Melting Ice

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Chapter 16

Damien’s POV

I kept my head focused with just one thing on my mind to win this game and as luck would have it we were kicking ass. We were down to the last five minutes when out of the side of my eye line, I caught a figure hurtling towards me. It was fast and by fuck it hurt. My body was smashed into the glass panel, and the force was so abrupt that my helmet came off and I fell down and everything faded away.

Chloe’s POV

I’m standing watching as the paramedics and the in-house doctor is crowded around him. I’m standing taking it all in when I realise people are working out who I am, and more importantly where I am. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I look back on the ice and they are stretching Damien off the ice. I move to the side letting them pass the whispers about me grow louder and I quickly turn trying to get out of view.

Damien’s POV

I can hear voices muffled around me, I eventually open my eyes. I’m being taken off the ice, my eyesight starts to focus ..... it can’t be those eyes, that face .... ah fuck my mind is playing tricks on me after that knock on the ice. I'm pretty sure this is a concussion. I’m hearing the words hospital being given out, not a chance it’s a minor concussion I feel... Ok. I don’t feel 100% but I know I will be fine. “NO HOSPITAL patch my head up, I’m good.” The doctor looks at me and asks me a few questions. A few tests the doctor confirms a minor celebral concussion, he stitches the cut I have at the back of my head and gives me instructions.

“Doc I’m fine this isn’t my first knock to the head.” Coach shakes his head. “Jesus Gray, you gave us one hell of a scare, so you good? I touch my head. “I will have a sore head for a few days but I should be ok Coach.” He looks around. “Well, you might want to have someone stay with you to make sure nothing happens to you.” I nod. “I will take it, onboard coach, although I must have taken a bad enough knock I was convinced I was seeing things, or should I say, person.” Coach gives me a sly smile. “You don’t say? Get your self cleaned up Gray we need to briefly talk about the McClean incident.” I’m standing in the shower getting cleaned up not letting the water hit the back of my head. When I hear a familiar voice. “You ok Damien?” Charlie asks.

“Been better but you know how it goes, what are you smiling at me like that for? Jesus, are you checking me out?” Charlie’s face goes crimson. “WHAT? No... I ... was…” I start to laugh. “Calm down I’m fucking with you!” Charlie clears his throat. “Glad to see you didn’t lose your sense of humour dickhead!” We are abruptly interrupted by Coach hollering my name. “GRAY any time today would be nice, you’re concussed don’t make me add to your injuries.” I shrug at Charlie and knock off the water. “Coming coach,” Charlie smirks at me. “That’s what she said!”

“Your mind really is in the gutter, the quiet one my ass. It’s always the quietest one you got a watch for.” I’m getting dressed when I go to knock on the office door. The door opens as I’m putting my shirt over my head and my heart stops when I hear a soft voice. “Hi, Damien.” I grab her and pull her close. “I thought you were gone. I saw your flight leave.” She bites her lip. “I never got on the flight!” I hear a voice clear at the side. “Ok ... so ... I’m just .... going to give you ... some space.” I watch as Charlie steps in. “I can take you home.” Lily smiles and blushes. “Thank you so much.”

Then out of nowhere my other teammate bursts in. “How about we go out for a drink first! It’s been quite the night?” Alexander reaches out his hand. “Hi, I am Alexander.” Lily takes his hand and smiles. “Lily.” I watch as Lily and Alexander exchange a look. “Yeah, I would like a drink!” Charlie shakes his head. “Ok drinks it is, ladies first.” I watch as they leave the office closing the door behind them. It’s only me and Chloe left in the room. I’m just staring at her. I can’t believe my eyes. I feel at any moment I am going to wake and it’s all going to fade away. “I am so sorry about everything.” Chloe gives me a small smile. “I was angry at you, then I read the article you have a way with words.”

“It was the truth, can we just forget the Clive shit?” Chloe looks at me. “Clive who?” she says jokingly. “So you want to get out of here?” She nods her head and moves closer to me. “Yeah, you want to go for a coffee?” I shake my head. “How about a beer and water instead?” Chloe gives me a megawatt smile. “Sounds good to me!” We walk out of the office to find the guys waiting for us. We head over to the bar. I’m nursing water while Chloe has a glass of wine. We find a booth in the corner and spend the night getting to know each again with a complete fresh start. I reach for her hand over the table and rub my thumb over her knuckles. She blushes at the touch, it’s still early. But I need to get home after the concussion I need to take it easy, but I really don’t want to leave Chloe.

“I really don’t want to let this night to end but after the knock I took, I really need to get home.” Chloe blows me away when she quickly lets slip. ”Will you please go on a date with me tomorrow night?” I shake my head and she lowers her gaze. I take her chin and raise her eyes to look at me. “I would like to cook for you if you feel uneasy about being at my place that’s ok I just thought you would want privacy and not have our first date all over Gossip Lips.” Chloe bites that goddam bottom lip of hers. “That’s perfect. I have your address, how does seven sound?”

“Seven would be great, hope you like Italian. I make a mean Lasagne.” she smiles again and I know the feeling I can’t keep the grin off my face around her. “It’s my favourite.” We both head for the exit when someone calls out. “Where do you think you’re going?” Alexander glares at me, “Charlie is dropping me and Chloe off home? I mean separately why?” Alexander shakes his head. “No can do, for tonight you can call me Dr Alexander. I’m on babysitting duty.” I can’t help but laugh at him. “No, you really... you don’t have to do that.” Alexander sets his drink on the table. “Sorry, the coaches orders just for tonight to make sure your concussion hasn’t broken you!”

“Oh god really? .... fine.” Lily walks over and gives Alexander a look then turns her attention to Chloe. “Are we heading home?” Chloe looks at me and takes my hand. “Yeah just getting the babysitting rota sorted apparently.” We walk out of the bar and make our way to Charlie’s truck. “Right guys come on then jump in!” Me, Chloe and Charlie are all in the truck when all our eyes travel across to where Lily and Alexander disappeared to. We patiently wait when we spot them making out, well I didn’t see that coming. Alexander keeps himself to himself, he is one of the sensible ones. Charlie lets out a yell. “Oh well, that’s one for the books.” Chloe looks at me “What do you mean?” I smile. “Alexander there is the quiet and sensible one. He doesn’t really get girls on nights out.”

“Oh god, she’s going to corrupt him.” Both me and Charlie burst out laughing Charlie toots the horn. “Haven’t got all day Princess!” Lily blushes, stands on her tiptoes and kisses Alexander’s cheek, she turns around before walking towards the truck. “Ok, I’m coming!” Chloe starts laughing and shouts out. “And that’s what she’s not saying.” Charlie looks at Chloe in awe. “I knew I was going to like you!”

“You both live in the gutter minds,” I state. Lily jumps in the car smiling for ear to ear. “Ok I’m good now, Alexander says he will meet you at your apartment. He can drop you off tomorrow to get your car if you are up for it.” We are driving and the girls are in the back chatting away. “He is a great kisser, that good I have tingles and let’s just say he is big.” Chloe glares at her. “Big?” she separates her hands out. “Anaconda big.”

Charlie looks in his rearview mirror and blurts out. “I can vouch for that.” I shake my head. “Jeez do you perv at us all?” Charlie laughs. “Need to see the competition!” I keep quiet for a minute before I ask. “Fuck it, how do I rate?” Charlie smirks, “Let just say Chloe you won’t be disappointed.” I look round to find her biting her lip and blushing, god she’s a naughty little minx, she’s part angel, part devil! Charlie pulls up at their dorm. “Good night ladies,” Charlie shouts out the window. Lily swirls around. “Goodnight perv,” I look at Chloe and whisper in her ear.

“Goodnight I will see you tomorrow.”

The door closes and I can’t help smiling. Charlie lets out a little cough whipped. “You have it bad.” I look at Charlie. “No shame of that at all.” I finally get home and Dr Alexander is waiting, well this should be fun.

Chloe’s POV

I’m getting ready for my date and I have butterflies if all goes to plan Damien is going to have a heart attack. Lily was in shock when I told her what I was going to do. She had some fun helping me out shopping today. I’m just about to leave. I text Lily a selfie.

TEXT Chloe - is this ok?

TEXT Lily - you look sexy cute, I am so proud. Go you and be safe.

I grab my bag and make my way over to Damiens. my heart is beating so fast. I knock the door and Damien opens it. “Hi, Damien.” he smiles and opens the door wider. “Hi, gorgeous.” He pulls me in for a hug and kisses me on the cheek. Grabbing my hand he brings me into his apartment. “Damien this place is insane, god I would never leave if this was home.” He looks at me and smiles. “Let’s go to the kitchen.” I take a deep breath. “Something smells so good.”

“Thank you dinner shouldn’t be too much longer, would you like a drink?” I nod. “Yes please, can I have some wine?” He pops the cork and pours me a large glass, I can’t help it the nerves get to me and I down it in one Damien watches me carefully. “Thirsty or Nerves?”

“Nerves, sorry just need to calm myself down.” Damien refills my glass. “Relax, it’s just dinner. Thankfully the company is much better tonight. Dr Alexander was watching me like a hawk; he doesn’t really have great bedside manners.” I give him a little laugh. “Well least he looked after you he is a pretty decent teammate to do that. Can I use your bathroom please?”

“Yeah, of course, it’s the second door there on your left.” I pick up my bag and walk towards the bathroom. “Holy shit that bath, I seriously have jealousy right now,” I yell down the hall. Damien gives me a cheeky grin. “You can try it out sometime if .... sorry that was inappropriate.”

“That bath is what is inappropriate.” I close the door and open my bag. I fix my hair and makeup and take one last look at myself. I open the door and make my way back out to Damien. He has his back to me when I clear my throat to catch his attention.

Damien's POV

I’m checking dinner while Chloe is using my bathroom. I’m surprised I didn’t scare her off with the bathtub comment. I didn’t imply it in a dirty pervy way. I’m getting another glass of wine when I hear her clear her throat... I turn around and look at her and my jaw drops. I am stunned. “I thought I could maybe make you feel better?” I stammer my words. “Uhhhhh Chl…”

“I’m so sorry Damien.” Holy shit she is about to run off when I quickly walk toward her grabbing her so she is facing me. I have to have her, taste her. I bring her lips to mine. I can’t stop myself. I put my arms around her ass and pick her up. I walk us to the counter and set her gently on it, never breaking the kiss. I am rock hard within seconds of kissing her. It’s been so long, I was planning on taking this slow but with her like this, it’s just not going to happen. I pull back panting. “Chloe, you are something special. ”

“Damien I am not this type of girl but with you, I want you right now.” I start to kiss down her chest, my hands are sliding up her legs until I’m at her waist. Her chest is rising so rapidly I reach for the zip on her very sexy costume.


“Oh, Fuck please stop” I plead.

Could all residents please evacuate the building, Could all residents please evacuate the building.

“Not tonight are you shitting me.” I turn off the oven and give Chloe one of my coats to wear. She puts it on. We make our way down to the designated area for times like these. We have been standing outside for ages. I look down at Chloe, my coat has slipped open. I go to help her close it up. She watches and smiles up at me. “To be continued later.”

Finally, we are allowed back in after a lengthy wait. Some tit hit one of the fire alarms; it was a false alarm after all. We make our way back up to my place. I open my door and lead her in. I grab her, pulling her tight against me. “So where were we?” Chloe kisses me. “Right about here.” She lets my coat fall to the ground. I’m about to kiss her when my phone starts going crazy in my pocket. “I am so sorry, let me just sort this real quick.” I open my phone and there it is again.



Looks like Damien Gray is being well looked after with his concussion. Who knew Chloe Summers was qualified in the medical field by the looks of these photos she should be checking his heart rate. We are sure his pulse is racing with an outfit like that?

“Chloe, our date night isn’t exactly private anymore.” Chloe looks confused. “What?” I hand her my phone.

“Oh Fuck.”

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