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"The car you happened to ram into belonged to a family of four, just like yours did. And they got hurt pretty badly. In fact, they were injured to the point of losing their parents. But that's not the worst part... " Derick drew in a heavy breath.

"The paramedics arrived and did their job. Yet their mother still bled to death. And all because all the paramedics, all of them, we're busy saving the great Mr Grayson's family. Because the lives of nobodies like that family's didn't matter-" a choke cut him off. He took a few calming breaths before continuing .

"But what really twisted the knife in the wound was the fact that you, Mr Grayson, insisted that your dead son take the last bed on the ambulance instead of the mother who was still desperately fighting for her life. And by the time another ambulance made it the scene, she had already bled to death... "

I still didn't understand how all this had anything to do with Alec and his family.

"...she died a cruel cold painful death, right next to me! "Derick finished, staring daggers at us.

Then it finally hit me.

So this is what all this was about.

They wanted revenge.

But amidst the shock, all I could think of was Alec hating me. I now understood why. But why hadn't he told me anything. He never mentioned any of this to me at all. Why?

I looked at him and this time around he held my gaze. But I had to look away. Not from guilt but from hurt. Does this mean he only befriended me to find a loophole into our family? To find a week point then finally strike? Was he even really my friend at all,or was he just pretending? No wonder he didn't want me to love him. No wonder he didn't return my feelings. He hated me! I felt like a fool and maybe I was one. But no matter what, he was still the best thing to ever happen to me. Even if he had been pretending ,he still mattered to me. ...i still loved him anyways.


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