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She had bruises all over her pretty face and fresh blood trickling from her right arm. It didn't look serious but still a wound was a wound. I tried to reach her but my chains wouldn't let me. Calling her was useless as she was unconscious. I had no option but to wait,trying with all my might to keep negative thoughts out of my head. After what seemed like forever Bianca finally stored and coughed. She tried to sit upright but couldn't. She was so weak.

"Bianca? Are you okay? " My heart beating so fast.

"Ashton? Is that you? "Bianca looked around confused finally noticing Ashton on the ground a few feet from her after her eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room.

"Ashton! "She sounded shocked as she dragged herself to where her brother was. "Are you alright? "

"Yes, you? "

"A few bruises but I'm alright. What's going on? Why are you chained up? "

"I have no idea what's going on."

"Do you know who did this to us? "

It hurt me to even think of him. "Yes, it was-" I was cut off by the door screeching again and in came Alec with a tray of food.

"Alec! "Bianca almost fainted when she saw him. She ten turned to me, a confused look contorting her pretty face. "What's going on here!" She demanded.

"Helo,Bianca.You are awake. I hope no serious damage was done to you. I made sure they understood that they couldn't hurt you." Alec explained as the color drained from Bianca's face. I just looked away from him.

"Are you responsible for this? " Bianca shot at him. He just sighed and stared at the ground.

"Your father will be here soon. He responded immediately he knew we had you, "he said referring to Bianca. "This will all be over soon. It's him we want. I'm sorry you had to go through all this. "

I couldn't hold my anger anymore after he said he was sorry. I was damn tired of hearing apologize for doing something he didn't want to tell me. So without thinking I picked up the tray of food he had placed near me and threw it at him. He easily dodged and the tray splattered on the floor spilling all his contents. Without realising it my tears were rolling down my cheeks. What was going on?


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