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Stil confused, I remained sitting. He stood up and lifted the hem of his shirt to slightly expose a gun on his waist.

"Believe me, Ashton, you don't know me that well and don't for a second think that I won't use this on you. Now up, let's go! " He said to a very mesmerised me. My brain refused to comprehend what was going on even as I stood and walked towards the van. All I kept thinking was that this was not Alec, at least not the Alec I knew.

The Alec I knew would never threaten me with a gun and kidnap me in broad daylight without anyone else noticing. The moment I entered the van, something blunt hit the back of my head and the last thing I heard was Alec's voice saying, " I have him,Boss." then blank.

I regained my consciousness sometimes later. I didn't know for how long I had been out. I found myself chained to the floor of a small dim and filthy room. The floor was ice cold. The room only had a small window high up on the wall and a metallic door. Maybe this had been a store of some kind before they decided it would be a place to chain up people.

I couldn't remember I ended here. All I knew was that the back of my head was throbbing.

The door suddenly creaked and screeched as it opened suddenly to let in a tall well built man, Derick and him.

Everything came crashing back once I set my eyes on him. He, of all people had not only deceived and used me but also betrayed me and my trust. How could he? The unasked question lingered in my head. He wouldn't meet my eyes, probably because he was marvelling at how I was such an easy target!

"Wow!" the tall man said sarcastically. "I see our Sleeping Beauty has finally awaken. And just at the right time too. "


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