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"I-I don't have my gun,"Alec said but even I knew he was lying from how panicky he looked. He was so bad at lying that I wonder how he had easily fooled me for so long.

"You don't have it or you won't use it? " Boss asked almost too calmly." Let's play a game shall we? " he said moving towards me and motioning for Derick to hold my father.

"Now, I will count from ten to one and before that time ends, Alec will have chosen to shoot. If you don't choose by one then I will shoot whoever my gun lands on at the end of the count. Everybody understand? " Boss said with that sick grin on his face. How could he enjoy toying with lives like that. I mean I get that he wants revenge but playing a sick game and having fun while doing so was just too much.

"What?! You can't ...I won't do such a thing-"Alec protested but was cut off by Boss who started the countdown in a singsong voice. Pointing the gun straight at Bianca who gave out a whimper,or more of a silent scream as her face drained of all colour ,as did mine.

"Ten...." then he moved the gun to me and continued counting, "Nine.... Eight.... Seven... "

"No! I won't do it. You can't make me-"

"...Six... Five... "

"Boss.. No! This isn't what we planned! Please stop all this-" the panic in his voice was evident. "Don't do this-"

"...Four... Three.... Two... "

"W-wa-wait.... Just stop for a moment-"

And at one, the gun landed on me. The shock, the panic, the fear of losing one's life all struck me at once. So this was the end then. I stared wide eyed at Alec as both Bianca and him screamed no at the same time. Boss finally took a pause, only to say the worse thing imaginable...

"I guess Alec had made a choice after all, Bianca it is! " And before any of us could protest I heard a loud gunshot that I thought made me deaf for sure. But I would have chosen being deaf over my sister dying, and right in front of my eyes.

Bianca's body fell to the ground with a loud sickening thud,blooed spewing everywhere from the gunshot wound on her head.

"Now... Wasn't that fun? "Boss asked, genuinely amused. This man was a sycho."Round two will be much more fun, I promise! "


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