Healing Charles

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"Get off that thing, Rosie!"

I have lost the count of how many times I have had to say that today. I had to take Rosie to office with me because I could not have asked Stella to stay back from her office for yet another day but since we have return, Rosie just can not keep her hand off of the damned gaming console. She is going nuts about Stella's playstation and had asked me ten times if I could buy her the same for Christmas this year.

"Oh you are so boring Charlie!" She made a face at me but continued to play anyway.

"So I am the boring one now huh?" I asked chuckling at her scolding tone.

"Yes you are and you should chill."

I raised a brow at her.

"Chill? Where did you learn that?"

"In my favourite class." She replied laughing.

"Uh huh what subject?"

She paused as if trying to recollect what she was supposed to say.

"How to be cool one-oh-one." She paused the game and smirked at me. I narrowed my eyes at her realising who was speaking through her words.

"Rosie.." I pushed away my laptop and got up to chase behind her as she ran away to put more distance between us. "Come back here Rosie!"

I jokingly threatened her which only made her laugh. She knows I would never admonish her for anything which I am starting to think that she is taking advantage of her.

She circled around the kitchen island, running away from me and I pretended to lag behind her. It made me really happy to see her enjoying herself.

She is my little goofball.

I stopped at the doorbell going off.

"This is not over little one." I told her and she booed me laughing.

I walked to the front door and opened it, coming face to face with Stella. My eyes almost budged out of their sockets but I held them back in time to save my dignity when I saw her. She was dressed up in her simple work clothes yet somehow managed to look fucking gorgeous without even trying. Her slim and a little curvy figure was daring me to pull her close and kiss the hell out of her. She was wearing black dress pants topped with blazer which was unbuttoned to reveal a plain olive tee that she was wearing inside. Her long locks were open just like I love them.

How come no guy has ever claimed her until now is beyond my understanding but I am not complaining. She is mine even though she does not know that yet.

"Hey." She said giving me a knowing smile. "I see you like the view."

I smirked not feeling embarrassed at all that she saw me checking her out.

"I see I am rubbing off on you." I winked making her blush. I have never understood why girls do that but when I see Stella and how her cheeks redden when I look at her I don't mind not understanding it all, just knowing the effect exists is enough.

"I am chill! Charlie is not Chill! I am chill! Charlie is not chill!" I groaned when I heard Rosie's sing sang voice from drawing room and my head snapped at Stella who was looking at me with wide eyes that said she knew she was in trouble while trying not to laugh at my expense.

"I think I should go.." She turned around and tried to escape but I grabbed her from her waist making her scream as I dragged her inside, kicking the door shut in its frame.

"Oh no you don't." I said in her ear. She tried to free herself but it was all in vain.

"I am sorry! I am sorry!" She said laughing but I knew she did not mean that at all because there was quite a smug edge to her voice that was way too amused and satisfied. She sounded proud at her successful attempt at influencing Rosie.

"Stellaaaaaaaaaaa!" Rosie came running towards us when we entered into the drawing room and hugged Stella's leg who was suddenly looking really tall in her high heels.

I have never seen her in heels. Her new look was stunning.

"Hi Rosie, how are you?" I let Stella go when I heard my phone ringing.

"Chill!" Rosie exclaimed and Stella beamed at her. They both moved over to the couches to continue their bonding while I checked my phone.

It was Val.

"Talk." I said answering his call.

"Asshole." He returned my greeting just as affectionately. "Don't forget about tonight."


"Irwin's place." He groaned realising I indeed forgot that I am supposed to meet the boys tonight.

"Alright. I'll see you." I said hanging up I turned around to find Stella and Rosie both engrossed in some shitty racing game while screaming at each other funny threats.

"Knock it down girls." I said sitting beside Stella.

"Oh shush!" Stella clicked her tongue and concentrated on television in front of her.

I smirked.

"You know this is not the way I would want you to shush me." I said and her head snapped in my direction, her eyes wide and cheeks, a deeper shade of red.

"What?" She asked.

"What?" I shrugged, enjoying her lost moment.

"Oh yes!" Rosie whopped jumping up and down and Stella groaned defeatedly. She shot me a glare as I was the one to be blamed here.

"What do you guys wanna have for dinner?" I asked checking time. "I was thinking of ordering Chinese."

"Sounds good." Stella said and Rosie nodded along.

"Okay." I said and got up to place the order. I heard a knock on the front door again and asked Stella to get it.

"Uhm Charles?" I turned around at Stella's voice and tensed when I saw my mother standing beside her.

"Charles." She smiled at me but I knew better than to believe it. She was just acting in front of Stella. The shallowness of her smile was evident in her eyes that were dull.

"Mother." I greeted her back.

"Grand maa!" Rosie abandoned her console for once and rushed to her grandmother.

"Hello Rosie." She hugged Rosie and then turned to me. "Can I talk to you, son?"

I nodded, aware of Stella's gaze on me. She was nervous and I could tell that without even looking at her. Then again who wouldn't be after encountering my mother who hides behind her wall of intimidation and supremacy.

"Stella can you take Rosie to my room?" I asked her and she nodded. I know its rude but I did not want to introduce her to my mother just yet. Not when I am barely controlling myself from snapping at her myself.

I glared at my mother as soon as Stella and Rosie went away.

"What are you doing here?" I asked balling my fists, my nails were digging deep into my palms and somehow the pain was holding me back from unleashing my anger knowing damn well Stella was in the other room. "Haven't I made it clear that I don't wanna see anyone without prior intimation?"

She sighed.

"I am your mother so I will do as I please." She said looking at me with those hollow eyes that had become incapable of feeling anything.

"No you will not so don't test my patience, mother." I snapped running my hand through my hair in frustration. She glared at me in disapproval.

Of course I am her subject of disappointment, how can I not be since I seem to be the only one she cannot sink her claws in to control my strings. Everything and everyone around her is just a matter of regulation and she feels like she is in command but not over me. She can not rule over me.

"Anyways," She completely disregarded my annoyance and settled herself on the couch as if I would be serving her evening tea now. "Who was that girl with you?"

I stilled at the mention of Stella. The last thing I want right now is to discuss her with my mother who-I have a very strong feeling-is already brewing her snide comments about her.

"She is a friend." I said curtly. The tension in my body would not even allow me to sit on the same couch as her so I remained standing. I have a very bad feeling that this is not going to end well.

"Aren't those boys you call your friends, enough?" She clicked her tongue.

What is her problem anyways? If she wants to do as she pleases then I would fucking do as I please as well! Can't she just leave me the fuck alone?

"I don't think Stella is the main concern of your visit, is she?" I asked instead folding my hand. I swear if she says one bad thing about her, I will not hesitate to make her leave.

"You are right. She is insignificant to my attention." She said nodding as if suddenly realising that her mighty self can care less about some girl who lives downtown and accommodates in a rather normal life. A life she herself used to love despite living in her upstate mansion. "What happened with Vanessa?"

I frowned.

"What about her?"

Vanessa is another shit story of my life that I can not seem to get rid off, courtesy of my dear mother here. She is the only daughter of Jason Launter who was one of my dad's associate and after him, he has been slithering around my mother to get every advantage he possibly can. Dad always used to warn me about that shrewd man but my mother? She is always singing in the glory of Launters.

"I have assured Jason that you would-"

I cut her off before she could get the words out of her mouth knowing what she wanted.

"What? Fuck her daughter?!" I asked seeing red. How can she even think I would even stand that stupid ginger head for even a second let alone entertain her romantically? Then I realised how Vanessa was able to get hold of my new address. "Did you send her the other day?"

By this time, all my senses were beyond any control and I was literally seething. I can not believe this woman who is my own mother.

"Behave Charles!" Oh and she had the audacity to muster a reprimanding tone like I was some delinquent son she was embarrassed of. "And yes I sent Vanessa here so you would get to know her. She is a very well groomed young lady and I want you to be with her."

Thats it. I did not care anymore if Stella could hear me or not.

"I don't think so mother! You are a fool if you think you can control me! I am not your fucking puppet and honestly I am thankful for that because I can see right through your shit!" I was aware of my voice that was coming out very loud. My body was practically shaking from the anger that was coursing through my skin leaving a trail of heat in its wake.

"Charles," She stood up and looked at me with unfazed stance. "Is this because of that mediocre girl you happen to like?"

I blinked not able to comprehend her but I am glad at least she is able to see my feelings for Stella.

"Her name is Stella and leave her out of this." My voice unlike before was calm and collected, with a clear threatening note for her to take a hint of.

I could see she was starting to get angry now. Her face ticked at my words, her fake collected self sliding away.

"Why? Isn't she the reason why you left home and came here to live?" She said in a disgusted tone finally snapping.

I laughed.

"And isn't is your habit to blame others for your mistake?" I asked instead enjoying how I was finally able to get on her nerves. "I left that shit hole you call home because of you and your pathetic attempts at controlling everything not because of Stella."

"You need help Charles. You clearly seem to lack reasoning." She shook her head at me and I finally lost it.

"I don't need help for fuck's sake!" I backed away from her when my anger seemed to be out of my control. All my nerves were shaking from the intensity of her words that had aggravated my furious cells. She just wants to push my buttons in every fucking way possible, doesn't she?



And with that I turned around and walked out of my own place leaving her shocked face behind.


'Sup guy !!

Fun fact : Initially I had this thing in my mind where I thought Charles would actually date Vanessa before realising he wants Stella in his life but then while writing this chapter I twisted it around and settled with Charles not liking Vanessa from the beginning itself.

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