Melting Ice

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Chapter 18

Chloe’s POV

Damien’s parents and I head over to the arena. We are escorted through to the family boxes. I look around and the arena is packed, there isn’t an empty seat in the house. It’s a few minutes until puck off, Damien’s dad is walking over to me with a big grin and a few beers in his hand.

“I hope you like beer Chloe. It’s a rule we have that you have to enjoy a beer during the game. Even Damien’s Mum has one, even though she’s more a wine woman.” I smile up at him and he hands me a beer. “Well, then how can I say no to that and just so you know I love a wee cheeky beer.” He looks at me and gives me a little laugh, the arena erupts into screams, drums and whistles. The crowd is on their feet. “LET’S GO RANGERS, LET’S GO!”

Damiens dad looks at my half-empty cup, smiles and leans in. “It’s good to know I have a decent drinking buddy for games then, Here we go.” The players are being introduced as they come on the ice. I can’t help it when they call Damiens, name and number. I take to my feet again. “Whooooooooooooooooooooo let’s go Gray.” I can hear chatter beside me. “She’s made for this family honey.”

“Damien has a good one and I have a drinking partner. It’s a win-win.” his dad admits. I blush when they say that about me. The whistle blows and the first period hits off the teams are both giving good as each other, there are a few little fights and a lot of sin bin action for hooking, high sticking and holding. The crowd is loving every minute of it, I am having so much fun and Damien’s dad is bringing me a beer as soon as my cup is empty.

“I think I’m going to have trouble keeping up with this one darling.” Damiens mum smiles at her husband. “Well you always complained that I nursed the same beer all night, now you have someone who’s matching you.” I smile at them both. “It’s just the atmosphere. It is electric or its nerves.” The second period begins and the score is 2-2, the Irish Rangers have come out strong taking another two goals, the screams are deafening each goal that went in. The other team are on the attack but only concede one goal. We are waiting for the last period to start when I see the media box, I catch a glimpse of Melody. I still haven’t brought it up to Damien but I can’t understand after last night why there hasn’t been a hysteria of the media harassing me and asking questions. I’m drawn back from my thoughts when I hear the whistle blows.

After a few minutes the other team scores making the game equal again, my nerves are shot and the suspense is killing me. The final whistle blows. “What now?”

“We go into overtime, the first goal wins the game and the championship.” I look at him with one more question. “What happens if there are no goals?” Damiens mum sighs. “Then it’s a shootout. I hope it doesn’t come to that. It’s always a cruel way to do things.” The overtime begins and the clock is running down, the team tries so hard but the defence was stronger not giving them a chance to take a goal. It goes to a shootout. The opposing team goes first. The player goes to the ice and takes the shot and makes the goal. Charlie starts to move down the ice and the crowd erupts GOAL, Then the other team takes the next one and doesn’t miss. Alexander takes to the ice and gets the puck to the back of the net. The next player for the rival team takes his shot and misses. This is it, we need to score. Its Gray taking it, I’m shaking like a leaf, Damien’s mum and dad both grab my hand to try and settle my nerves. I don’t know how they are so calm, he glides across the ice, swings his stick...

GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. The crowd is on their feet, jumping up and down, beer and popcorn are flying everywhere. The team burst onto the ice to celebrate. The arena is on a high. Damien’s mum and dad are hugging me when I look back on the ice Damien has removed his helmet and is looking at me, his hand makes his way up to his neck where he pulls out my charm necklace I gave him and kisses it. I mouth back to him, I love you. The players from both sides line up to shake each other’s hands, then the Irish Rangers are awarded their trophy, the team and the supporters cheer so loud it’s insane. Each player holding the trophy skates around the rink waving and cheering with the crowds.

After the celebrating is over on the ice the players can make their way to the locker room, We make our way to wait for the players to come out. They all start making their way out; they all scrub up well and are in their suits. I finally see Damien he is over at the media section, answering questions from journalists when that’s done, Damien’s parents go over to congratulate him on the win. They are so proud of him and I feel the same. He is amazing and sharing this with him is so special. Damien looks at me and gives me the biggest grin, I run up to him and jump in his arms he wraps his arms under my ass.

“Hi, Baby.” I can’t help but pepper him in kisses, I think its the beer. “Hi, Handsome.” He leans in and kisses me. There is a party being held at the bar near the arena for the players and their families. He grabs my hand and leads me outside to the car. We arrive at the bar and it’s packed. Everyone is having a great time. Alexander is at the bar when I watch Lily approach him, his face lights up when he sees her, she stands on her tiptoes and kisses his cheek. They make a really cute couple. I am brought out of my trance when a whisper comes over my shoulder. “What are you watching?” I nod my head in a direction not wanting to point and make it obvious. “Those two.” Damien pulls me closer. “He likes her, don’t say anything but he is going to ask her out on a date. Poor boy has it bad.”

Damien’s POV

I’m standing with Chloe watching Alexander and Lily hit it off. My parents are about to leave. I let mum have my keys to go back to my place to let us boys have the rest of the night to celebrate.

“So it would appear your lucky charm worked” Chloe smiles at me. “Looks that way.” There is a cheeky glint in her eyes, I know that look all too well. “How are you feeling?” Chloe kisses my cheek. “I would like to ask you that question considering you and the team won the championship, this is amazing for you Damien.” I look around the room finding my teammates. “It’s amazing, it’s hard to describe. It’s just a shame we can’t celebrate properly later.” I watch as she bites her bottom lip. “I think I know a place that’s free.” A few hours later the bar is kicking us out. We are waiting for our Uber to arrive when we catch Lily and Alexander heading off together. Chloe sends Lily a text message.

Chloe Text - I spy with my little eye something beginning with ..... you leaving the bar with Alexander 😉.

“I won’t be hearing from her, she is going to be too busy.” I wrap my arms around my girl. “I would like to be busy?” Chloe tilts her head into my neck. “Is that so?” The Uber arrives. I’m rubbing Chloe’s thigh up and down as she gives the driver her dorm address, chances are Lily won’t be there. Chloe takes her hand and starts to rub my cock over my trousers, I’m so turned on this Uber needs to hurry up before I fuck her in the back seat. In the ten minutes, we have been in the back of this car we have worked each other up. We eventually make it to Chloe’s door. I pick her up and close the door with my foot, I make my way to her bed where I throw her down, she gives me a giggle. “This all needs to come off now.” I have nothing but lust in tone.

I’m taking off her clothes kissing every part of flesh I find... she is perfect and the fact I have learned all her sweet spots, all those moans and whimpers it’s such a turn on. I look at her and take off my shirt and start to undo my buckle. My trousers fall to the ground and I tug my boxers off.

When we arrived I was convinced I was going to fuck her hard and fast but seeing her I need more... I start to kiss her body till I find her lips. “Damien I need you.”I look into her eyes with so much sincerity. “Chloe... I love you so much.” I take out a condom but Chloe stops me. “Wait!” I quickly pull back. “What’s wrong?” Chloe whispers. “We don’t have to use one, I’m on the pill.” I shake my head in disbelief. “Are you sure?” she nods gently. “Yeah, I want this.”

I line my erection to her entrance and ease into her wet core, moving in nice and slow, Chloe lets out a whimper, as I move in and out at pace, that is slow and sensual, I kiss Chloe and look at her, I don’t want to fuck her like I said I needed more and this right here is it, no barriers, it’s just me and her, the woman I love, so it was only fitting that tonight I made love to her. I pick up the pace a little and I can feel Chloe close to coming. “Damien right there.” I gaze into her eyes. I can barely hold back. “Come with me baby please I need you so much.” We both come together, I don’t take my eyes off her the entire time. I eventually roll off her and place her in my arms, pulling the blanket over us and she places her head on my chest at some point we both drifted off, cause the next thing I know the sun is beaming onto my face, I wake up to find Chloe still hugging into me, I don’t want this moment to end so I watch her for while taking in every feature she has.

“Morning.” She wakes and smiles at me. “Morning baby.” She wiggles into me. “Did you sleep well?” I smile at her. “I haven’t slept like that, since the last time we shared a bed, it’s always better when you are around. I hate sleeping alone.”

“I don’t want to ruin this but I have to ask you something?” She says I sit up a little. “You have me a little worried.” She gives me a little sad smile. “No it’s nothing really bad I just want to know, about the other night, why haven’t I been hounded by the media about it?” I tuck her hair behind her ear. “I called Melody, she knew what happened and who was involved, they weren’t allowed to release anything like names and such due to it being an ongoing investigation, so they released a story that omitted the things that would lead to you being harassed. Melody has promised me that when Clive gets sentenced she will allow you to give your side of the story so nothing gets twisted. I made her a deal so the media will back off and leave you alone. Melody called in a few favours.” Chloe climbs into my lap. “Thank you so much that means a lot... What kinda deal?”

“I would do anything for you, as for the deal when it happens I will let you know, high chances you will be there when it happens.” Chloe looks at me with surprise. “I am intrigued but thank you again for looking after me. You are the best boyfriend ever. So what’s the plan for today?”

“Well my mum and dad leave tonight so thought it might be nice to go have lunch with them before they go to the airport if that’s OK with you?” Chloe smiles. “That sounds perfect.” Chloe and I get ready and head back to my apartment to meet my parents, I take them to my favourite Italian restaurant. We take them to the airport and say our goodbyes. As I drive back to my apartment I look over at Chloe a few times, she is perfect, I feel settled and comfortable when she is around me, even though the poor girl can’t carry a note. I still love hearing her sing along to the radio. We arrive at my apartment, I get us both a beer from my fridge and we sit on the sofa. I bring her over so she is in my lap, I kiss her neck and whisper in her ear. “I have a present for you.” Chloe raises her eyebrows and smiles. “I can tell, he is very excited to be here.” I can’t help but laugh. “No not him although he loves the attention, It’s over there on the coffee table.” Chloe walks over to the coffee table and picks up the envelope I left for her. “What’s this?”

Open it and find out.” She comes back over and straddles my lap as she opens the envelope.

To my Chloe

You deserve a date like no other, so pack your bags as we head out on an adventure just for two. We leave at 10 am sharp.

Love you always Damien

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