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My heart was beating so fast making my head spin a little. Why were they so still. Alec! Was he okay? I tried moving to him but realised I was still chained to the floor. It was clear one of them had been shot, but who was it?

When Derrick caughed my heart sank to my stomach. Alec was still not moving.

"Derick? " Alec said weakly. Filling my heart with hope that didn't last long realising that I still didn't know who among them had been shot.

"What have you done? "Derick asked then caughed again. This time chocking on something.

"Derick? Derick!..I didn't mean to..." Alec said almost in a whisper as he slowly stood. His hands were bloody and he was still holding the gun. I watched as Derrick too his last breath, chocking on his own blood. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Alec looked lost and dejected and I had just had enough. My brain couldn't take anymore shocks today. That was the final push. And as Alec stood perplexed,my vision started getting blurry and dark. I was passing out and I was too tired to fight it,so I let the darkness engulf me into a peaceful dreamless sleep.

When I came to, nothing was as I remembered it. Instead of the chains and a cold hard floor, I was in a soft comfortable bed covered with a warm comforter. My wrists were aching but they weren't chained anymore and as my surrounding slowly registered in my mind, I realised I was in a room. Not my room. What had happened!?

Then I remembered Bianca was dead and they had taken dad away. Was he okay? Derick was dead too. Where was Alec?

Right at that moment the door to the nice room opened and Alec walked in. I heaved a sigh of relief, one I hadn't realised I was holding. He smiled at me but I could tell something was wrong. His smile had a fault, it didn't reach his eyes and he looked in pain.

"W-what happened? "

"You are okay and safe. You don't have to worry anymore. The police caught Boss just before he could escape-"

"My dad! Is he alright? Where is he? "

Alec gave me that pained look again. He didn't even have to say it, "I'm sorry, Ash, they didn't get to him in time. "


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