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"Let's not make any drastic moves. We've worked so hard to get here. "Alex said trying to hide the panic in his voice and failing successfully failing.

"What do you suggest then? " Boss asked.

"Maybe you know something about them that will favour us. " Derick added.

"As a matter of fact, I do." Alec answered looking at me. Now what? What could he possibly know about my family that's so damaging? I couldn't think of a single thing. But what he said next could have never crossed my mind in a million years.

"What would the media say about the successful legendary bussinesman, Mr Grayson, if they found out that his only son loved boys? "his cold voice uttered crushing all sorts of hope that this Alec wasn't the one I knew. How could he do this to me?

My face shot up in utter shock. I thought I would die from my own over-beating heart. Truly you can never trust anyone but yourself.

A wicked grin crossed the man's face, lighting up his features with no doubt destructive thoughts to bring pain and sorrow.

"Now that is totally the thing to go by. He will surely respond after that. " the man smiled at me. A smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"True, it is a good idea but we still need a backup plan in case the man doesn't love his image as much as he loves his son. " Derick chipped in and all lent him listening ears. "This brat has a sister, Bianca, is it? "

"NO! " I screamed before I could stop myself. "Leave her out of this, you have me, don't you? "I was raged at what they might do to Bianca.

The man just smiled mockingly at me. He sure liked plastic smiles, didn't he? "I could, but I don't take orders from you. I like the backup plan better. Get the girl. This deserves a celebration! "Boss said and left walking like a king.

"Now you and your cursed family will finally pay for all you did! "Derick said and also left after staring daggers at me.Leavibg me with Alec. He still refused to look at me in the eyes.


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