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"Why... Why are you doing this? " I asked weakly expecting no answer in return. He opened his mouth as if to say something but then stopped himself then sighed.

"You wouldn't understand. "

"How could you? "

At this point I couldn't take it anymore. The pain had finally become too much as belief of reality washed over me. A gulp formed in my throat and I sobbed silently. I hugged my knees to my chest and buried my head in them. I couldn't continue to watch the only person I've ever loved grind my heart to powder.

"It will all be over sorry. "I heard him say.

Sorry for what? Here I was suffering for something for something I didn't even know,getting betrayer and hurt over and over again. I didn't have an answer to all the questions in my head. And all he could say was he's sorry?

I heart him leave. I don't know for how long I sobbed or when I dozed off. I was woken by my grumbling stomach. I hadn't eaten for so long. I was worried sick for Bianca. But there was totally, absolutely nothing I could do. I was useless.

I spent a few hours or maybe just very long dragging minutes nursing my hunger and trying to drown all my pain and hurt by thinking about all the good memories I had with Alec, my Alec. I owed ever happy moments of my life since my mother and brother's passing to him. Of course Bianca contributed but just not as much as Alec.

I wish I had never confessed my love for him. Look where I ended up. Maybe then this wouldn't be happening.

I was bored by boredom and almost dozing off again when the metallic door screeched loudly making me to creang as a body was tossed in. It was locked up again just as fast.

My heart did a summersault when I saw who it was. Bianca! They had gone ahead and kidnapped her. A part of me kept thinking they had been bluffing but I should know better by now.


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