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"Now that all's said, let's get to some action. " Boss said cheerfully. It's payback time! "

A chill ran down my spine at the mention of that. They surely didn't plan on killing us did they? I'm mean they wouldn't just kill us and leave hear to rot. Nobody would even find our bodies. I don't know why but that scared me a lot.

Both Boss and Derick removed their guns and removed the safeties after slowly checking if they were loaded. now my heart began racing and I didn't like where this was going a single bit.

"Who would you guys prefer to go first? " Boss asked pointing at each of us with his gun.

I didn't have time to get shocked as Alec suddenly shouted, " What! That wasn't the plan!"

"Well plans change little brother now get in line and remove your gun. Or are you suddenly feeling sorry for these idiots after all we've done to get here? " Derick sneered.

" No... But... This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. It wasn't what we planned! Boss, what is this? " Alec all but screamed.

"We didn't tell you because we know you are a big softy. We've come this far. This is the final hit, you can't back out now! "Derick answered his brother, almost hitting him at this point.

"We could stand here arguing all day or actually do what brought us here. Nobody's backing out, right Alec? "Boss asked Alec but it really wasn't a question, more like a dare that had very awful consequences.

"So what, you're just going to kill us and leave our bodies here then what? The police will find us and you will pay for this!" my father spoke up. Shocking both Bianca and I. This really wasn't a time to be a hero.

"Exactly! But don't get your hopes up about the police. If I don't want your bodies found then they won't be found. " Boss retorted back rudely.

I was really uncomfortable of them disscusing the fate of our corpses as if it was normal conversation.

Alec was slightly panicking and Derick was giving us a cold glare as Boss wore his wicked grin as usual. Was this really how my dad life was going to end?


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