Melting Ice

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Chapter 7



Damien grey will have one hell of a sore jaw this morning after being punched in the face last night. Looks like Damien was also cracking on with Chloe’s best friend Lily. Neither girls had any idea the end game plan according to our source was a little ménage a Trois.


After tossing and turning all night I finally succumbed to a night of really good sleep, I am abruptly torn from that when my door bursts open and Lily is screaming profanities left, right and centre. “Motherfuckers, a bunch of twats and that son of a bitch, Chloe we are involved in a Threeway.”

That gets my attention. I bolt upright. “I’m not really the sharing type wait..... why are you clutching your laptop like that?” Lily looks at me. “Well you were right about being seen last night, in fact, the ROYAL WE are in it and it’s all that bastard Damien motherfucking Greys fault.” I grab her laptop and oh boy there are pictures of all of us outside the coffee shop, well in all this negativity it is doing wonders for the promotion of the cafe. Then I read the article.

“You were dating Damien too?” I plaster a smile on my face Lily scowls at me. “This isn’t funny, why are you not freaking out?” I shrug my shoulders. “Let’s face it you knew your little rocky moment was going to come out he is Damien Fucking Grey. I’m already up shits creek without a paddle and this time I’m in it with you. The company will be nice.”

“Chloe I need you to be upset, angry like last time you’re calm and it’s freaking me the fuck out.” I let out a sigh. “This is what’s going to happen that twat Clive is going to release a statement AGAIN, spinning some shit AGAIN, he is going to come to our door insult us, tell us to stay away from Damien AGAIN. We are going to lay low for a few days and it will all blow over as I said AGAIN.”

Lily’s pacing abruptly stops. “Ok, that surprisingly worked, ok I’m chilled.” I get out of bed and walk over to Lily. “So brace yourself for a media circus and embrace it or some serious level of cabin fever is coming our way.”

Lily puts her hand on her hips. “Fuck Gossip Lips, Fuck Clive and Fuck Damien Grey we know the truth and its all bullshit. Can they really write articles like that? It’s all lies?”

I give her a sad smile. “Hun it’s a gossip column shit like this truth or not gains attention.”


I came home last night and stuck a bag of frozen peas to my cheek. That was one hell of a swing that Lily girl had. I don’t really know where the hell it came from. She was beyond pissed more so when she served me the coffee. There is something going on and I will get to the bottom of it this has dragged on long enough and it's just pissing me off now. I hear pounding on my door and I glance over to see my clock. It’s just gone six meaning only one thing. I pull myself out of bed making my way to the constant knocking. I just swing the door open not in the mood for this.

“You couldn’t leave her alone, do you have any idea what you have done? How bad this looks? We have worked so hard for this deal and you went on some self-sabotage mission last night because guess what dundernuts? There are pictures of you with not just that chick but her friend and well someone just got his ass handed to him, because you sunshine apparently are dicking them both, you told me you liked the girl I told you to back off, you told me nothing was going on WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING AT?” I turn around and walk off.

“Good morning Clive would you mind if I grab some coffee first?” Clive storms across to me. “Oh, you little motherfucker you’re trying to kill me with your little coffee reference?”

“No Clive it’s just coffee, so what do we do?” Clive scoffs at me he is fucking beetroot red and I’m pretty sure that his vein in his forehead is about to burst. “What do we do? We don’t do anything. I release another statement saying the same as last time. I don’t know how I’m going to explain the punch but I will work it out, I have to go over to tweedle dee and tweedle dum’s place and do damage limitations there, as for your deal. I have no idea if you’re going to be signing now, I asked you to do one simple thing STAY AWAY and what do you do? You GO AND SEE HER!”

I let out a sigh sick of all this bullshit. “I was trying to do the right thing.” Clive shakes his head at me. “There is a time and a place to do the right thing... this right here was not the right time. I told you, she knew who you were, I told you she didn’t want to see you to even hear from you. Was it worth it? Did you get to talk to her, to make it right because by the look of these pictures you got nowhere near her, well done Damien” I was getting angrier by the minute and I couldn’t hold back?

“Ok, I have had enough of your shit. I pay you fucking remember that you don’t tell me what to do you’re a problem solver and a deal maker go make shit happen!”

I’m practically pulling the diva card right now, I hate doing it but he has pushed every button I have and I’m done, having enough of my shit, he is standing out in my hallway looking at me his face is like thunder.

Clive glares at me. “This conversation isn’t over Damien.” he scolds me. “It is for now!” I slam the door in his face. Fuck it I am over being told off like I am a fucking child.


After a pep talk, we agreed we were not letting this bullshit story ruin our lives, we didn’t do anything wrong so why should we hideout. Me and Lily are getting ready to go out to breakfast when the door knocks. I shrug at Lily as she walks off to the bathroom as I open it I hear the anger in his voice. “Well, I hope you’re fucking happy?” I have had enough for days now I have bent over backwards for a problem that wasn’t even my fault.

“Excuse me.... before you even start. I did what you asked, I stayed away, it’s not my fault you can’t keep your dog on his leash!!!” Clive points at me. “I hoped I never had to deal with you again.” I give him a pointed glare. “Yeah likewise.” I am about to give him a tongue lashing when Lily beats me to it. “Oh, you son of bitch!” Lily has turned into a right little scrappy-doo. I grab her by the waist and spin her the opposite direction. “Lily calm down I got this.” Clive glares at me.

“Looks like you need to put your dog on a leash.” I react badly, I lift the palm of my hand and slap him, you can hear the noise echo in the hall and my hand stings.

“Listen here you fucking arrogant bastard this is not on us, so let’s just assume you have seen him before us, he has probably told you to do the same as last time right? So don’t you worry that sweet little ass of yours we know the drill, lay low, no comment, wait for it to blow over. This is your one and only warning from me, you and Damien stay away from me from today or I will be presenting you both with restraining orders, you got that.”

He looks at me with a smug smile, he almost looks impressed by the balls I grew. His phone starts to ring and he pulls it out and answers. “Clive here he what, when? Ok, we will be right there.” He looks at us. “Well, I gotta...” I don’t even wait to hear the rest. I slam the door in his face. I’m done with him, I’m done with Damien.

“I’m starving. I feel like I would like some pancakes with sticky syrup and bacon." Lily just looks part impressed, partly shocked at what just went down. “You read my mind, how’s the Palm? That was some slap, looks like I’m rubbing off you!” I look at my palm and back up to Lily. “Yeah well, I’m fed up being walked over! It’s about time I stood up for myself and both times Clive has been here he has spoken to me like a piece of shit.”

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