Office Affair

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Deal with the Devil

"How could someone get a hold of this? You didn't tell me you had cameras in your office!"

"I don't."

"Then why is their footage of me lying on your desk half-naked?!"

"Someone must have hidden a camera."

"Isn't that a criminal offense? Breaking and entering plus sexual exploitation! Can we find the camera and trace the fingerprints?"

"Maybe. Judging by the angle of the footage, it looks as if the camera was planted right here." He rummages through the shelf above his desk, but a frustrated frown crosses his face.

"It's gone, isn't it?"


The only evidence that might help us find the blackmailer is gone. Now is the time to get it together. "There's got to be a way out of this. Let's try and stay level-headed and focus on finding a solution."

"Yes. Good. I like the way you're thinking. With such a short time to respond, the most obvious way out is to give this person what they want."

"To lose our case in court?"


"But what about Byron and Melany? We can't let them down."

"I feel the same way. How could I call myself a lawyer? But what's the alternative? Allow everyone in this industry to see this footage of us? It's humiliating for me, sure. Maybe I could eventually live it down. But for you? No way. I could't allow anyone to see you like this. You in your full beautiful glory- it's for my eyes only. Not to mention your career, which is only just the beginning. Over my dead body will I let this tape go viral."

Gabriel's face is full of anxiety. His brows furrow deeply, and his eyes turn cold and distant. I can'y deny it, I'm touched that he seems to genuinely care about me. My heart twists in my chest, reminding me of the ever-growing feelings towards this man. "Sit down."

I pull a chair toward him and guide him into it. He continues to stare straight ahead, clearly still in a state of shock. "We'll figure this out together. Aren't you supposed to be the best lawyer of this entire generation or something?"

His eyes focus on me and finally, a cocky smirk crosses his lips. "Are you teasing me?"

Feeling playful, I climb onto his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. "Not at all. It's just that...when I started this job months ago, I was promised I'd see extraordinary legal work. This trust fund case, well, it's been alright. But nothing as exciting as concealing a sex tape which I inadvertently made with my irresistible boss."

"Well, when you put it like that..." He looks deep into my eyes, a small smile forming. "How do you know what to say to make me feel like this?"

"Like what?"

"Like nothing else matters as long as you're with me. Like we can conquer anything."

I'm not used to hearing his innermost thoughts, and I feel the heat rushing to my face at his confession. He takes my head in his hand and pulls me to his lips. His kiss is slow and deliberate. It feels as if he's trying to communicate his feelings towards me. His tongue finds mine, and his hand gently caresses the back of my neck. There's a clear intimacy between us, which only increases as our kiss advances.

I undress while maintaining eye contact with Gabriel. I don't want to break our connection. I unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor. I can feel his length hardening through his pants. I can't explain why, but at this moment, I want to please him more than ever. I slide off his lap and undress his bottom half. For the first time, he doesn't move. He's trusting me to have complete control over him. I take him slowly in my mouth and flick my tongue around the tip. He releases a moan, and I noticed his knuckles whitening as he grips the side of his chair. His response becomes more intense as I continue to work up and down. I want him inside me, I need to feel connected to him now more than ever. I pull my underwear down, and move onto his lap. He slides in, slowly stretching me. I try and mute my moans, but the sensation is too intense.

We move together, climbing higher and higher. It doesn't take long until my body is trembling as I cum and feel him continue to fuck me hard and deep until he fills me with his cum. I collapse onto his chest, and he holds me still, inhaling the scent of my lavender shampoo. I finally get off him to find my clothes, and he pulls up his pants. And then once again, he pulls me into his arms. "You're amazing, do you know that?"

"You make me amazing." I smile against his chest. "I hope we haven't just made another sex tape." His laugh echoes deep into his chest.

"I've checked for hidden cameras. We're safe this time."

"We still have a problem on our hands. There must be a legal way out of this."

"Maybe, but not before our court date. We need to buy some time."


"We'll need to convince this person that we plan to lose the case. That'll stop them from releasing the footage until our hearing. We'll have a short window of opportunity to find out who's responsible and form a plan to prosecute."

He turns towards his computer and begins typing an email to the courthouse. "Your Honor, due to a conflict or interests, it fills me with deep regret that I will no longer be able to personally represent Byron Jones during our upcoming hearing. I will arrange for a suitable alternative to take my place in court. Yours sincerely, Gabriel Howard."

He copies our anonymous blackmailer into the email and presses send. They reply instantly. "A pleasure doing business with you. Your tape is safe- for now."

"But wait. Who's going to represent Byron now?"

"You." I gasp in shock.

*The following day, we agree that our focus should be on uncovering our blackmailer's identity. As soon as I walk into Gabriel's office, I swear I see him blush a little at my outfit. I confidently shoot him a winning smile.

"So, have you thought about who our blackmailer could be/"

"The obvious culprit is Byron's ex-wife. But we know Carmen was in Barcelona when the video was taken. She must've had an accomplice who had access to my office. No matter who I consider, the evidence keeps pointing at one person. Someone who would have plenty of opportunities to plant a camera in my office and has a clear motive too."

"Who's that?"

"Kelly. She wants the partner position, and she knows if I lose the case, the job will be hers. She's always entering my office uninvited, plus she's definitely had suspicions about us for a while."

"You're right. As much as I hate to admit it, I think she could be playing a part of this too. She hasn't been herself with me since I started working here."

"Exactly. We need evidence. A confession maybe. She's in her office this morning."

"I'll go and speak with her right away."

"You're the best." He softly kissed me.

"Jade, darling, so lovely of you to drop by."

"Hey, Kelly. I dropped by to get some advice from you."

"Of course. What can I try to help you with?"

"The trust fund case. Honestly, I'm starting to have doubts about our approach. I'm worried we might lose the case tomorrow."

"It's normal to feel nervous because your first real case. I still remember mine like it was yesterday. But as much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Howard is one of the best around. He somehow wins the judge and jury over every time. You might not always understand this approach, and he might have some surprises up his sleeve. But you can trust his professional judgement."

"So you're not worried about us winning the case? I know it could influence Bakewell's decision about the partner position."

"Why would I be worried? I would love for you to win your first case, Jade! You were one of my best students, and I expect great things from you. As far as the promotion goes, may the best man or woman win. It's exhausting trying to fight my way up in this company, but I know my time will come whether if it's now or in the future."

"I hope your time comes too, Kelly. Thank you for reassuring me."

"My door is always open for you."

"I'll remember that."

"How'd it go? Did you get any evidence?"

"Quite the opposite. I think she's innocent."

"How can you know that?"

"She genuinely wants us to win this case. And as much as she wants to become a partner, she's not desperate enough to take such measures. Is there anyone else it could be?"

"The only two people who have a key to my office are Bakewell and Brooke, our receptionist."

"It wouldn't be Bakewell. He wouldn't want you to lose a case."

"True, but he is extremely strict when it comes to office affairs. He could be looking for a reason to fire me."

"What about Brooke?"

"She was accidentally double-booking clients, and let's just say I have zero tolerance or mistakes. I had a stern word with her a few weeks ago and she didn't take it well. Maybe she wanted payback."

"And don't forget the one other person who's been in your office?"


"Your "girlfriend" Mia. Remember on my first day when she showed up, and you instructed me to get rid of her? She knew we lied to her, and she threatened us."

"Yes, and a few days later, we found her undressed in my office."

"We never worked out how she managed to get in."

"You're right. But who do you think our prime suspect is?"

"Mia. I can't forget the crazy look in her eyes."

"Finding in her in my office was bizarre. I think your gut feeling could be right. I have an idea. Group Chat: Hey Mia. Long time no see. M: Hey baby, did you finally get bored of your new assistant?

Gabriel: what?

Mia: nothing. i knew it was a matter of time until you came running back to me.

Gabriel: i'm sorry how things ended between us.

Mia: I've been waiting for that apology for a long time.

Gabriel: I miss you. Are you free tomorrow?

Mia: for you, i'm free anytime.

Gabriel: Meet me at 9 at the park where we had our first date.

Mia: I'll be there. I can't wait.

"That conversation confirms my suspicions. I think she knows about us. I'll meet her tomorrow at the time of the court hearing and get the evidence we need."

"I really hope you're right."

"You should head home. We've got a big day tomorrow."

"I have a bad feeling about this. I feel as if I'm in way over my head."

"Let me do the worrying. It's your job to focus on our case now."

But I'm not prepared to represent Byron in court alone!

"Look at me. I can tell you're scared."

I meet his eyes. They're soft and reassuring. He takes my hands in his and gives them a firm squeeze.

"You're the best damn assistant I've ever had, and it's time for you to be the winning lawyer I know you are."

I offer a weak smile at him. His belief in me means a lot, but it doesn't take away my anxiety. "I'll try my best."

I walk home along my usual route. My thoughts are running at a million miles per hour. I can't help but imagine the worst-case scenario. We'll lose the case, everyone will see me having sex with my boss, and my career will be ruined!

I hear a buzz and check my phone with a message from Melany. Hey, Jade. I hope I'm not bothering you, but I needed to speak to someone.

Jade: hey Melany. Of course you're not bothering me. What's wrong?

Melany: i'm worried about going to court tomorrow. dad said Mr. Howard won't be there anyone, and he seems stressed. i'm scared my mom will take me away. will that happen? can she do that? can i meet you?

Melany sounds terrified, and I can't help but feel responsible. She needs my reassurance.

Jade: Of course. Are you at home

Melany: yes. dad's working tonight, so i'm alone.

Jade: stay where you are. i'll come straight over.

As I hang up, I notice a store ahead of me. I go in and pick out a selection of face masks, candles an chocolate. It's the perfect girls' night that we're both in need of. "Jade! Thank you so much for coming! You're the best! And wait, is that a strawberry face mask?!" She squeals at my goodies and drags me straight to her bed, where we begin pampering ourselves.

"You know, I think I quite like having another little sister."

"Me too."

Melany's face immediately drops. "Really? You don't look too happy about it."

"Oh no, I love this. I've never had another woman I can go to before. It's just that...If my mom wins the case tomorrow, I'm worried about losing this. She wouldn't allow me to see you anymore."

"Just because your mother wants custody, doesn't mean she'll have control over you. You're almost 18, after all. As long as you still want me as your big sister, I'll be here for you."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I do."

"What if my dad is right? What if my mom just wants my trust fund?"

"I'll be honest with you, Mel. I don't know what your mom wants. Mr. Howard and I have been working our butts off to try and make sure no one can take advantage of you. I hope her intentions are good and true, and she just wants to spend more time with you. Even if none of us are sure what she wants, isn't it worth finding out? She's your mom, after all."

"But what if she disappoints me? What if she moves back to Spain when she realizes she can't access my money? What if...what if she forgets about me again?"

"Then that would leave you with the most loving, caring, and dedicated dad you could ever ask for."

"My dad IS the best. We've been happy doing our own thing, jsut the two of us."


"I guess things aren't so bad when you put it like that." Her face lifts a little, and the corners of her mouth curl upwards.

"Is that a smile I see?"

"Maybe a small one. You're good at cheering me up."

"And vice versa."

"What? Why did you need cheering up?"

"I was just a little worried about going to court alone tomorrow."



"I thought you wanted to be a badass lawyer up there leading the show?"

"I do. But there's a lot of responsibility that comes with it. You make it sound easy."

"Shouldn't it be? You've prepared your case with Mr. Howard, and you said you've protected my trust fund. All you have to do is stand up there and look sassy."

"Ha! I love your way of thinking."

"I've done my research. I know what being a lawyer involves."

"You sound like you've got a pretty accurate idea."

"I might even become one someday."

"Really? What inspired that?"


Melany grins at me innocently, and my heart is filled with warmth. I reach forward and embrace her in my arms. I'm grateful she's the reason I'll be putting up my best fight tomorrow.

"I think my baby sister just outsmarted me."

"Oh, I'm sure it won't be the last time."

*When I get home, I begin to rehearse my opening statement. Melany and Byron's future will be riding on me tomorrow. I never thought my future court case would be anything like this! Do I have what it takes to win? Or will I crash and burn? Alone.

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