Melting Ice

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Chapter 19


I have my bags packed and I’m waiting for Damien to pick me up he hasn’t told me where we are going just to pack for five days of hot weather, he is so sneaky but he planned it well considering his hockey season is just over and I am on half-term break from school. I get a text on my phone.

Damien Text - Hope you are ready? Get your sweet ass downstairs.

I grab my bag and make my way down to meet him. “Hello, Beautiful.” I smile as he leans in and kisses my cheek. “Hello, Handsome.” He puts my bag into the car and we start to drive off, I am asking him a thousand questions for even a hint but he isn’t budging, he pulls over and pulls something from the glove compartment. “Please put this on.” I bite my lip. “Oh very kinky.” Damien tsks at me. “Keep it clean, it’s just so I can keep this a surprise."


I watch as she places the blindfold over her eyes, I then whisper in her ear. “But don’t worry we can use it any other time you want.” I hear her nervous laughter as I start the car again and head to our destination, I park the car and get out of the driver side, I make my way to Chloe’s side, opening the door and taking her hand.

“Ok, you can take the blindfold off.” Chloe’s jaw hits the ground. “HOLY SHIT... Is this for us?” I pull her hand and lead the way. “Yeah it is, are you ready to go?” Chloe quizzes. “Where to?”

“Nice try it’s still a surprise,” I laugh. We are on the private plane and just a few hours into the flight, Chloe has taken it all in and can’t keep the smile from her face when the captain announces that we are coming into land she looks out the window trying to gauge where we are. When we land I have a limo waiting to take us to the next part of our trip. “I’m not being funny but we haven’t reached our final destination and I am already impressed Damien,” I smirk over at her. “Baby you haven’t seen anything yet.” The limo pulls up to the harbour, Chloe’s eyes light up. I can’t tell what she is fully thinking. She hasn’t said a lot I can tell she is just taking it all in.

“Seriously what could possibly be next?” I smile and pull her close to my body. “Well just take a look over there.” I point her out to the boat waiting for us, I take her hand and walk us up the jetty. I help her onto the boat and she is beaming from ear to ear. “You are a dark horse, Mr Gray.”

“You haven’t seen the last bit,” I whisper. After a twenty-minute boat trip, her face finally drops, a tear slips down her cheek. “You like it?” Chloe stammers her words which means I did well. “You can’t be serious?” I smile and nod. “Yes, I am very serious, it’s home for the next five days baby.” We pull up to a little piece of paradise, we have had very little privacy when we go out on dates, the only time we do is when we are at each other’s places and to be honest, she deserves better so I decided to plan this trip for us both. "I rented the entire island out, it’s just us." I wait for her to give something away.

“Are you crazy?” I shrug and then laugh.” We deserve this, we have nothing to worry about, just me and you for five days uninterrupted day and night, no date night articles to ruin this.” I grab her hand and we are greeted with Champagne and escorted to our water villa. Chloe is beaming and jumping around kissing me all over. “I will say this at least a million times over the next five days but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

I kiss her and nuzzle her neck. “Anything for you!” We head to the beach, she looks out of this world. “Baby I think we should just go back with you wearing that. We can explore the island tomorrow, right now I want to explore all of that.” I look at her body up and down. Chloe looks over her shoulder and gives me a little wink. “How about we explore the island and maybe we will find somewhere secluded, we could explore each other?”

“You drive a hard bargain but OK, I accept.” Over the next four days, we enjoy each other, it’s so easy being with Chloe, we snorkel, we sleep, we have sex a lot, she reads while I just sit and watch her, it has been out of this world. Part of me is gutted that we are on our last day tomorrow before we head back to reality. I organised a romantic dinner and we spent it overlooking the beach. She looks stunning, I have enjoyed her company so much that it has made me realise that I don’t ever want to be apart from her. “Chloe these last few days have been amazing, I love you so much, I know that you have your studies to focus on as you go into your last year, I was just wondering that when we get home would you consider moving in with me?”

She drops her fork and just looks at me wide-eyed. “Damien are you serious? Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon? Does me not being twenty one put you off trying to settle down, you don’t even know my past.... you never pushed me to talk about it!”

I hold out my hand over the table and take her hand in mine. “Chloe I know you’re the one for me. I hate going to bed and waking up without you next to me. These last few days have shown me that when I’m at home by myself that it’s you I’m missing, if you feel you aren’t ready that’s ok we can wait, I don’t care your twenty-one, it’s just a number and I know we have gently brought your family life up but I always said when you were ready to tell me, that would be fine. You don’t have to give me an answer right away you ca....” before I finish the sentence Chloe shouts out, “Yes!” I have to repeat her answer just to make sure I hear her correctly. “Yes?” She smiles at me and gives my hand a little squeeze. “Yes Damien I will move in with you, I love you and I don’t want anyone else.”

“I have this for you.” I pull from my pocket my present to her. “It’s the key to our place Chloe.” I watch as her bottom lip trembles. “Chloe I would give you the world.” She starts to fidget with the key in her hands looking down at them, Then out of nowhere she opens up and tells me her story.

“When I was born I was a mistake, an accident, my mother fell pregnant at seventeen and didn’t want me but her parents said she had to keep me as it was the right thing to do. When my grandparents passed away, my granny passed to cancer when I was five and my grandad had a heart attack when I was eight. Grandad and my mum fought the piece out and it was getting worse, my mum was out partying she never wanted me I was an inconvenience to her lifestyle. So when I was left with just her, I had to look after myself.” I’m watching her, I want to pick her up and hug her but she is in a zone right now and I can tell she wants to get this out. Tears begin to free-fall down her cheeks. It’s like watching a waterfall of emotion.

“Then a few weeks after my grandad’s funeral, I went to school and I was waiting to be picked up... I was sitting outside in the rain when one of the teachers found me. She just left me there and she never came back. The social services came to the school and asked me some questions. I gave them the address and when they arrived at my home all her stuff was gone, no note she just took off. I was immediately placed with a temporary foster family until they could find me a permanent place. I was angry and bitter, I lashed out. I have bounced around, no one could handle me. Then at fifteen, I was placed with Nora, a woman in her 60s. I was to be her last foster child. For a few weeks, she didn’t say much, she gave me space. Nora never pushed for interaction with me, all she asked was that I go to school, then one night I heard her sing along to a sone one that I recognised immediately. My grandparent’s favourite song Billie Holiday, I’ll be seeing you. I started to cry, I didn’t feel alone and I thought this was fate that they sent me to Nora for a reason. I walked into the kitchen to find her making a pie, without saying anything I picked up a rolling pin and started to help her roll the pastry, she continued to sing and then she put an arm around me and pulled me in for a hug. After that night I buckled down, got my grades up, and well decided in a world where shit happens I wanted to help protect people so I wanted to become a solicitor to defend against bad people." she takes a deep breathe calming her.

“Chloe you did it again!” Chloe looks at me through her tears. “What? she asks. “You surprised me again. Thank you for sharing that with me. You will always have me. I’m not going anywhere. So can I ask what happened with Nora?” She smiles at me. “Well, when I turned eighteen and got my university place. She told me she had a dream and with my help, we mapped it out. So Nora got a passport, packed a suitcase and did what she had been saving for, after years of looking after us foster kids, she is off seeing the world, right now she is in Japan. That’s why you haven’t met her. We keep in contact through emails.”

“Can I meet her someday?” I watch as Chloe wipes her tears and smiles up at me. “I would love you to meet her, she knows all about you, she says she needs to give you a seal of approval.” We finish our meal and we head back to our villa, we get into the hot tub. She has her back to my chest, we spend the time just sitting there in silence listening to the ocean. I love this girl to pieces and hearing her past I want to protect her more than ever, I will be her family from now on. I’m going nowhere she has me forever. She then gets up, looks at me with her big eyes, she starts to remove her bikini top and bottoms and she bites her lip. “Take me to bed Damien.” I am sporting the biggest hard-on for her after that little tease, it was a no brainer I got out of the water, I picked her up bridal style and carried her to our bed. I made love to her all night long, I cherished everything about her, I savoured every minute with her. We were so in the moment that the next thing we knew the sun was rising as we lay entangled with each other watching it together.


We have had the most amazing time away just the two of us. We both slept on the flight home after not getting much sleep. I can’t believe he asked me to move in with him. I feel so safe with him that I finally told him about my past. He sat and listened to me, it was a relief to share it with him as there were no more secrets. I felt some anger come back when I was talking about her, but when I was telling him about Nora. I calmed myself down again. When we landed I finally turned on my phone... I had a voicemail ... “Miss Summers, if you can give us a call it’s about the investigation about you and Mr Black.” I find somewhere quiet and call the number back.

“Hello, this is Officer Diaz.” I clear my throat but still stammer my words. “Hi this is Miss Summers, I had a voicemail asking to call.”

“Yes, of course, it’s just to let you know that Clive signed a full confession and pleaded guilty, the case has been finalised and will go to court, because he pleaded guilty you don’t need to give evidence, and the courts will protect your anonymity. Unless you waive your right the media will not be allowed to use your name.” I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding onto. “That is such a relief, thank you so much.” Damien is looking at me wondering what’s going on, when I come off the call I almost buckle. I tell him about the case update when all of a sudden he spins me around and kisses me. “I believe we have some boxes to move this weekend.” Everything seems to be falling into place and I finally feel content I look at Damien and rub my hand across his cheek. “Yes, we do!” Damien gives me a lift back to my dorm, he kisses me goodbye and says he will see me later, he is off to make some closet space for me. I burst through my dorm room to find Lily and give her the news.

“Oh fuck my eyes... Jesus Christ could you not do that here? Do you not own a bed?” Lily blushes a little but smiles. “Welcome home Chloe” I look over to find a more sheepish looking Alexander covering his very impressive piece. “Hi Chloe ... we ... weren’t... your early” I watch as poor Alexander tries to get his boxers on, he is falling over himself and I can’t help but laugh.

“Well, I’m going to just.... leave.” Alexander stutters as Lily waves him off. “See ya later sexy.” I turn around to look at my friend. “So you and Alexander going strong I see.” Lily starts to giggle. “Oh yes, indeed lots of fun with that one.” I walk over to the sofa carefully avoiding Lily's clothes that are strewn all over the floor when I find her robe I throw it at her laughing.

“So I have some news.”

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