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"You will be alright here until you are better. If you need anything, there's a maid downstairs. " Alec said before I could fully get over the fact that my father was dead and that I was all alone in this world. Wait, no, I wasn't alone. I still had Alec.

"Where am I... and where are you going? "

Alec looked at me for a very long time, having an internal battle with himself maybe. The he finally looked away and said, "I can't stay here, Ash. I have to leave! "

"What! " Someone please tell me that I wasn't hearing this right. I was still sleeping right? This couldn't be happening...

"You will come back... right?"

I asked, testing the waters of what I already knew was true.

"No, Ashton. I won't be coming back. ...Ever! " He replied not looking at me.

"Please don't leave me Alec, you're all I have left... "I cried out,lurching out to grab the elder boy's arm to prevent him from leaving. But Alec was stronger and defeated me in both height and muscle.Easily prying his hand free of my grip, he turned around and held my gaze. I'm sure he could see the tears already lingering in my eyes and he looked pained again.

He took my face into his hands and gently rubbed my now tear stricked cheek. He looked straight into my eyes and said, "I will always-ALWAYS- love you, Ashton." With that and a quick kiss to the head, he was gone. Never once looking back.

I crumbled on the bed like a bag of potatoes. Of all the three people I had lost that day, this was the most painful of all. I loved Alec too much. I had always known this, and now the ruthless world threw my excess love back at me, ungreatful.

I couldn't help but ask myself if I was crazy. How could I continue loving someone who caused the death of my last two living relatives. After all that had happened, I was supposed to loathe his very name, yet here I was, drowning in sorrow of his departure.

How pathetic was I? It was time I manned up and took control of my life. Even lobe had it's limits, but I fear mine was limitless...


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