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The door screeched suddenly announcing the arrival of no other than Derick and who was that... An older man it seemed....Wait!...That was my father! Had they kidnapped him too. As far as I knew, that wasn't how kidnaps worked. Normally they would have threatened my dad for money and then they were supposed to let us go once they received their payment. Or was I wrong?

Well it didn't really matter seeing as my father was already here.

"Let's get the party started,"Boss said walking in."Now that everybody's here! "

My father was thrown to the floor and he immediately crawled over to Bianca's side.

"Are you alright? Did they hurt you because if they did I will-"

"What! What can you possibly do to us. I mean look around Mr Grayson, I don't know if you've noticed but we're not in your big fancy mansion where you order everyone around like you like."Boss cut in. My dad cringed a little as the realisation of how helpless we really were hit him.

"What is this? What do you want? If it's money then I've got plenty, just say the price and-"

"If it's money I wanted I would have gone and robbed a bank, don't you think? Besides, I've already got enough. I have plenty of money as it is. "

"Then what is your problem? Why are you holding us here? " This time it's Bianca who spoke up.

"Well well well, finally the princess opens her filthy mouth."

" You can call it whatever you want, revenge,payback, doesn't really matter. What matters is that you will finally get what you deserve! " Derick interjected. Filling all his hate into that statement.

When he mentioned revenge, my head snapped automatically to Alec who quickly averted his gaze from mine.

"Derick, would you do the honours of filling in our stupid clueless guests of their sins. " Boss ordered rather than asked.

"With pleasure and loathe! "Derick said turning his full attention to us but specifically glaring at my dad.

"Do you remember the day little Lincon lost his precious life? Of course you do, that's a day neither of us can ever forget." He started.

Us not forgetting that day, I can understand. But what did it have to do with them?


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