Melting Ice

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Chapter 9

This chapter has to come with a trigger warner, for those reading please beware that this chapter contains an attempted assault. It is not graphic, but you deserve to be warned you can read this chapter, but skip chapter six. I have placed a bold warning before the paragraph.


I decided to get on with my life I went to work, went to class and sat my winter exams, it’s been a week since the last gossip article came out, Damien has been nowhere to be found obviously my threat of legal action did the trick and I’m ready to just relax and take it easy after a stressful time. A little bit of self-care is exactly what I need, tucked up on my bed, reading a book I enjoy every minute until Lily comes charging through the door. “CHLOE... YOU AND ME...VIP TICKETS to the hottest club opening tonight we got invited!”

I snatch the tickets from her hand. “Who the hell invited us?” Lily shrugs. “Don’t know, I don’t care but you and I are going out tonight” I throw myself to the bed. “No please don’t make me go. I hate clubs and I just want to be left alone, no drama.” Lily jumps on the bed on top of me. “Again don’t care…. Pleaaaassseeeee go, let me get you all dressed up seriously we need this after the shit few weeks we have had.” I turned around and looked at her bitch played the puppy dog card well. “Ok, since you asked so nicely let’s do it.”

Lily has been working her magic on me. She even talked me into wearing my contacts a few hours later of being pampered, primed and put together meticulously. She finally lets me look in the mirror, I actually can’t believe it’s me, I almost can’t take my eyes off myself as I admire Lily’s great work. “Looking good Chloe, see what a little makeup can do?” I scoff at her. “You mean a lot you practically worked magic here.” She smacks my ass. “You really don’t see how gorgeous you are. I just enhanced what was already there, now let’s go.” We climb into the waiting Uber and make our way to the club. The queue to get in is massive, Lily just struts to the front pulling me along. I keep my head down wishing the ground would swallow me whole, she hands our tickets across, and as simple as that the velvet rope is opened and we are allowed into the exclusive VIP area.

I almost pinch myself as I take it all in. We have champagne waiting for us. The decor is dark wood and red velvet everywhere and the music is insane. Lily after a few glasses of champagne grabs me to the dancefloor. We are dancing for ages when my feet start to hurt, I am able to slip away as Lily has found a new dance partner all 6ft 5 inches of a solid greek god. I find our table and take a seat and let out a soft whimper as I find relief for my pounding feet. I open my eyes to find someone watching me. “Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” I shake my head. “No not at all” He finally leans forward and puts out his hand. “I’m Lucas and you are?” I look around feeling uncomfortable this guy is hot and totally not in my arena but being polite I take his hand. “Oh, I’m Chloe.” He looks at me like I am a puzzle to be worked out. “Do I know you? You look awfully familiar.”

I shake my head. “No you don’t know me, I don’t really come out to clubs that often.” Lucas gives me a smile. “Yeah you’re probably right, I would never forget someone as stunning as you.” It’s safe to say that alcohol has made me more relaxed. I blush and we keep talking. He makes me laugh and for the first time in ages, I forget everything that happened. “So Chloe do you want to dance?” I look out and see Lily dancing with the same guy. She looks happy and she is loving the attention. “Yeah sure, why not?” We are dancing and I am not going to lie but he is super good looking up this close, his hands are roaming my body and I’m swaying into his, it’s so hard, like I mean everywhere including the area where something is trying to break free of his zipper. I smile at him, he leans in and starts to kiss me, I kiss back opening my mouth to let him deepen the kiss, I pull back and look at him. I start to feel a little off. This is all wrong, I am not this person it's all a lie, clearly, the alcohol is wearing off and I am sobering up. “I’m really sorry do you mind, I have to use the ladies.” Lucas nods and smiles, he tells me he will wait at the table for me, I’m walking towards the ladies when I see a face I really was not hoping to see here. “Hello Chloe, having a good time tonight?” I look at Clive and try to be civil. “Yeah, thank you.” He walks past me smiling, I keep walking and eventually make my way into the bathroom. I can’t shake something. He was nice, what was that about?


I come back out of the toilets to find Lucas standing against the wall. “Hey, you were gone for a while just wanted to make sure you were ok?” I look around noticing a lack of people. “Yeah sorry the queue for the ladies was so long, thank you for your concern.” Lucas bites his lip. “Come here.” Lucas starts pulling me towards a little alcove. I struggle to make my feet work, he pushes me against the wall and starts to kiss me. At first, it’s nice but he starts getting a bit rougher and forceful. He tries to move his hand up my dress. I try to pull away but he grabs my wrists. I ask him to stop, to let me go but he isn’t listening. I feel the tears burn in my eyes before overflowing down my cheek. I struggle against him. I am able to free one of my hands but he grabs hold of it again. He comes at me to try to kiss me. I do the only thing I can think of. I free myself enough to raise my knee and slam into his groin. He drops to the floor and I run hard towards the exit.


I leave my bag behind, it’s not worth it. When I get outside I start to cry. I feel a hand touch my back my body reacts on instinct and I jump. “Are you ok?” I shake my head, unable to form a sentence I eventually calm down enough to speak. “No, no am not. My bag is inside and I can’t go back in there.” Clive looks at me. “Calm down, tell me about the bag. I will go and get it for you.”

“It’s small black and has a little heart clasp we were in the VIP area.” A few minutes later he comes back with my purse. “Here you go.” I take my purse from Clive. “Thank you.” I’m trying to open it for my phone. I’m shaking and I can’t get it to open. “Here let me.” He opens my purse and hands it back to me. I text Lily to tell her I am going home. Then I ring an Uber to take me home. Clive is watching me. “I will wait until you’re safe in the Uber, do you want to tell me what happened?” I shake my head just wanting to get home and wash until I am raw. He puts his jacket on me he doesn't push me to talk and we stand in silence until the Uber arrives. I give him back his jacket and get in before I close the door I give Clive a thankful look. “Clive thank you so much for tonight, for what it’s worth I’m really sorry about everything.” I close the door and head home. A sense of relief washes over me but then so does the tears thinking about what could have happened.


I was pleased to see they got my little gift and decided to make use of the tickets. I watched the events unfold and I couldn’t believe my luck when Lucas McLean showed her any attention. I knew Lucas well, he had a reputation. One I knew wasn’t shiny and clean. I watched her most of the night getting what I needed she was making this too easy I went back to the bar when I eventually saw her make a run for the door. I followed her out and found her a sobbing mess. I decided to play the good guy. I waited for the uber, gave her my jacket and then at the very last second as she was sitting in the car she was telling me that for what it was worth she was sorry. I watched as the door closed and the taillights went off in the distance. I didn’t even need to do much of the dirty work myself. I couldn’t help but smirk little Chloe was just a magnet for all kinds of trouble and I was going to enjoy my part in all of it. As I walked away I couldn’t help thinking to myself. You’re not sorry enough.

....but you will be.

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