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I was through with high school and had passed though no one but Alec noticed and celebrated with me as my sister was away and dad, as usual, was never there. I had packed my bags, ready to join college. Of course Alec was the one taking me to school. But something odd I had noticed so far was that he seemed extremely busy with his phone :making calls every now and then and sending messages when not on calls. He had taken me to our favourite restaurant to say goodbye. I would surely miss him a great deal. He never told me why he wasn't in college and it never crossed my mind to ask.

I had made up my mind to finally let him in on the one secret I have been keeping for a long time. I felt I could finally share it with him. I figured that if there was anyone I could trust my life with, it was Alec. I wasn't sure how he would react. Would he hate me or continue our friendship. A friendship I hoped would graduate to something more once I told him my secret.

"Alec, there is something I want to tell you," I said once he put his phone down and we started taking our drinks, a milkshake for me and coffee for Alec.

"Yes Ashton, I'm all ears, "he said smiling.

"Please don't hate me, you're the only friend I have right now-"

"Stop that! How many times do I have to tell you? I Alec Mase, would never hate my very special friend, Ash. Not even if the devil himself was threatening to kill me. " he cut me off smiling. That warmed my heart. I decided to say the truth head on.

"I'm gay! "I said and closed my eyes, fearing the expression on his face. But I never once expected his reply...


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