Melting Ice

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Chapter 17

TRIGGER WARNING - Some readers may find parts of this chapter upsetting. It is not graphic in detail but it may trigger some.

Chloe’s POV

A few months later...

Damien and I have gone from strength to strength the media backed off a little once the article came out about Clive. I went back to school and got my job back at the Steamy Mug. I’m not going to lie every public date we go on there is always a write up about it, it’s insane why they are so invested but it’s getting a little easier to deal with. When I go to watch the games I hide out in the coaches office and watch on screen. Yeah, there are family boxes but I haven’t been quite ready to meet the families and have everyone stare and take pictures. The last few days something feels weird. Since me and Damien made it official on the infamous fire alarm night I always feel like someone is watching me. I thought I was being paranoid at first but my gut is telling me to be on my guard.

I told Damien about how I was feeling so when I have any night shifts at work he comes and meets me at closing and we go back to his place.

The rest of the time I’m not alone so I don’t freak out. This weekend is the final game of the season. This weekend I will finally meet Damien’s parents who are flying in and I will be sitting in the family box. I am bricking it. Damien has repeatedly told me not to worry that they will love me.

I am working my usual Friday night and it’s starting to die down, I have another twenty minutes to go before Damien is here. I make my way around the tables picking up mugs and plates. I’m singing away to myself when the doorbell rings. I don’t get to see who has walked in.

“Hi, I will be with you in a minute.” I hear a voice I haven’t heard in a while and I almost drop the mugs in my hand. “Yes you will but don’t worry I have waited this long, I can wait some more.” I’m feeling uneasy as he looks at me with such venom. I put the mugs and plates on the table and start backing up to the counter. I’m trying to find my keys for the back door. Clive walks in and locks the snip on the door. I clear my throat. “Damien will be here any minute Clive what do you want?” Clive stalks towards me. “No need to lie, Chloe, we both know he isn’t here just yet and won’t be for a while. You and I have some time together. I have been watching you for quite a while. Have to say you looked very sexy in that little nurse’s outfit.”

“It’s been you? I haven’t been crazy.” Clive snarls at me. “Yip, I was wanting to torture you a wee bit longer I could see you glancing over your shoulder, making sure windows where locked you even added extra locks. I have just been waiting for the right time. It feels right... now. You took everything from me, you turned Damien against me and now here we are. I’m going to cost Damien his championship. How’s he going to focus when he sees what I am going to do to you!!” I start to panic. “You’re outta your freaking mind.”

Clive looks me up and down and I feel the bile sit in my throat. “At first I couldn’t see what Damien saw in you but seeing you together on your dates in those little skimpy outfits, well I changed my mind. I need to feel what all the fuss is about. I am going to rip Damien apart and leave you both with nothing after I have finished.” I feel sick. He is looking at me with a sinister look as he starts stalking towards me. I feel the tears burn the back of my eyes, this can’t be happening. “Let’s have a little fun shall we?”

I stand up straight. “You can fucking try,” I scream. Clive lunges for me. “Excellent choice of words, that’s the plan.” I feel a sharp pain to my scalp as he yanks my hair pushing me to the ground all I can think to myself is, Oh god please no ..........

Damien’s POV

Chloe and I have been together for a few months and I don’t want to scud it but things couldn’t be more perfect. I’m on my way to meet Chloe at the Steamy Mug. She told me she feels like someone is watching her and is feeling uneasy. When I’m with her she constantly looks over her shoulder and I’m starting to feel bad. She didn’t sign up for this but people following us is common due to who I am. I explained this to Chloe that it’s just journalists but she isn’t convinced that that’s what’s happening. It’s hard to convince her and it breaks my heart when she begs me not to look at her like she’s crazy so to put her mind at ease I promised that I would collect her from work at the end of her shifts and she never leaves class without a friend.

I’m nearly at the shop when I see blue flashing lights, police and a crowd, Oh fuck. I run over to the police line and the police officer glares at me. “My girlfriend is in there, what happened? Please I have to see Chloe, is she all right?” He just stares at me with the usual line. “Sorry, sir you can’t come through.” I start to get a bad feeling I take one more shot. “But it’s my girlfriend please just tell me she’s alright?” I look up and see paramedics wheel someone into the ambulance. I can’t get a proper look at who it is, I start to panic until I hear someone shout my name.

“DAMIEN... Damien.” I give the police officer one more pleading look. The police officer lets me under the police line. I run as quickly as I can to her and pull her for a hug, her mascara is all down her face, her hair is everywhere and her outfit has been ripped, leaving her exposed. I take off my jacket and cover her. I am trying to calm her down when a police officer comes our way.

“Miss Summers I know you have been through a lot but do you mind if you take us through what happened here, we will need a statement to be made at the station but for now can you just briefly tell us what happened?”

Chloe takes a deep breath and wraps my jacket tighter around her bruised body. “Chloe I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you,” I say apologetically. The Policeman turns his attention to me. “I don’t understand what didn’t you believe?”

Her voice comes out as a whisper. “I felt someone was following me for a while. I thought I was going crazy!”

“And you never reported it, am guessing? Can you please tell us what happened?” Chloe wipes away her years. “He started saying things to me about him losing everything it was my fault, he said he wanted to know what the fuss was all about and he wanted to feel me. He started to come at me. He yanked my hair and pushed me to the ground, but I defended myself against him as best I could, he tried to get my clothes off, that’s why everything’s ripped. At some point, I struggled against him. I lost my footing and he was on top of me trying to kiss me. I was able to free myself from his grip and punched him in the face, he fell backwards, I was able to get up.”

She pauses for a few breaths and continues. “He then grabbed my leg pulling me back down to the ground he came over me trying to undo my...” she starts to cry. I put my arms around her. “jeans at that point I heard the police sirens it startled him and that’s when I gave him another punch he fell back, he scrambled for me again but I punched him in the ribs and kicked him hard in the face. That’s when you guys burst through the door”. She starts to sob and the police officer nods his head. “Thank you, Miss Summers, that will be all for now but we will be in contact again. You are very lucky you were able to defend yourself so well.”

I watch as she gives the officer a sad smile. “Well I didn’t do kickboxing all those months for nothing, just never planned to use it under these circumstances.”

“I’m so proud of you for defending yourself. That sick son of a bitch will get what he deserves, a lot of years in jail. I’m so sorry this is all my fault again. He is angry at me. I can’t believe he would come after you this way.” Chloe sobs into my chest as I pull her close. “Can I stay with you tonight? I don’t want to be away from you right now.”

“Of course, let’s go.” When we get back to my place she asks if she can take a shower. When I walk in she has scrubbed herself so hard she’s red. I look at her and she gazes at me.

“Don’t look at me like that Damien.” I feel sick to my stomach as I ask. “Like what?” Chloe shakes. “Guilty I’m fine, really he never got to hurt me, it could have been worse but he is at the police station and he can’t hurt us. I just want to forget it ever happened, please help me forget.”

I stand in shock. “What?” She opens the shower door and walks out and kisses me. She pushes me so that I’m next to the sink. “Chloe I can’t.” She looks at me with her big eyes and I crumble. “Please Damien I need you, I cant have his touch be the last thing on my body right now.”

How the fuck am I going to do this I can’t focus right now Chloe sensing my hesitation takes matters into her own hands literally. I decide to give her what she asks for. “Turn round baby.” l push down my boxers, grabbing a condom from the bathroom drawer I roll it down my hard cock. I push her back down so she is bent over and I can see her in the mirror. I grab her breasts one in each hand. “Chloe you’re so fucking sexy” I take my hand and move it lower so I’m rubbing her clit, moving in circular motions. “Damien please....”

“Please what? Use your words, Chloe.” She screams out. “I want your cock.” I find her wet pussy and push the tip in and out, again and again until she begs. “More... please, I swear you’re not going to break me.” I thrust my entire length into her, she lets out a loud moan, I come out of her again and move slowly back in. “Harder please just fuck me” she pants. “Anything for you.” I slam into her and fuck her relentlessly. I’m watching in the mirror her tits bounce. I catch her watching me, I smile at her and she’s watching me fuck her, I get so aroused my dick throbs, Chloe moans and whimpers as her walls are clenching like a vice. “Ohhh Damien I’m coming.”

“Please baby come with me I’m so close.” Chloe screams, “Fucccckkkk Damien.” She is watching me in the mirror. I am bent over her leaning my head near the back of her head. “Chloe I love you,” Chloe whispers. “I love you too.”

We clean up and get ready for bed, Chloe curls into my chest and I rub her back. “Can we stay like this forever?” she asks.

“I would love that, it’s my favourite time of day when I get you like this.” Chloe looks up at me. “I need you to make me a promise Damien.” I nod but stay quiet. “After tonight the Clive chapter is done, he has messed us about since day one. I refuse to let the prick break me or us. So I need you to promise me that you will go out tomorrow night and win the championship, we need to show him that his plan didn’t work and if anything it made us stronger and more determined than ever that nothing he does will matter. He doesn’t matter.”

I watch as a single tear slides down her cheek. “I’m not going to lie. I keep thinking about tonight and the what-ifs. If you promise me you are alright and you will go and talk to someone about what has happened so you don’t keep it bottled up, I promise you that what happened tonight will not go on the ice and I will try to help win the championship for my team and you.” We both nod and agree to say it together.




“PROMISE,” we both say at the same time.

At that moment I decide I need to do something special for Chloe. She has been through so much since we have been together and she deserves a treat, tomorrow I’m going to make some plans and surprise her after the championship win or lose.

It’s the day of the championship game and my parents have arrived. Chloe and I are collecting them from the airport and I watch as the nerves get to Chloe. I squeeze her hand and give her a smile. “It’s going to be fine.”

Chloe’s POV

We arrive at the airport and wait at the arrivals door. Damien is holding my hand trying to settle my nerves. “Babe there they are.” I see his mum and dad walking towards us, they look at Damien and smile, his mum looks at me, I can’t get a read on her, does she hate me, she hands Damien her bag and looks at him. Then looks at me then out of nowhere she gives me the biggest smile. “Chloe honey it is so nice to finally meet you, Damien has told us so much about you, I feel I already know you. Come here let me get a look at you. She’s a keeper Damien don’t fuck this up. I like her already and have a good feeling.” Damien smiles at his mum.

“Don’t need to tell me twice mum.” I watch as his dad pats him on the back and smiles at me. “Hi son, so good to see you, Chloe it’s lovely to finally meet you in person.” I smile at them. “It’s so nice to meet you both. I can’t lie I have been so nervous to meet you, but you have instantly put me at ease thank you.”

Damiens dad pulls me in for a hug. “No need to thank us, you have made our son very happy.” Damiens mum starts looking through her bag. “We got you a little present Chloe.”

I take the gift and open it to pull out a jersey with my name and Damien’s number on the back.

“Now you’re officially part of the family we all have one, couldn’t very well have you left out sweetheart.” I begin to cry and his mum pulls me in for a hug. It’s so nice, I can’t believe how amazing they are. Damien looks at me and gives me a little wink. “Told you they would love you,” he whispers. We leave the airport and we take Damiens mum and dad to his apartment so they can relax before tonight. Me and his mum and chatting up a storm over a cup of coffee and Damien and his dad are all about the upcoming game tonight. Damien has to leave and head to the arena. “Bye mum and dad see you later” he hugs his mum tightly. “Bye son good luck.”

His dad gives him a hard pat on the back. “Good luck, we will see you after the game.” Damien walks me to the door with his bag he leans in and kisses me. I wish him good luck and hand him a little present of his own. “What is this?” I smile as he opens it, he pulls me in for a kiss. “Just a little good luck charm, I have a secret to tell you, every game you have played I have had it with me. Thought since tonight’s the biggest game you should have it, it’s been lucky for the team.” Damien looks at me and then back to the gift.

“Just when I think you’re already perfect you do something like this, I love you so much I will see you after the game.” I watch as the love of my life makes his way out the door.

“Good luck baby give them hell.”

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