Melting Ice

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Chapter 8


If Damien has fucked this deal up I am going to lose my shit, the commission I gain from this means I won’t have to deal with fuckers like Damien Grey again. I am done kissing ass and fixing their problems let the fuckers ruin their careers. I don’t care anymore. When that little bitch slapped me and slammed her door in my face, I decided I’m going to make her life difficult she didn’t know who she was fucking with.

I called Damien to an emergency meeting about our endorsement deal. Mr Jefferies has called us in for a discussion about a few things which has me twitchy. I am walking in the lobby when I see Damien.

“Hi Clive, did you get Chloe and Lily sorted? I shake my head. “Seriously you’re about to have a deal worth millions taken away from you and you’re still thinking about that girl?” I watch as Damien looks at me with regret written all over his face. “It’s not her fault this is all on me.” I decided to rub salt in his wound.

“Well, how does this sound, if we don’t stay away from her she is serving our asses with restraining orders, so now will you listen to me when I say stay the fuck away from her?”


I didn’t even get to talk to her last night and now Clive is telling me she is threatening legal action, I need to talk to her face to face, I need to apologise to her. I’m not letting this go and if she still feels that way after I will leave her be for good. I am taken from my thoughts when we hear a female voice. “Good morning gentlemen. Mr Jefferies will see you now.” She leads us into a conference room. Board members and Mr Jefferies are sitting around the table waiting for us.

“Good Morning please take a seat.” Mr Jefferies voice commands the room and all eyes are on us. “Well, Mr Gray it would appear you have had a very scandalous time of late. As you can imagine we have concerns about today’s deal. We were expecting to have a press conference and have you sign today and with all due respect we have decided that we should postpone the signing until further notice.”

Clive clears his throat. “With all due respect Mr Jefferies it has been a misunderstanding that we can explain if you give us a chance.” Mr Jefferies looks around to the board members. “Would you mind giving me the room?” I’m watching the men and women walk out of the room and I finally look back to Mr Jefferies. “If you don’t mind Clive that includes you.” Clive looks at me. “I think it’s in Damiens best interest that I stay.” I look at Clive and rub my chin. “If you don’t mind, I would like to respect Mr Jefferies’ request.”

Clive looks pissed, grabs his phone off the table and storms out of the room, the door slamming behind him Mr Jefferies claps his hands together and looks at me. “Ok so let’s get down to it, I want to hear from you what exactly these stories are about. I want only the truth and your version.”

I go into all the details about the things with Chloe and my man whore ways, the man isn’t stupid and at this point, I’m not gaining anything from lying. I lay it all out on the table for him. Mr Jefferies nods his head. “Well that’s quite the revelation, thank you for the brutal honesty, take advice from a man in love with the same woman for forty years when you know, you know. I met my wife when I was nineteen and she worked in our local bowling alley. I tried to get her to notice me but she didn’t want to know until one night her car broke down and I stayed with her until the mechanic showed up. Behind every good man is a great woman. If you like this girl, fight for her, tell her what you have just told me." I shake my head looking at my feet. “She won’t give me the time of day I tried and you and everyone else saw the result of that on Gossip Lips.”

Mr Jefferies smiles at me. “Clear it up with the girl... in private, keep your nose clean and in fourteen days I will let you sign your endorsement deal. I will talk to my board members to settle their nerves. I like you a lot Mr Grey you remind me a lot of me except the man whore thing.” I nod and laugh. “You have my word Mr Jefferies, I have changed.” Mr Jefferies stands up and walks over to me. “One other thing before you go from someone who has been around a long time, I know you and Clive have worked alongside each other for quite some time... be careful there.” I give him a nod. Maybe my instinct has been right. “I will bare that in mind.”

I shake Mr Jefferies hand and walk out of the conference room and make my way down to the lobby, Clive is pacing the lobby back and forth. “You want to tell me what that was all about? Clive demands. I keep my tone calm. “He just wanted to talk to me about everything in the news, the deal is postponed for two weeks, now if you don’t mind I have practice to attend. I will talk to you later if need be ok?” Clive doesn’t say a word he just walks off. I get in my car and drive over to the ice rink for practice, I make a deal with myself that I will give it a few days but one way or another. I will talk to Chloe and be honest about everything and hear her side of the story, I need to know exactly how she feels and I’m hoping that hearing what I have to say and the effort I’m willing to go to, to make things right will win her over or at least give me a chance.

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