Sweet Little Lies (ON HOLD)

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Jack and Grace have been best friends since they were born. As the years pass and they both become adults, the line of friendship gets hazy and feelings form on both sides. Jack makes the worst possible mistake and is caught with Gracey’s best friend in a hot tub, leading to a chain of events that could cost them their friendship for good. Both Jack and Grace deny their feelings until one fateful night truths see the light and both make a startling confession. When one night changes everything, will they take a leap of faith and find love with each other? Or is the consequence of their actions too much? Will Grace truly be able to forgive Jack or is it a simple case of too little too late when the years pass.

Romance / Drama
Lily Rose Stories
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Chapter 1

Hi Everyone before you read this. I would encourage you to read both You’ve got a DM and Love Hate Mail to understand the characters from this story better (Please be aware I am still editing these stories for Grammer and Punctuation errors, it should have already been finished. But for most of you, you will be aware I lost my mum in November and took quite a long time away). You don’t have to this is a standalone, the love story about Jack and Grace.

Chapter one is the last chapter from Love Hate Mail, just for refresh reasons if it’s been a while since you read the story.

Happy Reading

20 Years Later


I excuse myself from the table and make my way through the villa to the bathroom. Every year we come here, my family and hers. It became a tradition of The Parker and Pattersons. We have known each other since we were babies, we pretty much grew up doing everything together but then I became literally Jack the Lad and Gracey was a bookworm, quiet and studious, we were opposites. Little Gracey Parker, the only issue was she wasn’t so little anymore. She was stunning with womanly curves and someone who was very off-limits.

I had a crush on her; I noticed her differently, The way her hair fell over her shoulders, the way she would suck her bottom lip in when she was concentrating. The heat from her body as we lay side by side watching movies. Gracey had been my best friend somewhere until my feelings got mixed up and I stopped myself from acting on it and I did something stupid. Every year I was excited about this trip and this year was no different, so imagine my disappointment when Grace hadn’t arrived yet. I make my way through the villa when I hear the front door open.

“Mum... Dad?” I walk to the front door and there she is 5ft 9in, brown eyes and long dark hair wearing a very revealing sundress. The girl who has been in my dreams for the last few years couldn’t be helped. I have eyes and she couldn’t be unseen. I feel my breath hitch.


She gives me a cold, hard glare, “Jack.”

I smirk at her, “What, no hug?”

She is about to give me the middle finger when I hear her dad come behind me. “Is that my Gracey bear?”

“Hi, Dad.”

I watch as Marcus hugs her. “So glad you’re here, honey. Come on, everyone is out by the pool.”

There is some hostility, and I am not too sure why it’s being directed in my direction. Ok, that is a blatant lie, what I failed to mention is that last summer she may or may not have caught me with her best friend getting hot and nasty in the hot tub I never had sex with the girl just a lot of heavy petting. I then allegedly broke her friend’s heart and cost them their friendship.

I am at the doorway, as I watch everyone hug and fuss over Gracey a pang of guilt hits me, I never meant to lead her friend on. I was drunk that night and I had a lot of pent up sexual frustration from spending time with Gracey. Her friend was there, I know I sound like a dick some might think I am Marcus’ kid. I am practically a younger version of him, meaning he will kill me if I go near his daughter, but I can’t help it. I hear my name, interrupting my thoughts.

“Jack can take you?” I watch as both our mums conspire.

“Isn’t that right, son?”

Grace glares at me. “I can go myself, I don’t need him.”

“I insist, honey.” I look at my mum as Grace sighs.

“FINE!” I watch as Gracey says through gritted teeth I smile at her.

“It would be my pleasure, Gracey.”

“Can’t wait...” she spits out.

I give her a big smile that brings out my dimples. Gracey gives me a death glare as she downs her glass of wine. “If you will excuse me.”

Gracey walks past me, nearly knocking the bottle of beer out of my hand. “WATCH IT...” she yells.

After about twenty minutes, I decided we need to clear the air. We can’t spend this trip hating each other, or rather her hating me. Our parents have no clue what has been going on between us, and if I am honest, I want things back to the way they were. We used to be inseparable I know when we went to school we ran in different friend circles and grew apart truth is I needed that space from her it became too much but all that was going to change as this was the summer I was going to tell Gracey how much she meant to me and why I had been weird.

I reach her room and notice the door open a little, so I push it a little more and stop in my tracks when I notice Grace is wearing just a towel a stupidly small towel and her hair is dripping wet her entire body is dripping wet. My dick decides it needs to rise to the occasion. I am trying to pull myself together when her door yanks open. There she stands in nothing but a silk robe, and I know she is naked underneath.

“What do you think you are doing?” I stutter over my words. “I... Just wanted... to talk.”

“There was no talking involved. You were perving over me in my room. Get a good look, did you?” She crosses her arms over her breasts, her hair wet and wild, and I can’t form a sensible sentence in my head as I look down and notice her nipples pebbled. I feel my mouth go dry and I can’t shake the image of Gracey naked underneath me moaning my name. I am finally snapped from my fantasy when her voice laced with venom and lust directs at me. As I look up at her she is staring hard at me, I am not imagining the look of desire in her eyes. As she slowly lowers her arms from her heaving breasts, the robe every so slightly opens giving me the most luscious view of her naked breasts.

“I hope you got a good look? Cause that is all you ever will get, goodnight.” She smiles sweetly at me as she slams the door in my face... Gracey Parker was going to be the death of me if I didn’t have her.

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