Healing Charles

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We spent the whole afternoon helping Valentino with unpacking his stuff which was a lot for a guy who was going to live here alone. Thanks to heavens up there that we were eight of us which made it a lot easier to divide the work.

I was however more engrossed in my own thoughts to pay attention to what others were doing.

Mae's words kept coming back to me again and again.

I do not know why others have this obnoxious idea about me and Charles. Of course its a little out of line for me to just get inked out of blue but that is not something that I regret. Surely, there are times when everyone does something that is out of their character right? Getting a tattoo together does not mean that I like him. Now that is a rather absurd notion. He is just my friend and I do not know anything beyond that. Frankly, Charles is not someone I would ever date, if I even date for that matter. He is evidently out of my league and come to think of it I do not even know him that well for me to like him.

So I shrugged it off for once and all.

"I am done." I announced when I could not bear to unpack any more boxes. I was running on a lot less sleep than others which gave me a full right to abandon all the left boxes. I flopped down on the couch in the drawing room and entertained myself with some youtube videos.

"Move your ass Summers, we gotta finish this off." Bella gave me a look which I just ignored so she shrugged and joined me in my bail on Valentino.

This is the power of influence I have on my people. My laziness is infectious.

I frowned when I felt like someone was staring at me and sure enough when I looked up from my phone I saw Charles leaning against glass rails on the next floor. I raised a brow at him.

He cocked his head slightly to one side and smirked at me. I narrowed my eyes when he would not take his prying gaze away which was starting to make me feel uncomfortable in my spot. He was relentless.

Since Bella was sitting on the floor next to the couch, I could not just call him out on his acts that may further give fuel to many more unpleasing thoughts in her mind and he knew this.

That jerk.

What he does not know that my intelligence is not contained merely to the limits of books.


I found his contact on my phone and decided to text him.

Staring is rude.

I saw his expression shifting for a second but he did not look away. His hand went into his pocket and he took out his phone to check the notification and that smirk was back on his face.

Honestly that guy smirks more than he breathes.

I saw his fingers tapping away on his phone and instantly my phone buzzed.

C: Then I am the rudest guy.

I rolled my eyes.

At least we agree on something.

His brows went up slightly and he looked at me with his tongue tracing the corner of his full lips and for a fleeting moment, I was very much aware of the fact that it was not him who was staring. Even with a difference of floor within us, I could easily see his soft lips that his tongue was playing with. I mentally kicked myself for such stupid observatory nag.

C: We agree on more than just one thing Ella mella pee x.

I sighed. If we are coming down to nicknaming each other then so be it.

Enlighten me Charlieeeeee.

The satisfaction of seeing Charles laughing even if it was in slightest of bit was a whole together different story. A light chuckle escaped from his mouth when he saw my text and I smiled.

C: That you like my lips.

My smile faded as soon as it came and blush crept up on my cheeks, realising he caught me in the moment when I was checking him out.

Is it possible to die from mortification?

How is it that he manages to turn the tables every time?

C: I make you blush. That too.

I looked up and gave him a 'seriously stop' look, which only gave him the confirmation he needed. How is it that he can stare so easily without feeling guilty about it while I am almost ready to get swallowed if the ground generously opens it mouth.?

Oh Stella stop with the mouth already.


Don't flatter yourself Charles. Blush is one of the natural instincts of a girl. Nothing that involves you.

C: Aww don't be a grumpy face ella mella pee.

I chewed the inside of my cheek to stop myself from cursing when he used my words from earlier right against me. So this was his way of getting back at me for giving him a silent treatment huh?


Is it possible for you to be less annoying? Just wondering.

C: Hint-when I don't talk.

I gave him a sweet smile.

Then by all the means shut up.

He read my text and smirked.

C: make me;)

I ignored his last message and turned to Bella who sat there blissfully oblivious to everything around her. Within moments everyone came to the drawing room and sat down to relax after the long hours of putting up with the work. Charles included. I just made a face at him and looked away, not before catching his small smile.

"I am bored." Caleb said throwing his head back in Brooke's lap who was sitting on the couch while he sat on the floor in front of her. She blushed.

Wow is something going on there?

"Me too." Bella agreed.

"We can go to that local festival I was telling you about." Irwin said looking at Bella and her face lit up like it does when she has her sudden attacks of excitement which she absolutely has no idea about. We are all just victims of her innocent happy storms, not that I am complaining.

"Wait! We can all go there!" She exclaimed getting up.

"What festival?" Mae asked.

"Its this small celebration organised by local communities around the city. They do this every year in honour of their family cultures and traditions." Irwin dished out the information and I smiled. It sounded fun.

"Then lets go there?" Mae said and we all agreed without any more discussion. Despite how tired I felt, I was really looking forward to going there.

"We can all meet up there at seven?" Caleb asked and there were collective nods again. "Okay then I am outta here. You coming?"

He got up and turned to Brooke who was literally portraying a tomato by now. I pretended like I did not see their moment, which I am sure was the same case with other girls. I turned to Bella and Mae who were sharing the same look as me.

We will be waiting for you Brooke.

"I am gonna go too." I said getting up and turned to Mae who just gave me a look to go ahead without her. I sighed.

What is up with everyone?

I rolled my eyes.

"Bye guys." I made my way out of the apartment and noticed Charles following behind me. "You are not gonna stay?"

I pressed the call button and waited for the elevator.

"And become a third wheel? No thanks." He scoffed and I gave him a confused look. "You are that dumb, huh?"

"I am not dumb, Charlie."


I laughed.

"As you wish, Charlie."

He narrowed his eyes but I did not budge.

"Don't call me that."

"Why not Charlie?"

"You will regret this one."

"Oh yeah, Charlieeee?"

And before I could continue any sort of teasing torment against him, he lurched forward to grab me and I blessed my reflexes, as I dodged him by an inch and ducked just in time. I made a dash to take the stairs instead of the elevator when his voice boomed in the hallway, following me.

"You are dead once I catch you Stella!"

I skipped down the stairs as soon as I could, my legs threatening to give out because of my uncontrollable laughter which was blending with Charles's death threats. I stopped on a random floor when I realised he was not following me anymore. I was slightly panting than usually I would because of my already tired state and exhaustion from laughing so much.

I climbed down rest of the stairs slowly, catching sufficient air for my lungs. I descended the last step and looked out for any signs of Charles around me and when I found the coast clear, I exited the building and stopped dead in my track when I saw him waiting there, with a feral grin on his face.

His wide smile took me off guard.

He looked breath taking in the moment, carefree and so perfectly outlined under the soft glow of the sun, I almost did a double take.

I shook my head when he advanced towards me like a predator, ready to pounce at his prey with in split of a second.

"Stop it Charlie-I mean Charles!" I corrected myself hurriedly all the while laughing and backing away from him.

He took a few long strides in my direction and before I could even blink properly, he grabbed both of my wrists and pulled me towards him. His hands went around my waist and he locked me in his hold while I tried pushing him away with my hands, constantly throwing punches at his hard chest.

He smirked.

"Let me go." I laughed and cried all at the same time. The exhaustion was not helping me in the slightest way and hanging out with Charles is, beyond any questions, tiring. In a good way though.

"Nah." He did not and instead, just kept looking at me like I was some wonder work under his hold or may be a weird work, whatever fits.

"Charles let me go!"

"Now now use the magic words ella mella pee." He flicked my nose with one hand, making sure that his other hand would not let me escape.


He sighed dramatically.

"I am disappointed but I'll teach you this one last time okay?"

He was mocking me with the tone that parents use on their kids when they want to make them understand some kind of complex concept.

"Repeat after me. I am your Tati."

I scoffed.

He gave me a dead pan.

"Oh you are serious?"

"Keep up with words, genius." He made that tsk tsk sound in his throat and faked an exasperated look as if I was an errant child he was finding difficult to deal with.

I sighed realising he would not let me go until I gave in.

"I am your Tati." He grinned and let me go instantly. I laughed at his cuteness and all our moments from last night came to my fresh remembrance again. His hand went up to my cheek and he poked my dimple.

"I never knew you had these." He said still poking like a five year old finding his toy really amusing.

I shrugged and we continued to walk back silently. It was a comfortable silence, with occasional words exchanged here and there. I was really starting to enjoy his company now. He seemed less stiff than he was a couple of weeks ago when I had first met him.

"So we can go to that Festival together if you want?" He asked to me when we made it back to the apartments. I turned to him.

"On your bike?" I brightened up on the thought of that.

He chuckled softly.

"Sure princess."

"Okay. I'll see you then." And with that I turned around and went inside the building making way up to my place. I sighed as soon as I entered in my room. It was still early in the evening, only four and so I decided to take a nap for an hour before I start to dress up for later.

As long as this day was, I hoped it for a good evening to follow it.


Hey guys!!

Whats your fav C&S moment till now?

Fun fact : Charles calls Stella, ella mella pee, because I thought it rhymes in a good way. If you know, its what Bibble from fairytopia used to say in his gibberish language.

Anyways like, comment & REVIEW!

Lia xo

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