Melting Ice

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Chapter 4


I am staring at this Clive guy wondering who the fuck he thinks he is blaming me for this mess, I think you will find I have done nothing wrong. “So I am here to sort this mess out, this is what is going to happen. We are releasing a statement you are going to lay low for a few days and wait for this to blow over. You do not answer any questions, all you say is no comment.” Clive demands.

“What is the statement going to say?” I ask him. “The truth, that nothing is going on, you both don’t know each other, it’s where he gets coffee and the pictures have been taken out of context.” I hear Lily’s stern voice. “How is she supposed to move on from this when they make it sound like she is a money-grubbing bitch.”

I watch as he looks between us both. "I don’t really have time for all this. Let the statement come out and undo the damage, it’s my job. I know what to do unless... this is about money and you want some sort of compensation? Is that what this is really about?”

I clench my fist and storm over to him. “I don’t want his money, just get the statement out.” Clive tuts. “Would you mind if I have a chat in private with you Chloe?” I nod at Lily, she walks towards the door. “If you need me, call me, I won’t be too far.”

Once the door clicks shut Clive turns his attention back to me. “Ok so now that I have your attention listen to what I’m going to say. Whatever the hell you think is going on with Damien it’s done, you stay away from him or I can make your life difficult. He doesn’t want or need the distraction and let’s be honest you’re pretty but you’re not up to Damien Greys standards. He is bored and well... you’re a challenge when he gets between those legs of yours and gets what he wants, you will just be another notch on his quite substantial bedpost.”

I’m actually disgusted, what a fucking creep, Damien hasn’t even asked me out, nothing is going on and here he is implying I’m a slut and going to drop my pants the first chance I get. I’m getting so angry I yell at him. “IF YOU’RE DONE, GET THE FUCK OUT”

“Fine by me just as long as we are clear,” he scoffs. I am not normally a violent person but I am one word from punching this dick in the throat. “Crystal clear you can leave now,” I demand. He just walks out the door leaving his path of emotional destruction behind, I didn’t ask for this. I am struggling to breathe when I feel a hand at my back. “Chloe what the hell has happened, breathe, look at me,” Lily calms me.

I start to breathe and calm down when I have finally settled down I tell Lily everything. She is pacing back and forth in our room, she looks like she is ready to murder round her.

“If I ever see both those pricks they won’t see me coming.” She is actually making me laugh. “I just want to forget this ever happened. I need to focus on my studies and just get past this crap. I do need your help cause I am not going back out there looking like this.” I state.

Lily smiles at me. “Anything for you, I know a guy who does wigs.” I love her thinking so I nod my head. “I also need a new phone number. I have too many people I don’t know have got this one. I want a fresh start." She looks up at me from her phone. “Now the question is what colour would you like for your disguise?” I tap my finger on my lip. “I think I could pull a fiery redhead off.” Lily nods her head. “Then a red you shall be,” she smiles.

The next day my wig and sim arrive and Lily helps me wig up. The red is making my eyes pop, maybe I should make this permanent? As I get ready for my shift at the Steamy Mug I am just praying to all of those who are holy, do not let him come in tonight. I don’t want anything to do with Damien Grey and his panty-dropping smile. Ok, that’s a lie part of me still wants to know what the hell happened. I thought he liked me and ok I know this situation isn’t ideal but it wasn’t his name slated it was mine. I don’t tell people about my past, I am not ashamed of it, I just know it makes people feel uncomfortable.

The girl no one wanted growing up in numerous foster care homes, but I didn’t let it define me. I drew from it and made it my strength. I look around to see it’s nearly closing and I feel a sense of relief, he never came tonight and strangely no reporters have come here to look for me.

I am turning off the lights and locking the door when the hairs stand on the back of my neck, I can feel someone watching me. I turn around slowly and look for someone, anyone but nothing. I shake the feeling off and wrap my scarf around my neck hoping to keep the coldness at bay, the wind is bitter tonight. I feel a sense of relief when I get back to the dorm to find Lily reading a book, waiting for me with a hot chocolate, whipped cream and extra marshmallows just the way I like it. She closes the book and smiles at me. “Thought you could use it to warm up.”

I drop down on the bed, grab the mug hugging it in my hand. “Lily, will you marry me?” I hear her giggle. “We would make a perfect couple, just one problem?” I look up smiling at her. “What’s that then? I quiz. “We both like dick too much.”

“Ahh the old dick conundrum, I do love those boys in grey sweatpants leaves little to the imagination,” I giggle.

Lily lets out a content sigh. “So enough about those dicks and on to another, well did he?” I know exactly who she is talking about and I simply shake my head, I should be happy but there is a feeling of disappointment in my gut.

“Well it’s for the best I did some research and he isn’t a good guy, you can do much better.” Not wanting to carry on the conversation I decide for a subject change.

“So are there any more marshmallows about?”

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