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He laughed then said, "I know,Ash."

What! How? How could he have known? Maybe he knew me better than I thought. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth.

"So you are okay with it? "

"Why wouldn't I be? " he was still smiling.. An incoming message lit the screen of his phone. He checked it and his smile faded ever so slightly. If I didn't know him well I wouldn't have noticed.

"Then I have something else so say, "

"Go on, I'm listening, " he said.

"I love you... I think... ," I said in a very tiny voice and this time I didn't close my eyes and his reaction made me glad for a minute. That was until he stopped smiling, cleared his voice uncomfortably and said

"You shouldn't!" Stirn and firm, no room for complaints or explanations. My heart shuddered.

But I just had to ask, "Why, is loving you so wrong? "

My voice cracked as I tried to hold in the tears that made my eyes sting and threatened to fall. Sometimes I hated how feminine I acted. I was 17 for peat's sake, how could I cry in public?

"Loving is not wrong, Ashton. Loving someone like me is what's wrong. " Alec explained but I still didn't understand.

" What do you mean someone like you? "

He just stared at me as if he wanted to say something but stopped himself. A call came through and he answered saying,

"Yes, we're ready. Send the van. " Then he turned to me.

"Ash, I've known you a long time. Please don't make this hard and just comply. "

Now I was really confused.

"A van will appear outside the restaurant in less than five minutes from now, you will stand and walk to it willingly. Don't cause a commotion. "

"What? What are u talking about ,Alec ? I'm supposed to head to college. Aren't you taking me anymore? "

He just smiled, a regret-filled, guilty smile and said, "Let's go! "

And indeed outside a van that wasn't their before.


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