Melting Ice

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Chapter 3


I don’t have class today so I decide to head to the library for a little study time. I try to find my phone charger but can’t place my hand on it. I’m going to kill Lily. She is forever moving my stuff. It’s relatively early so it’s quiet around campus. I love it when it’s like this I take in my surroundings and enjoy the birds singing, the morning sun shines on my face and I let out a content sigh.

A few hours later I’m packing up my stuff and I notice people keep looking at me and I watch as they whisper. I start to feel a bit paranoid, maybe it’s all in my head. As I look up, a girl gives me a dirty look. I look behind me to find no one it’s me she is glaring at. I rush out of the library and run towards my building. Next thing I know some girl runs up to me, yelling in my face.

“You’re so lucky, is it true what they say that he has a large di…” Before the randomer can finish her sentence I’m swarmed, flashes are blinding me, people shouting, shoving microphones in my face, I panic, no clue what’s happening, is someone pranking me. The questions keep coming.

How did you meet Mr Grey?

“I don’t know Mr Grey”

How long have you been dating?

"You have the wrong person”

Does he know about your past?

“My past?”

How do I feel about being called a whore and gold digger?

I struggle with what is happening. “A gold what now?”

So did you know about the endorsement deal?

“What deal?”

How do you feel about dating an ice hockey star with a notorious womanising background? I swing around. “I’m not dating anyone.”

The questions just keep getting thrown at me, who the hell is Mr Grey? They have the wrong person, they start pushing and I’m starting to feel the tears come down my cheek, pushing through the crowd to try and get back to my room. Next thing I feel someone grab my hand and pull me towards them Lily shouts. “I said no comment, just leave her alone, C’mon Chloe I got you.” I finally feel protected and safe.

I look at Lily and she can see the panic in on my face. “Lily, what’s happening?” Lily may be small but that girl is strong she is pushing everyone out of the way pulling me along with her we finally get to our dorm building she opens the door and lets me go in first, I drop to my knees and begin to sob, Lily picks me off the ground taking us to our room and that’s when Lily starts conducting her investigation. “Why is your phone off? I have been trying to call you!” I look at her through my tears. “I couldn’t find my charger, where have you moved it?”

“Did you know he was a professional ice hockey player?” I blow my nose into the tissue giving Lily a scowling look. “I don’t even know who HE is!” I yell at her.

“The guy from the coffee shop you have been eye-fucking is Damien Grey! Have you not seen what’s going on?” I watch as Lily walks over to her desk and opens her laptop. I walk across looking over her shoulder, what the fuck is this? that’s me and that looks like I’m kissing him. Lily nudges my shoulder. “You dirty dog when were you going to tell me about this?” she questions.

I shake my head. “There’s nothing to tell really, he came by the cafe last night we talked, I locked up, he gave me his number and kissed my cheek he was just being nice.” Lily tilts her head and points to the screen. “Well, they all think there is more to the story that’s why they are down there like vultures looking to pick your meat. “There’s nothing to pick Lily, what the hell am I going to do? I can’t deal with this right now.”

I begin to read the articles, how did they know about my adoption, foster care holy fuck. They are making it sound like I’m screwing him for his money, he’s what now..... proposing what source? There is no source. I’m not screwing him last night was the first time we properly spoke apart from that I’m the girl who makes his coffees. I didn’t even know who he was, he was just some hot guy I crushed on. Next thing I knew there was a new article. There I am in all my shocking glory trying to hide my face and the reporter has written a bullshit story whatever happened to journalistic integrity.



It would appear Chloe Summers is playing dumb, she told our reporter that she didn’t know who Damien was and that she’s not dating anyone.....

I just scroll the rest of the article. I didn’t want to deal with this crap anymore so I just shut the laptop going with the complete denial that any of this happened. My phone eventually charged. I look down at all the missed calls from Lily, lots of unknown numbers then it hits me, Damien, clearly would have seen the stories but he hadn’t called me, texted me, nothing. Lily looks at me worried. “Are you ok Chloe? you look like your going to throw up.”

I flop down on the bed. “Fuck me this day is messed up.” I’m shaking and I don’t know what to do, so I open my phone and scroll down to his name. I finally pick up the courage and hit the call button. The best I can do is ask him what the hell is going on? It goes straight to voicemail, why hasn’t he contacted me? Maybe he doesn’t give a shit, the door knocks and Lily gets up to see who it is.

“Who is it?” Lily quizzes and I hear a deep male voice. “Hi, yeah I’m looking for Chloe? My names Clive and I work for Damien!” Lily looks at me and I tell her to open the door.

“Well this is a fine mess you’ve got us into, I’m here to do damage control, may I come in?

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