The man I desire

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He was just a neighbor then he became my best friend then lovers. He became the man I desire but I never told him how I felt. He teased me and turned me on with his deep voice. The way he feels on me even though we are friends. But one thing stood in the way and that was his past. I thought his past would change us but he was the man I desired

Romance / Drama
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The man I desire

It was a boring summer I was just looking out the window missing the girl that was my bestfriend but then had to move. She move three months ago of course it wasn't the same. Suddenly a loud truck is pulling into the yard. I got closer to the window to see if it was my bestfriend Maya but it wasn't . It was a boy with 2 sisters and one brother. He looks around my age. He was fine as hell. They popped up the trunk and started moving their things out of the truck . They arrive at 4:00 and got down a 5:45 . I was thinking that was all their things but then two more pulled in. They quickly got the two trucks out and started decorating their house. I saw the boy that I like. He was bringing out a basketball goal and ball and started setting it up.

I looked at him just as he did it. He muscles popping out and he grunts as he needs help. My brother comes in loudly playing his music. I yelled Javon get out my room. He says Jayda did you see the new neighbor. I shaked my head yes I did can u get out . He did as I said. As I turned around I realized he was looking at me. I tried to hide but he said hey what's your name? I answer Jayda , what about you he said my name is Dante. I said will we both have something in common. Oh really he says. Yep we both like basketball. Oh ok dats good u should play with me sometime . Jayda says sure . He asked how old are you ? I am 15 . Dante says me too . They both smile. Oh shit we both have braces they say together. Dante says you are pretty hot to be a basketball player. Thanks you to Jayda said you too. Our families should meet . Ok said Jayda be over there in a few.

Jayda runs down stairs hey mom can we meet the new neighbors she says sure honey. Me , mom,dad, Javon all went out the door with a welcome gift . A mixed woman answers the door. Hey Mom says. The lady answers Hey I'm new city neighborhood. Well welcome to the neighborhood can I come in. She answered yes. As we get in she calls her family Dante , Dior,Diamond, D.j can you come here. The first one I saw was Dante. I started to wonder why all their names started with D but then my question got Answered. She said hey my name is Diana this is my husband Jay and my 4 kids Dante, Dior,Diamond, and D.j . They are quadruplets. They all waved then my mom introduced us . We all ate and then all the kids went outside. Me and Dante played basketball for a while. Then we all went back inside . He showed me to his room. So you are good at basketball. I said duh and rolled her eyes. He said are you good enough to be my girl. I started to get nervous. Uhh what do you mean .

He said why you getting all quiet now I said are you good enough to be my girl. I mean I guess but like we just met . Dante slides his hand on my leg and picks me up in puts me on his dresser. Yea he answered I know but I think we can work it out. I answer ok I good enough. Then he moves closer and starts kissing me . I wanted to take things slow I just got out of a relationship . But it felt so good. Suddenly we got interrupted by my brother . I quickly jump off the dresser. He says Jayda what the hell are you doing? We was just talking. Dats isn't what it looks like to me. I tried to answer but got cut off. Aye you tryna rape my lil sister. Dante answered no. Javon says then what the hell were you doing ? Nothing I answered to Javon. Jayda let's go now . Javon your not my dad . Yea well you either come on or I telling dad about you and the new neighbor kissing in here. Javon I really don't give af at least I know how to use protection unlike you. I am not the one sitting in my parents house at the age of 21 with a baby. Are you serious Jayda? Yep serious as hell. Yea what ever man. Fuck both of y'all.

Javon slams the door and walks out. I looked frustrated as I looked at Dante . Hey I sorry about dat he acts like a bitch . He just think he can choose who I go out with. Dante says did he set you up with the last one. I said yes. Dante hugged me tightly. Was he abusive? I answer yes he was. He said you don't deserve that imma treat you right. As we get home I run to my room. Javon barges into my room. He asked why I kissed him. I answer that's none of your concern. What do you mean is not my concern? So guessing you're boy didn't you. Jayda a what are you talking about? We broke up 2 months ago. What 2 months ago hold on I'll be right back.

I go to look out the window and see Dante holding up a number. I pulled out my phone and text the number . Hey its been a hella a day for me. I answered why he asked? My brother getting on my nerves . Are you good? Yes I am ok well talk to you later . Ok be safe . Ok you to. I got off the and put on my bonnet I hopped in the shower feeling the hot water. As I am in the shower I fantasizing Dante kissing me. I realized I was just imagining. I felt so dumb well not really I just wished it really was happening . I hope that the shower in quickly did my night routine . The summer passed by fast in suddenly it was the 1st day of school. I am popular at school. It was Dante first day too. I wonder how he felt. Instead of weird talking we kissed and said we loved each other we have been dating for 2 months and a half. Honestly everything was good but it was time to face reality. My ex and his bullshit bc I know he was going to try to get back with me. Not that I cared but I knew he was gonna start sum.

I finally decided to get out of my bed and get ready I hopped in the shower and got out in 15 minutes . As I got out I got a call from Dante . I answered hey bae , how u feeling about the first day. He answered no hard feelings to be honest. He said just hope we got the same class. I said me too. We both quickly got dressed and talked. I was still getting ready though. Damn bae u taking forever. I answered I coming I quickly grabbed everything I need and locked my door and told my mom and dad goodbye and meet Dante and his other siblings. We walked to the bus. The bad thing was everyone knew we were together except Dante's mom and my brother. They just suspect we were good friends. Oh and Diamond and Dior join my squad. It was me , them and Briya. Briya and D.j are a couple too. But anyways the bus finally arrived we all got on the bus. It was a long bus route. Finally it was over.

We arrived Obama High school where every black person goes and ate breakfast then went to our homeroom . We found out we had the same homeroom class. We quickly walked to the room. As I saw my ex but didn't look. We all sat down together. Suddenly My ex Kentrell walked over and said can we talk? Nigga about what? Um us duhh. Um I am good. He answer please . No Kentrell I said angry. Get tf outta my face. Oh when u grew some balls . I answered since I moved on from you. What happened to that bitch Keisha. Man she aborted my baby says Kentrell. Dat ain't my fault. Fuck out my face Kentrell.

Girl who you talking to? Must forgotten who I was. I laughed I didn't forget nigga u was a woman beater probably still is. Dante stands up u know what that's it . You not gonna talk to my girl like dat. Get to steppin or I beat u right here. Kentrell laughs so you found a new boyfriend huh. Wonders what your brother will say? Omfg Kentrell I really don't give a fuck about what he thinks. Man gtf away from her. Or what's says Kentrell. Imma fuck yo ass up. Ok then do it. Ight Dante stands up and snuffled Kentrell.

Part of me wanted it to happen but part of me wanted to stop it. With me not stopping it Dante got in trouble on he first day. It was a warning though so he had to stay in I.S.S for two periods . I honestly felt guilty about the situation. It was my fault and I caused Dante to get into trouble on the first day . Finally homeroom was over and we got to go to 1st block I found out that me,Dante and Briya had the same class. But of course Dante wasn't there because of this morning. I missed him so much and it was only 30 minutes we had been away from each other. Time flew by fast and we were Winter. We were finna start playing basketball. We both were so excited. By this time Dante was known as my boyfriend. We been together for 6 months. Every since the first day of school situation I didn't have to deal with Kentrell anymore Dante kinda gave him a permanent mark on his face. It was like Love and basketball. Finally January came around and we had tryouts of course we made the team. We practice when we were at school or not at school. We spent alot of time together. He treated me me right well not even right but like a queen. We were was happy cause today was our first game. Hey babe I said as I walked out the house. Hey bae Dante said as he went to give me a kiss and grabbed my ass. Dante stop what if your mom is watching. Not only that says Dior do u realize your not alone , if you do this in public wonder what you do in that bedroom. Dante did a cocky laugh and shrugged. We got on the bus and did what we usually do. But something was telling me that his mom saw what Dante did. I felt her eyes looking at me.

It bugged the living hell out of me. Finally the basketball game came. We were playing Klein High school it was a mostly white school . I was ready I was sure we would win the game. We got out there and whooped the bricks off them. They didn't know what to do finally it was the last quarter 15 to 39 . It was only 1:00 . I had the ball . I knew I could make this shot. This white girl was pushing all on me. But I pushed threw and made a three pointer. As I did the loud buzzer went off. My mom , dad, and my friends were cheering for me. Dante couldn't cause he had to get ready. But he cheered me on through two quarters. Finally Dante and his team was about to play.

I was so happy. But my smile turned upside down when I saw his mom. She looked at me in disgust. I really believe that she did see it. I just pretend I never saw her disgusted look. Me and my girls went to the bathroom during halftime D.j and Briya just sat there flirting. I was confused if Dante mom saw them what was wrong with me. Was it a race thing. I didn't know honestly I didn't care. I mean Briya was Puerto Rican so I guess it was that.

But anyways we touched up and fixed our hair. As we went to the door we found Dante's mom. She says hey Jayda can I talk to you? Um sure girls wait for me by the entrance. Ok they both said. She said hey I saw what Dante did this morning. I figured you did. She says it's not that I don't like you or approve of you it's just Dante has a bad past with girlfriends. Part of the reason why we had to move. I just don't want him to get hurt again. Oh I really love I promise you I won't. But why didn't Dante tell me this. What he didn't.? No I answered. Nice talking to you Mrs.Diana but I need to get some air. I walk fast out the door . I pass Diamond and Dior. They yelled Jayda what's wrong, Jayda wait. But I didn't stop until I got out the door. They finally catch up? What's wrong Jayda? Your mom told me about Dante's past. Their eyes widened. Oh says Dior you didn't know ? No I didn't I can't believe six months and he didn't tell me this. I thought you're mom didn't like me but it isn't that. Maybe we should end things I said. No he just needs to earn your trust he will tell you says Diamond. But something told me he wasn't.

Ok I guess I will wait until he does. Ok we walk back in as Dante looks confused because I was gone for the whole game. As I walk to go get my things he texts me. Hey bae what's wrong? Nothing I answered. Are you gonna wait for me? I guess I answered. He sent a emoji and the ight as if he was still confused. I waited for him in the gym. My thoughts were floating everywhere. What's so bad about his past? Does he not trust me? Is something wrong with me? It took him forever he finally walked out with Gino which is his bsf.

He tells Gino I will see you at the dinner? Yea he says walking out. What's wrong Jayda? Nothing damn why you keep asking. I mean you was outside the for the rest of the game. You talking to me funny. And you look like you wanna kill me and i know when sum wrong. Yea whatever nothing is wrong with me. He grabs me by my waist yes it is . Just tell me baby what is it? Fine I tried not to do this but you wanna know so badly ok why you didn't tell me about your past. He stands there in silence. Right you can't even answer me. Baby wait as he hugged me from behind. I didn't tell you cause I thought this would happen. But I will tell you after dinner. I promise I will. Ok as I roll my eyes. Can I get my kiss? Yes but you still not off the hook. I kiss him slowly . Then he says come on we got everybody waiting. We walked over to our parents as I get in my parents car. We pulled out the parking lot and headed to Canes. Briya mom let her come to since we all live in the same neighborhood. We get out and thank god it wasn't a long line cause I didn't feel like waiting . Everybody was talking at the table as usual. Dante was doing freaky things tried to get him to stop but it would look obvious. Rubbing his hands up my thigh. I whisper Dante can you stop. He gives me a evil smile. I moved his hand and frowned. Finally the food was ready because he was close to my pussy. We eat and still talk then we make it back home. As I was about to take a shower until I saw Dante outside my window.

I pulled up the window asking what are you doing here? Uh remember we gotta talk. But I finna take a shower. Like I having seen that. He climbs into the window and close the window and curtain. Come he says imma shower with you. Um I don't think so. Well I am as he picks me up and runs me to the bathroom. Dante please just wait . Nope I am getting in. Ok fine. He starts taking off my clothes. Uh what are you doing ? Taking off your clothes he answered. I said I know how to do that. As I take of my uniforms and underwear.

I hopped in the shower. He takes off his. I turn on the shower water . Dante comes in and has the rags in his hands. I started washing as he just stares. Why are you looking at me like that I asked? Shit I didn't lock the door. He answered I did already. As he gets closer I back up . Thank god I had a my bonnet on cause I was gonna my hair wet. Look Dante I don't want to do this right now. We just gonna makeout chillout babe. He puts his fingers in my pussy and rubs it . As he slowly kisses me. Thank God for the sound proof walls because I started to moan. It felt so good. But then he stopped. Let's wash we need to talk. We washed for so time finally got out. I put on my towel . I looked down at Dante dick. Then pulled off his towel. It was long . I went down and squatted and started sucking his dick. He was shocked then ask Jayda what the hell ?

Stop Jayda . Uhh ur are so boring. I regret saying that because that was the first time we fucked. I moaned so loud that I forgot about his past. Now we are in our sophomore year. Things had gotten better but he didn't tell me about his past. Everyone thought we were a power couple but we weren't. What was so bad about his past that he couldn't tell me . I would think after two years he would tell me but no. It never came up. So I decided to bring it up. Hey Dante can we talk about something I asked as we walked to the bus stop. Uh yea go ahead. Why haven't talked about your past? He shouted Jayda are you fucking kidding me.

No I said I am not I told you all about mine. You really doing dis right now. Yes like don't you trust me? I do but I am not ready. Ok then fuck u Dante. I am tired not knowing. I feel stupid. He says your insecurities aren't my fault. Insecurities nigga this is about your past. Ok yelled Diamond and Dior that's enough. Babe Dante says I'm sorry. Get the tf off of me Dante you make me sick. I stomped on the bus and putting my legs on the seat.

Everybody else sits in there seat. Then Dante comes on. Jayda can u move feet. Nah remember I insecure. Come on bruh you being childish. You can get to steppin I ain't moving. Ok says Briya says Dante come sit by ur brother and Jayda move ur leg. We did as Briya said. So Jayda are you gonna keep pressing this. I not talking about it leave me alone . I put my earphones in and listened to some songs from Kelanhi new ablum. I really didn't want to hear anyone so I turned my music all the way up. Finally we arrived and I walked off the bus and went to the bathroom. Briya said don't follow her she will just get even mad. Every since her and Kentrell broke up she doesn't cry ,she just gets out of hand sometimes. So let her be because the devil will come out of her. They all shook their heads ok.

They all went to breakfast and made their way to class. I was in the bathroom punching the walls feeling like shit. But it wasn't my fault. I fixed my hair , put on a new pair of lashes and put on my lipgloss. Then I walked out and head to class. I took a deep breath and walked in and took my seat. I acted like Dante wasn't there. He looked at me for a while. Jayda I am sorry. I didn't say nothing. Briya tells Dante to leave me alone. So he does. We had a game. I only played to get my anger out . I sure got it out. I had my eyes on the goal and nowhere else . I kept shooting shoots and we were 13 to 56 then halftime came . My dad ask hey Jayda where did that fire come from. I answer honestly I don't know. But they could tell something was up.

I went back and played like a beast . I just kept playing and we end up winning. After the game I asked if I can go home. They were confused but they said yes. Jayda what's going on ask my mom? Well this morning me Dante got in a arguement about his past. He didn't want to talk about it. We haven't talked since this morning . I just don't understand I told him about my past. Well Jayda maybe he is hurt. That doesn't mean he doesn't tell me. Ok well Jayda he will tell you soon. I laughed ight, his mother told me the same thing a year ago. We finally got home I took my shower and went to bed. Then I hear my door open , I knew I locked. I didn't even move. Soon the person closed the door. Something told me it was Dante. But I honestly didn't care. I was so tired of him hiding his past from me.

I woke up with a bad headache . I had overslept. My mom came in are you alright? I groaned no I have a major headache . Ok do you feel like going to school? No I feel like shit. She laughs ok I tell them to send your work online. Ok thanks mom. I played back in bed. I called Briya and told her I wasn't coming. She begged me but then gave up and said ok. I turn over towards the window and saw Dante. I closed my curtains and went back to bed. I slept until 12. I finally got up and did my work. I ate some lunch and took some medicine. Mom and Dad were gone all day. I was lonely. Javon wasn't at the house like that. So I was by myself . I got a text from Dioe saying I needed to make things right. But I didn't want to.

The doorbell camera came on and showed Dante's mom. I got up and answered it. Hey Jayda . Um hey Mrs.Diana . She said I stopped by because I see what is going on. Mrs.Diana nothing going on I answered. Yes it is I can tell and if it wasn't why are you and Dante doing at home. I answered I don't know Dante's reasons I had a headache. Yea right she laughed. Look whatever it is you two need to fix it. I just looked as she walked out the door. Locking it back then I went upstairs. Then I found Dante in my room. What are you doing here? I am here to tell you about my past . Dante last time you said that we ended up fucking in the bathroom. I serious right now. What's so bad about your past. Well my first girlfriend we last for 1 year , it was around 6th grade. She thought of me as a player. It was when I lived in Ohio. She went out with me and claimed I raped her I sat in jail for 2 months. D.j found away to get here to tell the truth 3 days later I was released. But it got worse because the people still thought I did it.

I was so mad ,they broke into my house. They trash our house and stole things I thought it was all my fault. Omg Dante I didn't know but cut me off. And kept going me and my family realized Ohio wasn't a place we could call home. So we moved to Alabama . This was my fault . I caused my family danger. So we moved to Alabama . I tried to not fall in love but this girl kept flirting with me. I try to stop it. But my great grandfather died the week before this happened. She robbed me and my family. We got the things back. But it got worse. Her brother almost killed my sister Dior by abusing her which cause her to get PTSD. It was horrible . My sister Diamond got kidnapped but escaped. I realized it was my fault and I had to stop. I realized I had to stop. That's why my mom so careful but she likes you but we just don't want that to happen again. By the time he got done telling me I was in tears.

Wow I am so sorry. Now I see why u didn't want to talk about it. I got closer to Dante and sat on top of his hugging him. It's ok baby I promise I won't do that. I love you to death I would never. He says I know you wouldn't I just didn't want to talk about it because I thought you would believe it. No I said I think the opposite you are sweet, funny, athletic, strong, fine asf , smart, caring and a man I desire . He smiled I feel the same way about you. I went to kiss him already knowing where it was finna go. He put his hands on mine. Going up my thighs as he kissed me. This was not just sex ,it was love as well.

This love lead us through the rest of high school and 4 years of college and now we been together for 12 years . We all found somewhere close by our friends. Oh me and Dante were now married we got married after college. We been married for 2 years . But together for 12 years . We also had two children they were twins. Briya and D.j got engaged. Dior met this boy name Isaiah and they had a baby soon after. And Diamond was married to this girl Megan . We all got our happily ever after. My parents went off and explored and Javon settled and had a family of his own. I would never thought this would happen but he was the man I desire who gave me a baby I love the death out of the end

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