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HelookedMe up and down with disgust and an evil grin playing in his lips. The same look was on Derick's face though that didn't surprise me. The guy had never liked me in the slightest. Come to think of it, he had never liked any of my family members, living or dead.

"It's been two days and we've got nothing from y oh ur pathetic father. I wonder why that is. " The man said squaring next to me and examining me carefully and seriously. "Maybe we got the wrong guy? " He turned to Alec.

"No, Boss, he's the one!" Then his eyes met mine for a second and were taken away just as if he couldn't wait to be done with all this and move on with his life.

The tall man turned to me. "What do you think could be the problem? Does your daddy not love you? "

I didn't answer him. I didn't because I couldn't even if I wanted to anyways because I didn't know the answer myself. My father had never shown even an ounce of affection towards me ever since Lincon and mum died. Maybe he hadn't responded because my disappearing was a relief to him, a burden lifted off his shoulders.

"You're wasting your time. My father won't give you a single penny! " I said, hurting myself at the realisation of the truth in my own words.

"Even at the cost of his dear boy's life? And who said anything about wanting money? I've got plenty of it already. " The man said proudly. But wasn't the whole point of kidnapping to blackmail someone's into paying you are great sum of money for your loved one? Unless this had a whole different agenda.

I just stared at the three of them, lost for words. The man stood up and started pacing the room. Then he stopped and stared at me.

"Maybe he just needs a little motivation... "

Alec seemed shocked and surprised at the man's words. Also, I didn't like the wicked looks I was getting from the so called Boss and Derick. My heart stared racing in my chest.


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