Melting Ice

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Chapter 5


I was struggling with the guilt I feel ghosting Chloe, but Clive was right. I needed this to calm down and then I would reach out to her. It didn’t stop me walking by the coffee shop last night I knew it was risky. I wasn’t trying to be creepy. I just needed to see her, make sure she was alright. That’s when I saw her. I knew it was her she had red hair and I felt like shit as this was all my fault.

For just once I wanted someone to like me for me, not for my money or what they could get out of me. I knew she was different. She was someone who gave to people without ever expecting anything in return. I watched as she locked up and my heart started to thump when she turned around to see behind her. Could she see me? I watched as she wrapped her scarf around her neck and walk off. I should have gone to her but my feet wouldn't let me go to her.

I am back at practice and have been running drills all morning. Coach gave me the riot act for the drama that is standing out at the doors the media are all over my ass about Chloe, he has warned me not to bring that shit on the ice. It’s been brutal and I am relieved to be heading into the locker room just craving hot water to caress my body taking the ache out of my muscles. I am barely through the fucking door when the lads all start taking the piss out of me. “Imagine someone ever thinking you would settle down with someone like her, all this grief for someone you’re not even getting your dick wet for. Why would you, have you seen the puck hotties we have and at whatever time we want, I just have to say, Get on your knees and they suck my DICK!”

Fucking Lucas McClean young, stupid and cocky, so I’m going to let the shit he is saying slide. I have already been warned by the coach so I don’t need him on my ass again. I’m showered and getting my bag together when Clive asks me to meet him. I take the stairs to find he is sitting in an office waiting. I haven’t talked to him since this whole thing kicked off. “Well how did it go, is Chloe alright?” I ask.

“I told her about the statement and she said she would lay low for a few days. She doesn’t want to see you again and asked you not to contact her again. She fessed up that she knew exactly who you were from the very start, I warned you about girls like her, she tried to play you.” he smirks at me with, I told you so look.

“She admitted that... really?” Clive shrugs his shoulders. “Don’t know what else to tell you? So now that the statement is out all this should blow over as expected. So keep your head down, stay away from the girl and look forward to signing your deal, you have worked hard for it, don’t throw it all away for some gold-digging pussy ok?” he gets up patting my back. “Have I ever steered you wrong?”

I owe a lot to Clive. He gave me my big break and has been by my side from the start. If Chloe confessed to knowing me from the start and this was all a ruse to extort money from me or sell stories, then I trust him, I think? I just need to keep my head down and in a few days, I get my dream endorsement with Irish Athletics the first-ever ice hockey player to be given this opportunity to be named on their brand and it was the biggest deal to be made in the history of Ice Hockey.

“I appreciate it Clive thank you, I can behave for a few days at least, give you a few easy days. So everything is still ok with the deal?” Clive nods and smiles. “Yeah, I called and explained what had happened. They didn’t even believe what they heard on gossip lips it’s never reliable on story’s.”

“Yeah, but rumours can ruin careers, thanks for looking after it.” Clive stands up buttoning up his jacket. “Well, I got a meeting so I will talk to you later and remember to stay the hell away from the girl! Got it?” He gives me a pointed stare.

As I watch him leave the room something niggles me. He is pushing the not seeing Chloe part! My gut instinct is telling me to reach out. I normally am good at reading people. Maybe I should answer her text, but what if Clive is right and she was trying to play me. I was so blinded by the fact I thought she was different, maybe I just wanted to see it that way, I decide I won’t contact her its for the best.

The reporters were going mental when I left the ice rink. The statement hasn’t been out too long so hopefully, it will start to calm down but they still want answers directly from me but I just keep my head down and say no comment or read the statement.

I open the door to my apartment and get water from my fridge. I pull out my phone and stare at the screen, I can’t help it. I unlock the screen and I write and rewrite a text. I know I shouldn’t send it but I need to know she’s ok?

DAMIEN TEXT - Hi Chloe I am so sorry about all this when it calms down, I would like to see you.

I know what Clive said but she really seemed like she didn’t have a clue who I was. No one is that good at lying well maybe there are but I just know Chloe isn’t like that, I know she studies law and is super smart but she had nothing to gain from this, yeah I’m well off money wise but I’m not stupid. My phone pings and I look down at the message undelivered. What the hell? I can’t let it go so I ring her number!

I’m sorry but the number you dialled is no longer in service.

Clive was right; she doesn’t want to see or hear from me again. Well, I need to see her and if I can’t get through by phone. Then it looks like I am going to the Steamy Mug for some coffee.

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