there is a picture of you it’s saying you didn’t make it?

Jesus what now I ring Charlie. “Hey man, you ok? The picture looks brutal!” I push my palm into my eye trying to stop tears. “What are you talking about?”

“ Give me a minute. I will text you the link if you need to talk. I’m here for you?” My phone pings again and I open the link. Oh for fuck sake.



Damien Grey was seen running through the airport tonight, we can only assume he was looking for a certain Law and Order lady, by the looks of this picture he was too late, more details to flow.

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