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"My daughter!... My beautiful Bianca... Not you too. You can't leave me. " My own father cried as a lone tear rolled down my left chick.

"Mr Grayson, you are coming with me. Derick, handle the rest! "Boss ordered as he drugged my father out of the small room. Leaving me with my my dead sisters corpse.i felt so numb and my mind felt blank. This was too much for me to take it.

"So will you do it or will I have to do it, brother?"Derick's cold voice asked.

Alec was still appalled by all that had taken place. Was my sisters blood on his hands or Boss'?

He turned his head to look at his brother but couldn't register whatever he was saying. Or maybe he was just shocked at his brothers suggestion. A look of disbelief took over his face and he looked back at me, maybe comprehending the fact that he actually had to end my life.

"No Derick. I won't do it! "

"Then I will. "

I closed my eyes. At this point I simply saw no use to living anymore.

"No you won't. Put your gun down Derick!" Alec ordered. Confused, I opened my eyes to find Alec holding a gun to Derick's head. The shock that Derick registered was priceless.

"What is this? You would turn on your own flesh and blood for this brat? "

"Stop calling him that. I've had enough of this. His father is the one who was supposed to pay. Nobody was supposed to die Derick. Why did you change the plans?"

"Do you love him or something? "

"Shut up Derick. Put your gun down now! "

" No brother. I won't sit and watch this filthy family take everything and everyone away from me -" and before he could finish, he was already on Alec trying to wrestle the gun away from him. I watched as they crumbled to the ground Al the while Derick trying to take the gun away from Alec and Alec trying to keep the gun away from Derick. It went on for a minute or so before I heard a gunshot and both men laid still. None talked, none moved. There was nothing but silence!


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