Melting Ice

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Chapter 2


I woke up after having the most amazing night. All my dreams were of the girl who has truly captured my attention. I am rudely taken from my daydream when my phone vibrates. I pick it up to see missed calls, voicemails, and texts. What the hell have I missed? I scroll the texts from my agent.

Have you seen Gossip Lips? Who is she? Who took the photos? How long has it been going on? You’re planning on proposing? Did you background check her? Call me urgently!

What the hell, what girl? What proposal? What the fuck did I miss? I look up Gossip Lips and there it is top of the page: me kissing a girl. It takes me a few minutes to work out when this was taken in my sleepy state. I have been out with the boys but I haven’t had a girl in ages and I certainly haven’t been pictured with one. The puck girls always made sure the media knew where we were to make sure they got pictures taken with the players. Then I looked closer at the picture there from last night and I wasn’t even kissing Chloe! I read the article.



Rumours have it that Damien Grey has been playing tonsil hockey with Law student Chloe Summers for quite some time. The 21-year-old student who was placed up for adoption at birth and raised in foster care up until she turned 18 has well and truly landed on her feet, bagging Mr Grey who is set to sign one of history’s largest endorsement deals later this week. A source says that Mr Grey has even planned to propose to the student giving up his womanising ways.

“Holy shit, they make her sound like a poor girl who is nailing me for my money! What source? This is complete bullshit.”

I hear banging at my door. I walk over and look in the peephole, it’s my agent Clive, and he looks pissed.

“Good morning, Clive, and what can I do for you this morning?”

Clive storms past me. “What the fuck are you playing at and of all the weeks, I’m your agent you are supposed to tell me these things beforehand so I can sway the story to our benefit or sweep them under the carpet. This is a mess. Who is the girl and where have you been hiding her?”

I rub my hand through my hair. “It’s not what it looks like they made the story up. We didn’t even kiss well on the lips. I kissed her good night on the cheek. Chloe works in the coffee shop I frequent.”

Clive paces back and forth. “So she’s a nobody and we can just tell them that and explain to them it’s a mistake. Try to get a retraction.”

I can feel my anger levels rise. “Wow, hold on, she’s somebody ok she’s a girl I was hoping to get to know. She had no clue who I was. And this story is bullshit. Not to be a dick, but I pay you to sort this shit out. I expect it to be handled quickly.”

Clive stops abruptly, glaring at me. “You like this girl? How do you know she didn’t know who you were, how can you be so sure! Strangely, you get photographed with this girl the same week you are going to sign this endorsement deal!”

I fist my hands into balls, trying to compose myself. I don’t like what he is implying. “Say nothing else, Clive. I have been going to this coffee shop for months. She barely looked at me and last night was the first night I spoke properly to her. So watch what you’re saying. She’s a nice girl and we need to get a handle on this quickly. I need the article removed, and the media told the truth. Hopefully, Chloe doesn’t need to know anything about the article.”

Clive glares at me. “I think it’s safe to say the ship sailed about 30 minutes ago. You would have known that if you picked up your fucking phone. The story has been picked up by multiple outlets now, it’s no longer only on Gossip Lips.”

“What do we do?” I sigh.

I watch as Clive is busy with his phone until he finally looks up at me. “We lie low and hopefully in a few days or two one of your teammates does something stupid to take the heat off you! I can try to put out a statement but it’s out there already and people are going to have made up their own minds about you and the girl.”

The way he talks about Chloe gets my back up and I get defensive. “Her name is Chloe, for fuck’s sake, doesn’t matter about me. I’m used to the gossip but I need to make sure they don’t go after her for a non-story and report lies.”

I can’t believe this is happening if Chloe finds out what they are saying about her. I have already lost my chance. I didn’t tell her who I was and now this article implies the worst of not me but her, what nice girl wants this bullshit.

“I need to go see Chloe,” I say.

“The hell you do. You need to stay away from her. The media will be all over this for the next few days if there is nothing between you two. My advice as your agent is distancing yourself from the story, Damien.”

I pace, and then I lose my temper. “Fuck ... just get the statement out the sooner this blows over the better.”

Clive walks over to me and slaps my back. “I mean it, Damien, no contact!”

I am about to argue, but he stops me. “Tell you what, I will go see this Chloe girl and tell her what is going to happen and how we will handle this. There is no need to add fuel to the fire.”

Feeling a little relieved, I simply nod my head, going along with Clive’s plan.

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